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20.05.2021 | Technical Paper

Tight-binding theory of graphene mechanical properties

Since the atomistic mechanism against monolayer graphene deformations has not been well comprehended, modeling graphene’s mechanical properties is still an open question. The torsional stiffness associated with Gaussian curvature, in particular …

17.05.2021 | Technical Paper

Numerical and experimental study of a gauge-shaped beam for improved performance of piezoelectric energy harvester

This paper examines a new, non-conventional, gauge-shaped beam (GSB) cantilever for enhanced vibration energy scavenging. The stress evolution of the GSB as well as its eigenfrequency and energy harvesting capability (when coupled with macro fiber …

12.05.2021 | Technical Paper

Characterization of SOI MEMS capacitive accelerometer under varying acceleration shock pulse durations

In this work, the response of the z-axis differential capacitive MEMS accelerometer structure is studied under mechanical shock. The resonant frequency of the accelerometer is 9.12 kHz, and the corresponding time-period (Tn) is 0.11 ms. Simulation …

05.05.2021 | Technical Paper

Design, simulation and analysis of uniform and non-uniform serpentine step structure RF MEMS switch

This paper presents a novel step structure of RF MEMS switch with and without uniform, non-uniform serpentine meanders, having square perforations which results with a low actuation voltage. Here, design, study, and simulation of the proposed …

01.05.2021 | Technical Paper

Design of a urinator system with sensor front-end readout and drug delivery actuator based on TSMC 0.18 μm technology

This work presents the design of a front-end MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensor readout circuit along with a drug actuator model based on TSMC 0.18 μm CMOS technology. The overall system finds application in implantable systems based on …

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Featuring rapid publication of important results, Microsystem Technologies examines electromechanical, materials, design, and manufacturing issues of microsystems and their components. It integrates the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of academic and industrial specialists in many fields. Moreover, it contributes to the economically and ecologically sound production of reliable, high performance MEMS and information storage and processing systems.

The journal’s coverage of MEMS/NEMS addresses sensors, actuators, and other micro/nanosystems as well as micromechatronic systems integration. Coverage of information storage systems includes magnetic recording, optical recording, and other recording devices. Lastly, under the category of processing systems, the journal explores copiers, printers, scanners, and digital cameras. All contributions meet international archival quality standards.

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