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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

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Tuning the structural and magnetic properties on Cu/Cr nanoferrite using different rare-earth ions

Nano-crystalline rare earth ions doped Cu/Cr nanoferrites, with the general formula CuCr0.3R0.03Fe1.67O4 where R = Sm, Nd, Ce, and La, were prepared by the standard ceramic method. The structure was studied by X-ray diffraction analysis (XRD) …


Three novel bis carbazole organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

Three A–π–D–D–π–A structural carbazole-based featured dyes (Bis-Cy, Bis-Rh, Bis-COOEt) have been designed, synthesized for applications in dye-sensitized solar cells and fully characterized with NMR, MS, IR, UV–vis and electrochemical …


Free-standing TiO2–SiO2/PANI composite nanofibers for ammonia sensors

Free-standing TiO2–SiO2/polyaniline (TS/PANI) composite nanofibers were prepared by electrospinning, in situ polymerization and calcination method. The effect of tetra-n-butyl titanate (TBT) in the electrospinning solution on the morphology and …


Synthesis and ionic conductivities of M (Mg, Ba, Zr) and Al co-doped apatite-type lanthanum germanate electrolytes for IT-SOFC

In this paper, the structure and ionic conductivities have been investigated for M (Mg, Ba, Zr) and Al co-doped apatite-type lanthanum germanates. La9.0.5Ge5.5Al0.5O26±δ (M = Mg, Ba and Zr) were prepared by solid state reaction. The results of XRD …


Carbon coated paramagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles decorated MWCNTs-GNS composites: synthesis, characterization and their excellent electromagnetic absorption properties

Carbon coated paramagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles decorated multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)—graphene (GNS) composites were synthesized. In addition, we studied the influence of the magnetic nanoparticle content on the absorbing properties. The …

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The Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics is an established refereed companion to the Journal of Materials Science. It publishes papers on materials and their applications in modern electronics, covering the ground between fundamental science, such as semiconductor physics, and work concerned specifically with applications. It explores the growth and preparation of new materials, as well as their processing, fabrication, bonding and encapsulation, together with the reliability, failure analysis, quality assurance and characterization related to the whole range of applications in electronics. The Journal presents papers in newly developing fields such as low dimensional structures and devices, optoelectronics including III-V compounds, glasses and linear/non-linear crystal materials and lasers, high Tc superconductors, conducting polymers, thick film materials and new contact technologies, as well as the established electronics device and circuit materials.

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