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26.05.2020 | Technical Paper

Design and performance analysis of hybrid SPDT RF MEMS switch

This paper presents the design and simulation of Hybrid type RF MEMS switch for satellite communication application. The Hybrid switch beam is having non-uniform meanders and holes. The gold material is used as a beam and CPW. The gap between the …

25.05.2020 | Technical Paper

Preliminary comparison of respiratory signals using acceleration on neck and humidity in exhaled air

A microelectromechanical system is recently used for measurements of vital signs. Although the neck is regarded as an alternate observatory location of heartbeats, there have not been reports to monitor respiration electrically. The purpose of …

25.05.2020 | Technical Paper

Macro-to-micro positioning and auto focusing for fully automated single cell microinjection

The automation methods and technologies of the single cell micro-injection reported in the literature have the common assumption that both the cell and the microtools has already been positioned within the microscopic field of view and …

24.05.2020 | Technical Paper

On the implementation of adaptive sliding mode robust controller in the stabilization of electrically actuated micro-tunable capacitor

Parallel-plates based micro-tunable capacitors are known to have low travel ranges, which deteriorate as going even lower in terms of their initials gap sizes. Such conditions have put strict requirements on the operation of such designs and hence …

23.05.2020 | Editorial


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Featuring rapid publication of important results, Microsystem Technologies examines electromechanical, materials, design, and manufacturing issues of microsystems and their components. It integrates the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of academic and industrial specialists in many fields. Moreover, it contributes to the economically and ecologically sound production of reliable, high performance MEMS and information storage and processing systems.

The journal’s coverage of MEMS/NEMS addresses sensors, actuators, and other micro/nanosystems as well as micromechatronic systems integration. Coverage of information storage systems includes magnetic recording, optical recording, and other recording devices. Lastly, under the category of processing systems, the journal explores copiers, printers, scanners, and digital cameras. All contributions meet international archival quality standards.

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