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Micro- and Nanosystems Information Storage and Processing Systems


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15.08.2022 | Technical Paper

New star-fractal antenna devised as wireless sensor of the permittivity characterization measurement of Na2SO3 solutions

This study presents a wireless electromagnetic sensing system based on the resonant properties of the star-fractal antenna. Thus, it has been used for measuring the complex electrical permittivity of sodium sulfite solutions, according to both …

12.08.2022 | Review Paper

MEMS-based energy scavengers: journey and future

Macro to nanoscale energy scavengers is emerging as a promising solution to tackle the problems of energy shortage caused due to increasing world population and limited availability of energy resources. The capability of the miniaturized …

09.08.2022 | Technical Paper

Experiment and analysis of a piezoelectric energy harvester based on combined FEM modeling and spice simulation

This paper presents modeling and simulation of a cantilever-type piezoelectric energy harvester based on a combined FEM (Finite Element Method) and spice circuit. The PEH having dimension of 61 mm × 37 mm × 0.4 mm provides the maximum output power …

08.08.2022 | Technical Paper

Non-linear hysteresis modelling of piezoelectric actuator using feedforward with PI control for micromanipulation

The hysteresis characteristics of piezoelectric actuators has a major deficiency in a wide variety of micro position controls. Due to the hysteresis, positioning errors occur predominantly on the PEA-based microsystems. This work involves an …

08.08.2022 | Technical Paper

Very small size capacitive DMTL phase shifters using a new approach

Very small size Ka-band two-bit and K-band six-bit capacitive DMTL phase shifters are designed, calculated and simulated using a new approach. It is done based on information in the return loss diagram. The equations related to the resonance …

Über diese Zeitschrift

Featuring rapid publication of important results, Microsystem Technologies examines electromechanical, materials, design, and manufacturing issues of microsystems and their components. It integrates the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of academic and industrial specialists in many fields. Moreover, it contributes to the economically and ecologically sound production of reliable, high performance MEMS and information storage and processing systems.

The journal’s coverage of MEMS/NEMS addresses sensors, actuators, and other micro/nanosystems as well as micromechatronic systems integration. Coverage of information storage systems includes magnetic recording, optical recording, and other recording devices. Lastly, under the category of processing systems, the journal explores copiers, printers, scanners, and digital cameras. All contributions meet international archival quality standards.

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