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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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Multifunctional character of revived La-modified lithium titanate electrolyte: solar cell devices at a glance

The multi-functional material Li2LaFeTiO6 belonging to double perovskite family is expected to be non-cubic structure and interaction between La and Fe introduce octahedral B-site cation dis-order or anti-site effect. The material is prepared by …


Effect of Nickel and Cobalt co-substitution on the structural and dielectric properties of Barium Titanate ceramics

The influence of Nickel and Cobalt co-substitution on the structure and dielectric properties of barium titanate (BaTiO3) ceramics has been investigated. Nickel and Cobalt co-substituted BaTiO3 ceramics with general formula BaTi1−x(Ni,Co)xO3 has …


Theoretical and experimental studies on structural and optical properties of two quinoxaline 1,4dioxide derivatives

The thermal vacuum evaporation technique is utilized to prepare two novel, uniform and compact thin films of quinoxaline 1,4dioxide derivatives: 6-Chloro-3-(hydrazinecarbonyl)-2-methylquinoxaline 1,4-dioxide (CHMQ) and …


Investigation on optical, laser damage threshold and non linear optical behavior of creatininium p-toluenesulfonate crystal for electro-optical applications

Organic proton transferred nonlinear crystal of Creatininium p-Toluenesulfonate (CPT) has crystallized in with the help of typical solvent evaporation method. The crystal system of grown CPT crystal is orthorhombic with noncentrosymmetric space …


The role of substrate temperature on the performance of humidity sensors manufactured from cerium oxide thin films

Cerium oxide (CeO2) thin films as humidity sensors are obtained by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) grown on Si (100) substrate. CeO2 nanoparticles were taken as target materials for PLD technique. The effect of film deposition condition, such as …

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The Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics is an established refereed companion to the Journal of Materials Science. It publishes papers on materials and their applications in modern electronics, covering the ground between fundamental science, such as semiconductor physics, and work concerned specifically with applications. It explores the growth and preparation of new materials, as well as their processing, fabrication, bonding and encapsulation, together with the reliability, failure analysis, quality assurance and characterization related to the whole range of applications in electronics. The Journal presents papers in newly developing fields such as low dimensional structures and devices, optoelectronics including III-V compounds, glasses and linear/non-linear crystal materials and lasers, high Tc superconductors, conducting polymers, thick film materials and new contact technologies, as well as the established electronics device and circuit materials.

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