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The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management is sponsored by the Chinese Industrial Engineering Institution, CMES, which is the only national-level academic society for Industrial Engineering. The conference is held annually as the major event in this arena. Being the largest and the most authoritative international academic conference held in China, it provides an academic platform for experts and entrepreneurs in the areas of international industrial engineering and management to exchange their research findings. Many experts in various fields from China and around the world gather together at the conference to review, exchange, summarize and promote their achievements in the fields of industrial engineering and engineering management. For example, some experts pay special attention to the current state of the application of related techniques in China as well as their future prospects, such as green product design, quality control and management, supply chain and logistics management to address the need for, amongst other things low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction. They also offer opinions on the outlook for the development of related techniques. The proceedings offers impressive methods and concrete applications for experts from colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises who are engaged in theoretical research into industrial engineering and engineering management and its applications. As all the papers are of great value from both an academic and a practical point of view, they also provide research data for international scholars who are investigating Chinese style enterprises and engineering management.



Industrial Engineering – Systems Modeling and Simulation


Information Fusion Model Based on Multi-sensor Array and Its Anti-jamming Capability

For solving the problem of multi-information fusion of perceptual processes, the information perception based fusion model was built based on four behavior layers and bi-level optimization mechanism. The mean-variance normalization method was adopted to preprocess the data set with zero mean and unit variance. Electronic nose was applied for information processing in fire emergency management. The applications of this research increased the level of the system intelligence and its anti-jamming capability, and were parallel to the state-of-art technology in domestic level.

Jiang Shen, Zhi-fang Liu, Man Xu

Analyzing Dynamic Capabilities from the Routine-Based Perspective: An Agent-Based Simulation Research

For dealing with the complexity and dynamics inherited in dynamic capabilities area, we try to introduce the agent-based simulation method into our study. By taking operating routines as basic units of analysis, a micro- interpretation of dynamic capabilities is given from the routine-based perspective. The relationships among operating routines, dynamic capabilities as well as organizational learning mechanisms – including both internal innovation and external imitation activities are discussed in detail. And an agent-based simulation model is provided via Swarm package. The results show that: agent-based simulation can be used as one of effective tools in coping with dynamic capabilities problems.

De-hua Gao, Xiu-quan Deng, Shao-long Kuang, Shun-tang Zhang, Bing Bai

Valuation of Sustainable Development in Mudanjiang City Based on the Method of Genuine Saving

Scientific development concept is important for China now. How to measure the sustainable development extent of a specific area is a question we should pay most attention to. Genuine saving is one of the most nature methods based on green GDP. After collecting data we need in different ways, we calculate the genuine saving in Mudanjiang. With the analysis, we draw a conclusion that the genuine saving rate of Mudanjiang is higher, so far not negative. But there is a trend of gradual decline in recent years.

Ying Zhang, Hai-xin Huang

General Aviation Flight Service Station Architecture Designing Based on Arena

Airlines spend enormous amount of effort and time developing flight schedules for each of their fleets. For General Aviation Flight, in China nowadays the low-altitude flight is not permitted and there is no service system to serve the general aviation flight. Due to the operations of airlines, the schedules always get cancelled or are caused delays because of some policy or environmental problems. In this paper firstly we create a 3-level General Aviation Flight Service System due to Chinese airline service condition, according to which we organize the process of flight schedule from applying for the flight plan to the end of the whole flight. Then we discuss the advantages of the new general aviation service system. Finally we simulate the whole service operation process. As a test case, we use ARENA simulation package to model the operations in the flight plan approval process. The service approach was found to be very effective in reducing the delay costs and maximize the profit.

Su-ling Jia, Fei Guo

Application of 3D Scene Building Technology in Crane Simulation Platform Based on OSG

For more predictable and secure crane in operation process, with senior rendering engine OSG and visual development tool Visual C++ as development infrastructure, database principle and the ADO technology have been applied to establish real-time parametric model library, meanwhile, the all-terrain crane hoisting 3D simulation platform is developed. Therefore, user could observe crane operation of the whole simulation process in 3D virtual scene from a different perspective, and the lifting program generated by collision-free path planning can guide the user’s actual operation. This paper introduces the real-time parametric model library, virtual 3D scene building processes and specific methods. The example of all-terrain crane hoisting 3D simulation platform application indicates that the 3D virtual scene building technology based on OSG can be widely used in engineering simulation to solve existing problems.

Qian-wang Deng, Xiao-lai Liu

Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring Scheme with PLS and SVDD

In order to adaptably monitor product qualities during real industrial process, a new multivariate statistical process monitoring scheme combining projection to latent spaces (PLS) and Support Vector Domain Description (SVDD) is proposed. PLS can establish the monitoring space, which maximizes the correlation between process variables and quality variables and enable product qualities monitoring through process variables. SVDD can define the admissible domain by normal operation data without constraints about data distribution. Moreover, with kernel functions it can even provide a tight admissible domain for the operation data. Such characteristics make it suitable for practical production processes. This scheme is then applied to Tennessee Eastman process, and its efficiency for fault detection is proved by introducing simulated process faults. Analysis about its limits in fault detection is also presented.

Jia Liu, Yan-guang Sun

The Signal Processing of Wharf Structure Health Monitoring Based on Wavelet Analysis

The importance of harbor wharf determines that we must grasp its health state in real time. First of all, this paper analyzes various harbor wharf damage forms, and builds its structure health monitoring system, then it points out the importance of signal processing in structural health monitoring. Wavelet analysis, as a new tool to data processing, with its advantages now is widely used in many fields. In this paper, the application of wavelet analysis in the harbor wharf structure is introduced, including signal denoising, signal compression and damage identification. Finally, this paper puts forward the research direction of wavelet analysis in structural health monitoring.

Xiao-bo Wang, Jue-long Li, Jian-chun Xing, Li-qiang Xie

Studies of Balance and Simulation of Gearbox Assembly Line Based on Flexsim Software

The balance of production line would definitely help the workers and facilities increase the operational efficiency. Computer modeling and simulation can shorten the R&D cycle, predict and optimize the layout of production line. After analyzing the gearbox assembly line and drawing flow charts, we can work out a simulation model and then use Flexsim software and heuristic balancing algorithm to make gearbox assembly line more reasonable. By comparing the balance of gearbox assembly line. From the comparison of the indicators before and after simulation and the utilization of the station, we can firmly draw the conclusion that the transmission efficiency of assembly line production is significantly improved.

Hong-ying Shan, Li-bin Zhang, Xin-zhao Gao, Xiang-bo Li

The Maturity Evaluation of Technology Application for Guilin National Tourism Comprehensive Reforming Zone

This article views science and technology support for Guilin national tourism comprehensive reforming zone as the core. According to the law of tourism development stages and based on literature study and field research, it builds an index evaluation system for the technology need of reforming zone, evaluates the current development stage of Guilin tourism by the means of grey comprehensive evaluation method, analysis the stages of development and competitive elements gap of Guilin tourism based on the evaluation result, and provides strategies to improve the corresponding strategy, which is used for relevant departments to implement the strategy of “Building a world-class tourist destination of Guilin, building beautiful Guilin”.

Fu-xing Zhang, Jun Li, Wen-zhong Du, Meng-yi Qiu

A Forecasting Model for the Detection Demand of Automobiles

The paper proposes a GM (1, N) model for urban automobile detection demand forecast, which lays the foundation for the planning of detection site capability as well as the site network. The paper considers the automobile detection regulation, and takes the vehicle ownership in each class basing on the detection rule as the input variables. The grey incidence analysis is applied to determine the variables to employ, and then build up the GM (1, N) model for vehicle detection demand forecast. The efficiency of model is validated with the data of the City of Tianjin.

Gang Xie, Guang-chao Wang, Shou-feng Ma

Application of Fuzzy Matter Element Model in Evaluation of Traffic Noise in Residential Area Using Euclid Approach Degree

Based on the fuzzy matter element analysis and the combination of the concept of Euclid approach degree, this paper suggests a new model for evaluating traffic noise. The model takes into account both the objective measurements like the traffic noise and the acoustic environment, and the subjective reaction caused by noise. Case studies of evaluating impact of traffic noise on residents confirmed the feasibility of the model.

Xue Xiao, Wen-zhou Jin, Lu-ou Shen, Jian Wei

Evaluation Research on the Portfolio Pricing Model of Convertible Bonds

This paper first reviews the development of convertible bonds in the world, and studies relevant research domestically and internationally. Then, after the analysis of the characteristics, value composition, and detailed terms of convertible bonds, this paper has a specific analysis and quantitative research on bonds, options and value portfolio included in convertible bonds. In addition, this paper also amends the corresponding model and increases the quantitative analysis of many term values such as the dividend factors, put provisions, and call provisions included in convertible bonds.

Ding-yue Kan, Chang Liu, Li Qian, Lu-yao Huang, Hong-ye Wang

Linkage Effects of Trade Openness and Financial Openness on Technological Progress

In an open economic entity, trade openness and financial openness have both formed an interactive relationship with technology. Based on the existing research, this paper intends to establish a unified composite model and to prove in a quantitative way that in the OECD countries, technical level is mainly promoted by their investment in research and development. Although trade openness and financial openness also play positive roles in promoting technical level, their influence is relatively weak, and the promotion effect of the financial opening will delay for 1 week.

Feng-wu Han, Ling-xue Zhu

The Whole Interaction of Trade Openness, Financial Openness and Scale Effect

Based on classic model (Do and Levchenko, J Financ Econ 86(3):796–834, 2007), the single factor is adjusted to the two model, and the mechanisms of interaction between trade openness, financial openness and the scale effect are proved by theory. Through the empirical analysis of the OECD and major developing countries, the paper explains the different effect of the interaction between different stages of economic development and open economy.

Feng-wu Han, Xiang-song Meng

Study on Measurement of Eco-efficiency of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region

Eco-efficiency is an important index on measuring sustainability status and circular economy development. As an important growth-pole of China’s economy in the twenty-first century, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region has been facing the increasingly serious resources and environment problems with industrialization. Based on the related data from 2006 to 2008, the paper measures the eco-efficiency and input surplus of ten cities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Metropolitan Region by DEA method, and then points out the improvement direction for the invalid cities. By the research, the paper aims at promoting ecological construction of the region and the country.

Wen-bao Sun, Jing Peng

Food Regional Economic Regulation and Control Policy Research

This paper based on the grain security, the grain the macroeconomic regulation and control of the operation mechanism of the general theory, focus on the China’s grain macroeconomic regulation and control mechanism, the concept of grain macroeconomic regulation and control mechanism, the grain circulation macroeconomic regulation and control tool application, grain circulation macroeconomic regulation and control system, the problem of grain circulation system, grain price formation mechanism. Through the research set up grain macroeconomic regulation and control of the operation mechanism of general theory.

Zhi-qiang Feng

An Incentive Model for University Teachers Based on Knowledge

Institutions of Higher Learning are typical knowledge-focused organizations. How to motivate the teaching faculty is one of the core contents of modern university system. In this paper, the features of university teaching staff are explored from the perspective of knowledge, and based on this an incentive model has been constructed. As for the content and structure, three parts are involved. Firstly, the concepts and distinctions involved in university teaching faculty are presented and analyzed. Secondly, through case studies, the incentive factors playing key roles in motivating teachers are explored. Most importantly, an incentive model based on knowledge has been creatively attempted and constructed.

Li-shuan Qin

The Private Listed Company Executive Compensation and Company Performance: Based on Moderation Effect of Stock Rights

This paper is study on executive compensation and company performance in Chinese private listed company. We use panel data multiple regression to analysis the data, which is from 2006 to 2010. The results indicate the number of man getting salaries in board of directors and board of supervisors is uncorrelated to company performance. Compensation of board of directors is positive correlation to revenue, net income and total assets. Compensation of executive is negative correlation to operation revenue and total assets, but is not significant to net income. In addition, the relationship between executive compensation and performance is non-liner. Further this study found that voting right of controlling stockholder and the quantity of CEO’s stocks had moderation effect to the compensation and performance.

Yong-dong Wang, Lie-jin Lu

Study on Cumulative Effect of R&D Investment Performance of Chinese Listed Companies – Empirical Analysis Based on Modified Cobb-Douglas Production Function

These This paper selects 455 manufacturing firms in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2007 to 2011 as study object, establishes a modified Cobb-Douglas production function, and empirically tests the cumulative effect of R&D investment performance using OLS regression analysis. The result suggests that there exists a significant cumulative effect in enterprise’s R&D investment performance. From 2007 to 2010, R&D investment has a significant promotion effect on enterprise performance, and the cumulative effect is the largest in the forth year; however, the promotion effect is not significant in 2011.

Xin-gang Zhao

Modeling and Simulation of a Centralized Supply Chain Distribution System for a Single Product in Uncertain Demand

This paper describes modeling and simulation of a centralized supply chain distribution system for a single product in uncertain demand. A supply chain distribution system cost optimization model is developed in this concern, which includes multiple manufacturers, multiple distribution centers and multiple retailers. To provide a more realistic model structure, decision makers’ thinks that the distribution centers and retailers appears out of stock at the same time. With the MatLab 2010(a) carrying on the model, analyzing the influence which the order proportions and transportation cost in distribution centers and retailers to the supply chain distribution system total cost. As a result, on the one hand, when the order proportion is in the middle, the total cost is in the lowest level in supply chain distribution system. On the other hand, the order proportion is up and down, the total cost is no obvious change in supply chain distribution system. On the contrary, when the transportation cost usually is in the middle, the total cost is the lowest level in supply chain distribution system.

Zhi-gao Liao, Xi-gang Yuan, Xiao-qing Zhang

The Transformation Mode of the Export-Oriented Processing SMEs in Zhejiang Province: Based on Global Value Chain Theory

This paper first defines the export-oriented processing SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and explain the global value chain theories. And then this paper analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of export-oriented processing SMEs in Zhejiang Province, goes on to look into the main factors that affect the export-oriented processing SMEs transformation from the perspective of the global value chain, this paper give evolutionary paths of exported-oriented processing SMEs. At last some suggests are given.

Ning Sun

The Model of Regional Innovation System Based on the Complex Adaptive System

As a complex adaptive system (CAS) itself, the regional innovation system (RIS) is, whether in terms of features, operating mode or evolution, in line with the essential requirement of the CAS. Based on the CAS theory, the analysis and study on the RIS can not only shed light upon the nature of the RIS but help to better build and improve the system, so that the RIS can play a leading role in supporting a sustained regional economic development. From the perspective of CAS, this paper analyzes the complex adaptive features of the RIS and then introduces a RIS model based on the CAS theory, which in turn proves that it is of significant theoretical and practical importance to study the RIS in light of the CAS theory.

Wen-Liang Sun, Zi-Biao Li, Bao-Min Hu

User Transfer in Collaborative Commerce: Evident from Virtual Community to Social Commerce

In China, social commerce provided by virtual community is a classic mode of collaborative commerce. The current research analyzes what factors affect transferring virtual community member to consumer of social commerce provided by virtual community. We propose and empirically test a model of user transfer mechanism. The findings indicate that attitude to virtual community can be transferred to social commerce provided by virtual community, the perceived fit of brand and technology have effect on attitude to social commerce. This study also finds that, subjective norms positively influences perceiving to brand and technology, and attitude to social commerce, user involvement can enhance social influence of social commerce and user’ attitude to social commerce. This research advances our understanding of the user transfer from virtual community to social commerce and provides insights into the marketing promotion strategies for social commerce.

Guo-yin Jiang, Fei-cheng Ma, Yun-zhou Fang, Xiu-zhen Li

The Exploration and Study of Innovation Pattern of Community Administration: A Case Study of Shenzhen

With the rapid development of social economy and the expansion of city, the construction of new city and new community has changed quickly. There are also deep change in the structure of city and community. Community, as the base part of the city, is very important to the development of the city. The question and administrative work in a community has been taken seriously by the government, and has also been one of the research focus in academy. The study takes the pattern of community administration in Shenzhen as the object of the study, analysing the problems remaining in the community administration of Shenzhen. Synthesizing the knowledge of multidisciplinary, the study proposes a new pattern of community administration, and raises systematic resolution for solving the remaining problems in community administration.

Bo-lin Xie

Simulation Modeling for a Container Terminal with Enhanced Information Technology

Information systems have been introduced to accumulate real-time tracking data on containers and transporters at container terminals in ports. Logistics managers of container terminals need an intelligent tool to analyze the performance of highly complex and large logistics systems using of the accumulated real-time tracking data. This paper addresses proposing a procedure of analyzing the performance at a real container terminal, especially by making use of the electronic real-time tracking data that is accumulated from united terminal IMSs (IMS: information management system). To analyze the operations performance, all of the operational activities of an actual container terminal in Japan are simulated. It is found that the information obtained by performing simulation is effective for analyzing the performance of the operation.

Rie Gaku

A Traffic Simulation System Based on Platform-Plugins Structure

This paper firstly analyzes the customizability traffic simulation systems in terms of three tiers, then proposes a traffic simulation system based on platform-plugins structure. The simulation system itself is composed by a simulation kernel and function module interface specifications, all specific function module can be customized by the users according to their demands. Then key approaches and some implementation details are introduced. Finally its effects are also shown through an application case. This paper raises a highly available approach for general-purpose traffic simulation system.

Xu-hai Chen

Engineering Management – Accounting and Finance


The Volatility and Cycle of Emerging Industry Stock Market in China: An Empirical Study Based on EEMD

Great demand and growth potentiality of emerging industry provide a good investment opportunity for capital market. This paper proposes to analyze the volatility and cycle characteristics of the China’s emerging industry stock price by using EEMD. The IMFs decomposed by the EEMD could reveal the volatility and cycle characteristic of China’s emerging industry stock market, and furtherly reconstruct IMFs by signal test could see the short-term volatility caused by the game of the buyer and the seller, the medium-term volatility caused by events and the long-term volatility decided by the residue of emerging industry stock market. This study reveals the volatility trend and its cycle characteristic of emerging industry stock prices, which not only complement the existing research on investment in emerging industries, and also provide a reference for guiding investment practice.

Ying-qing Gong

The Downturn of Stock Market and the Irrational Exuberance of Leveraged Funds: A Case Study on Yinhuaxinli in SZSE

Although the issuing of stock funds became increasingly difficult during the downturn in China’s stock market from 2011 to 2012, classification funds with leveraged character developed rapidly with the number of new funds growing and the shares of old funds increasing during this time. High leveraged funds such as Yinhuaxinli even developed into irrational exuberance. “Irrationality” was reflected in their trading prices having substantial premiums relative to their net values. “Exuberance” was not only reflected in their shares growing rapidly, but also reflected in their trading volumes and turnovers reaching one new record to another even when the whole market declined significantly. However, Yinhuaxinli’s special liquidation brought huge irreparable losses to its investors after its irrational exuberance. There are many reasons behind their irrational exuberance, and anchoring effect, sunk cost effect and gambler’s fallacy effect are the important ones. The lessons from such case study include not using leverage excessively and establishing a clear stop-loss point for leverage products.

Yong-jun Qi, Kai-guo Yin, Hai-yan Zhong

Securities Analysts’ Competence: Model Design and Application

This paper constructs securities analysts’ competence model with 20 indicators. It uses survey and Delphi methods. The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation is used to evaluate the competence of securities analysts in China. The results show that securities analysts are not competent in every category. The results show that securities analysts are incompetent as a whole. Especially they perform worse in “forecast accuracy”, “forecast objectivity”, and “innovation and independence”. This paper concludes that the comprehensive qualities of domestic securities analysts should be further enhanced.

Jia-ni Wang

The Value at Risk Measure of the Yuan Against the Dollar

In this article, we combined the methods of AR-GARCH and History Monte Carlo, with which we measured the exchange rate risk of the RMB. We mainly used AR-GARCH model to simulate and estimate the time series of the RMB exchange rate, with which we solved the problem of conditional heteroscedasticity, and get the residual series with zero mean, conditional heteroscedasticity and the conditional mean series and the autoregression equation, then which is used to be the basis of Monte Carlo simulation method to measure the value of the RMB exchange rate risk. The results show that this combination of both can effectively solve the problems of peak and fat tail in residual series, non-normality and caused error by estimating the parameters of the fitted distribution, and can effectively improve the credibility and accuracy of measurement of the exchange rate value at risk.

Guang-lai Zhou, Cui Lu, Bei-bei Qi, Li Shang

Does Investor Sentiment Have Certain Impacts on IPO Underpricing Rate?

High IPO underpricing is a major feature of China’s stock market and adequate studies of this issue have been made based on the traditional efficient market hypothesis, whereas using behavioral finance to study IPO underpricing is still a new topic.

We employ 60 GEM IPO companies listed between Oct 30th 2009 and Mar 19th 2010 as samples, and analyze the impact of investor behavior on IPO underpricing based on investor sentiment supported by behavioral finance theory. According to our research, the price of the new stocks on the first day is more likely to be overestimated with higher investor sentiment, which generates a higher IPO underpricing rate.

Song Wang, Yao Yao

A Study on Similar Financial Model in Real Estate Sector

In this paper, we subdivide the sample of real estate listed companies selected from the two stock exchanges in China from the year 2001–2012 into two categories: firms which adopted the similar financial model and firms which did not adopt. T-tests and nonparametric tests are used to explore the differences between the two categories in funds management, assets structure, liability structure, profitability, liquidity and growth rate. The results show that firms which adopted the similar financial model have faster assets turnover and higher Debt Ratio (DR), thus have higher growth rate and better profitability. The regression analysis results further show that Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) of similar-financial-model firms are significantly correlated with Net Profit Margin (NPM) positively and with the Ratio of Net Commercial Credit to Sales Revenue (NCCSR), Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC), Financial Expense Ratio (FER) and the Ratio of Interest–bearing Liabilities to Debt (IBDR) negatively. Moreover, negative relationship between ROIC and GROUP demonstrates that firms which adopted similar financial model have better profitability than firms which did not adopt.

Yi-chun Li

Research on Financial Backing of Technological Innovation in Heilongjiang Province by System Dynamics

From the perspective of system dynamics, this paper carries out the study on the quantitative analysis of financial support to technological innovation in Heilongjiang Province and achieves the model by the software Vensim. Based on in-depth analysis and constituent elements data of technology innovation funds from 2000 to 2010, the network of enterprise’s technological innovation is set up as a system dynamics model in three aspects: increasing public financial investment, assessing the development level of financial industry and reasoning the financial industry’s participation to simulate and predict the trend. As the application of the model, the key indicators of innovation technology in the next few years are predicted for management decisions.

Xiu-ying Guo, Xiao-lei Yang, Xiao-feng Hui

Long-Run Performance of IPOs: Phenomenon and Theories

The long-run underperformance of IPOs is one of the three anomalies in IPOs. Many scholars have carried on various researches on it since Ritter firstly found the long-run underperformance of IPOs. This paper investigates in the empirical and theoretical studies on the long-run performance of IPOs since Ritter. It gives a full introduction of the changes of methods for measuring the long-run performance of IPOs, controversies of empirical results, comparisons of the influencing factors, and theoretical explanations from different perspectives. At the end, some points of future research are presented.

Jia-wei Zhang, Yi-fang Liu

Engineering Management – Construction Management


Analysis to Elements Influencing the Scale of Investment and Construction of Security Housing in Shenyang

Through the model of grey correlation analysis, this article analyzes the elements influencing the scale of investment and construction of security housing in Shenyang and gives the calculation process of the analysis to grey correlation, and connecting the cases in Shenyang, selects the relative indicator’s data of security housing from 2005 to 2010, and through calculating corresponding data, gets degree of association influencing relative indicator of scale of investment and construction of security housing which is sequenced and analyzed about the result before gets some conclusions concerning the elements influencing the scale of investment and construction of security housing in Shenyang.

Ya-chen Liu, Shuai Dong

Research on Construction Management Based on the WSR System Methodology

This article applies Wuli-Shili-Renli system methodology to project construction management. It discusses principles of construction management based on the WSR; puts forward suggestions about the optimization of construction management from three aspects respectively: Wu-li, Shi-li, Ren-li. The aim is to realize the scientific and systematic management for construction process.

Wei-na Ji, Jun-jie Wang

The Study of Urban Disaster Prevention and Reduction Planning

Right now, our country is in a period of rapid urbanization, the growing urban population size and economic development means we have to accelerate the pace of urbanization. But along with the step-up of urban construction, the problems of the urban disasters stand out as well. This paper studies the types of urban disaster, puts forward effective measures for urban disaster prevention and offers some opinions and suggestions from the perspective of disaster prevention and reduction.

Zun-peng Yu, Hui-ying Gao

The Study on the Selection of Industrial Undertaking and Spatial Arrangement of Hebei Province

To undertake industry transfer scientifically, reasonably and effectively can improve the technological level, optimize the industrial structure, enhance the regional competitive advantage, as well as promote the development of region economic. This article uses the industrial gradient theory based on the condition and characteristics of Hebei industrial transfer, aiming at Hebei 28 manufacturing to do the quantitative analysis. Based on the results of the analysis, eight industries have been chosen to give priority to undertake, then classify these eight industries into four different oriented industries, based on the different needs of each industry and with the condition of Hebei regional industry development, we have give advice to the spatial arrangement of the undertaking industry.

Yuan-yuan Li, Hai-wei Zhang, Hui Jin

Analysis of Construction of Large Infrastructure Projects Based on PPP Mode Through Cooperative Game

PPP mode is an importance development direction of large public infrastructure projects. Based on the cooperative game analysis, this paper designs optimal income distribution model for construction of PPP projects. It concludes that the income distribution of each participant is the key to the success for large infrastructure construction. Through cooperative game relationship between government departments and private enterprises in the process of contract negotiations, I think the income of participants of large infrastructure projects affected by the bargaining power and risk preference under the condition of market. Finally, we make the corresponding conclusion and suggestion combined this model.

Yi Leng, Hao Wang

Engineering Management – Project Management


Study on Strategic Environmental Assessment of Highway Construction Based on Entropy–AHP

Being an effective means to implementing sustainable development strategy, strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is an assessment process of implementing project environmental impact at strategic level. Highway construction can effectively stimulate regional economic growth, while can cause serious environmental problems, so it is necessary to measure highway construction sustainability through the strategic environmental assessment. Based on the system analysis of environmental pollution caused by freeway construction about land resources, water resources, ecological resources, atmospheric environment, and entropy–AHP strategic environmental assessment method was used. And the expert subjective opinion and objective ecological data were combined. Finally, this method was used to empirical study on Jiangsu four area highways. The result shows that the method can effectively reflect the ecological environmental impact of highway construction.

Yu He

A Study into the Implementation Path of the Whole Process Cost Consultation Business: A Perspective of Integrated Consultation

For the problems in traditional cost consultation business, such as stages being divided, information flow being obstructed, and so on, this paper studies the whole process cost consultation business and finds that it is different from traditional cost consultation business in integration. The whole process cost consultation business involves lots of information and specialized knowledge. Therefore, to ensure the smooth implementation of whole process cost consultation, we must realize the integration of information and specialized knowledge and introduce modern integrated consultation tool—full life circle cost management theory and value management theory, to guarantee the integration of cost consultation business. Through analyzing the whole process cost consultation business of a benchmarking enterprise—Davis Langdon & Seah (DLS) Construction Consultants Co., Ltd., to probe into the scientificalness of validation research.

Jiao-jiao An, Jin-qin Yan

The VE Project Selection of Real Estate Program Based on ANP

This article is written from the point of value engineering application in the real estate program. By analyzing the connection between the function and the cost of the project, combining the specific circumstances of the case, it builds the evaluation model of the real estate value engineering program based on ANP. Finally, the evaluation of an empirical real estate project research is used on this evaluation system, which shows the effectiveness and feasibility of the model.

Pan-jie Zhang, Ya-juan Han, Guo-fang Song

Empirical Study of the Production Efficiency Change of Chinese Regional Construction Industry Basing on Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Among different regions of China, the development of construction industry are generating a growing gap. The persistent occurrence and excessive expansion of such differences will not only undermine the overall efficiency of the construction industry, but also not be conducive to the efficient allocation of resources. According to this, we explore gaps of production efficiency among a vast territory and its root causes with stochastic frontier production model. The research shows that regional scientific input, degree of the openness of construction market, the market ownership structure, and development level of industry are the four control variables promoting production efficiencies immensely while the human capital and the development of regional finance are not. The gaps of the production efficiencies among different regions are widening over time.

Sen Lin, Zheng-fei Hu, Guan-ping Liu

Factor Analysis and Clustering-Based Empirical Study on Regional Construction Industry Development in China

The purpose of the study is to provide suggestions for policy-makers and industry practitioners aiming at improving the construction industry development. This paper constructs a complete evaluation index system of regional construction industry development, and then applies factor analysis and clustering to analyze and evaluate the development level of construction industry of 31 regions in China by using SPSS 18.0. These 31 regions are categorized into five clusters by four extracted factors, namely total factor, efficiency and technology factor, per capita factor and profitability factor. The results show that significant differences exist in development level of construction industry among different regions.

Ya-yun Dang, Xing Bi

Research on the Emergency Management Strategies of China High-Speed Railway Based on Risk Network Theory

Safe operation and rapid emergency response are taken as preconditions to develop China high-speed railway. From the perspective of a whole life cycle, this paper identifies the key risk factors of China high-speed railway by utilizing the risk network theory and proposes some emergency management strategies accordingly. Early warning and prevention of safety crisis in China high-speed railway emergency management is emphasized particularly. The proposals may help to promote the emergency management capability of China high-speed railway.

Yun-yi Zhang, Nai-ding Yang, Dan-ping Zhang

A Novel Method for Optimal Selection of Technology Commercialization Team Based on Commercial Competence

Team selection is crucial for the success of technology commercialization. In existing researches on technology commercialization, the technical information is mostly used, while non-technical information is overlooked, especially the information between team members. This paper presents a new method for the optimal selection of technology commercialization team based on commercial competence, in which both technical attributes and cooperative commercialization attributes between team members are concerned. First, an evaluating index system of team selection is proposed, where factors affecting technology commercialization competence are determined. Second, a Fuzzy Evaluation Method for optimal selection of Technology commercialization team is built, and Matlab programs are developed to solve the model. Moreover, an example is used to illustrate the potential application of the proposed method. Results show that the proposed method can enhance theoretical understanding and decision-making for team selection of technology commercialization.

Ling Zhang, Yi Cui

Research on Evaluation Theory and System of the Old Industrial Buildings (Group) Recycling Project

As a new and important research issue, the old industrial buildings (group) recycling project is currently a relevant and an interesting topic issues researches since 1960s. Especially with the scientific outlook on development, sustainable development, low carbon development concept is hot in nowadays, related research became more active, and the research literature on this topic is vast. Studies this field is more actively in recent years. The current study aims at helping the researchers better by comprehending the existing finds and recently perspectives, we summarized and categorized the findings of research in recent years, and expect to present overall and timely analysis. Literature search shown that most researches were focus on the traditional fields such as function transformation, energy-saving technology application, implementation and management, performance analysis; the emerging fields such as Applied evaluation system and theory of the old industrial buildings (group) recycling project gained more and more attention.

Wen-hu Yin, Lin-na Wang

Eco-budget Study of China Main Functional Areas

To promote the construction of ecological civilization and the development of main functional areas in China, the government holds to strengthen the main functional areas for public services and the ecological environment compensation financial transfer payment, making local residents to enjoy the equalization of basic public services. But how to build the ecological compensation mechanism of main functional areas, how to use the ecological environment compensation financial transfer payment effectively, it has not yet made specific plans. Therefore, the main functional areas in China should implement eco-budget management, making ecological transfer payments and ecological compensation funds included in the eco-budget management of the main functional areas.

Wen-ming Sun, Li-ping Xu, Li-li Wang

Measurement Model of Project Risks of Commercial Banks Based on Combination Weighting

How to utilize the limited risk information to measure the project risk is an urgent problem to be solved when commercial banks do not have the ability to master all specific information of the project. This paper uses five risk elements including government risk, industry risk, policy risk, investment risk and credit risk to reflect the project risk, and constructs measure model of the project risk when the commercial banks can not fully grasp the project information. The characteristic of this paper is to use combination weighting based on G1 and Maximizing Deviation method to measure the important degree of risk elements, further to solve measure problem of business project risks in the case of the limited project information. The results show that the important degree of the project risk is listed in descending order: government risk, investment risk, credit risk, policy risk, industry risk.

Zhan-jiang Li, Guo-tai Chi, Zhan-dong Xu

A New Framework on Monitoring Equipment Technology Reformation Project Management Based on Petri Net

Petri net has been proved effective in modeling and simulating project management processes. This paper applies it in the technology reformation project management and constructs a model for the management processes. By integrating the model and the existing project management systems under Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) pattern, project managers can monitor the project’s progress and budget in time and get the simulation results. In this way, they can control the progress and budget. This paper gives a new framework of real-time monitoring. The framework can be widely applied in other project management.

Xing-cun Sun, Hao Wu, Qiang Wang, Su-ling Jia

Effect Analysis of FDI on the Construction Industry Competitiveness

With the development of economic globalization, construction industry of China is gradually connecting with the global industry. Confronting with the new competitive environment, it is important to enhance the competitiveness of large construction enterprises. With the entering of foreign large contractor, Chinese construction enterprise will face lager pressure of foreign competitiveness. Based on the total factor productivity model, this article analysis the relationship between FDI and the competitiveness of enterprises. The result shows that FDI is positively correlated with the competitiveness of enterprises in general, and it mainly use their own factor productivity, but not by foreign-funded enterprises on the domestic spillover effect.

Jia-qiang Mao, Jia-jia Wang, Kun Jing

Engineering Project Management Evaluation Based on Team and Structural Equation Modeling

How to evaluate the performances of an engineering project management and what’s the key factors were important and hot topics in theories of practice of projects management field. This paper analyzed engineering project management in view of teams, summarized factors of engineering project, performances of successful engineering project, and built an engineering project management evaluation model. Then analyzed the model with statistics and structural equation modeling, and extracted some key factors or performances for engineering project management.

A-di Zhang, Yu-heng Zeng

Engineering Management – Quality Management and Reliability


Effect of Service Failure Criticality on Recovery Strategy Choosing: Moderating Role of Attribution

The paper focuses on the service recovery strategy after failure. It contributes to the literature by exploring the relationship between failure criticality, recovery strategy and recovery outcome. It argues that recovery outcome varies dues to different recovery strategies and criticality of service failure is related to recovery strategy selection. The paper also considers one of the important customers’ personal traits – locus attribution as a moderator.

Du-sheng Chen

The Research and Application of DMAIC Model in New Student Register System

In view of waiting in line, cumbersome procedure problems existed in the new student register system, the article introduced one of the most advanced six sigma DMAIC models. Through the questionnaire survey and positive Likert scales weighted evaluation method to find out the impact of the main factors and new report quality, presents the improved method. The successful application of the DMAIC model is good for the effective implementation in our universities and further enhance the management level and competitiveness of the colleges and universities. DMAIC model may be extended to railway ticketing system, bank, supermarket and so on.

Hong-na Guo, Jun-ming Zhu

Valuation of Enterprises Brand Assets Based on Risk Cash Flow

Brand valuation has attracted the interest of accounting academicians and practitioners, several valuation methods come into existence, however, after a careful review they prove to be lack of objectivity. We put forward the risk analysis of cash flow method, after an empirical study of the real estate enterprises, it proves to be effective, and moreover, it can meet the demands of objectivity of data processing and direct financial interpretation.

Shi-liang Xia

Application of DMAIC Method and Discrete Event Simulation to Reduce Waiting Time in Outpatient Department

The outpatient departments of hospitals in large cities have become more and more congested in recent years. Patients often spend excessively long time waiting during the whole outpatient procedure, which lowers the degree of patient satisfaction and increases patient complains about the outpatient service. This Paper utilizes the simulation-based Six Sigma DMAIC method to identify the defects of existing procedure in outpatient department of a general hospital in Tianjin and to propose solutions to ameliorate the outpatient procedure. Using software package named iGrafx IDEF0 2011 and relevant data, the existing outpatient procedure simulation model is constructed and validated. After analysis, defects behind the long waiting time are identified and several improvement scenarios are proposed. The improved simulation model which has implemented these scenarios shows that new outpatient procedure significantly reduces overall waiting time compared with the original one.

Xing Gao, Wen-ying Zhou

Application to Car Quality Evaluation Using Decision Tree Technology with Imbalance Correction Coefficient

In order to realize the intellectualized quality evaluation, a new decision tree method is utilized into quality evaluation system of production. A new impurity measure is proposed to make the method focusing on the variable which stimulated the interest of customers, which forms the basis of the algorithm. The new algorithm was tested on various datasets related to quality evaluation and quality prediction. The obtained results have been compared to other methods, indicating the superiority in accuracy and computation cost of the proposed method. Based on the evaluation results from the cars, the new decision tree method excels at the common tasks of classification and evaluation.

Hao-yu Wang, Chang-an Liu, Shu-juan Wang, Yan Li

Research on the Maintenance Strategy of CNC Machine Tool

CNC machine tool is a kind of technology-integrated manufacturing equipment. With the function diversifies, especially for the high-speed and high-precision, the reliability problem which describes the sustainability of the function raised. Therefore, the paper has a very important theoretical and practical significance. This paper describes the traditional maintenance policy such as maintenance after the event, regular maintenance and state maintenance. Reasonable maintenance strategy can improve the production capacity of CNC machine tool, improve the level of system reliability, enhance the capability of self-repair and reduce the cost of using of equipment.

Ao-fu Zhang, Li-rong Cui, Pu Zhang

Study of the Application of Activity-Based Quality Cost Management Based on Linear Programming

It is important for the enterprises using activity-based costing to learn the value added activities and non-value added activities. First, the paper introduces the activity-based quality cost management, and then an activity-based quality cost management model is proposed based on linear programming. The manager can learn the value-added quality activities and non-value added quality activities by using this model; it also provides decision support for enterprises to improve their resource utilization and product quality.

Jing-fei Hao, Yu-jie Luo

Application of Artificial Neural Network for the Optimal Welding Parameters Design of Aerospace Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate

This research proposes an economic and effective experimental design method of multiple characteristics to deal with the parameter design problem with many continuous parameters and levels. It uses TOPSIS (Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to train the optimal function framework of parameter design for the thick plate weldment of aerospace aluminum alloy. To improve previous experimental methods for multiple characteristics, this research method employs ANN and all combinations to search the optimal parameter such that the potential parameter can be evaluated more completely and objectively. Additionally, the model can learn the relationship between the welding parameters and the quality responses of different materials to facilitate the future applications in the decision-making of parameter settings for automatic welding equipment. The research results can be presented to the industries as a reference, and improve the product quality and welding efficiency to relevant welding industries.

Jhy-Ping Jhang

The Theoretical Framework of Modern Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management in Grid Enterprise

The equipment operation and maintenance in grid enterprise is an important part of equipment management, especially in the current stage of rapid development of ultra-high voltage grid and smart grid. The equipment operation and maintenance management issues off the grid safe operation and reliability of power supply protection. Meanwhile, with the constantly enhance in Chinese electric power reform and power supervision, the grid enterprises need to further optimize equipment maintenance management models and processes, reduce equipment management costs, improve maintenance level. In this paper, development of production management is sorted out, the features of grid equipment operation and maintenance management are analyzes. The grid equipment operation maintenance management theoretical framework is built. The theoretical framework provides useful lessons for power enterprises the implementation of scientific and effective equipment operation and maintenance management.

Jia-xu Cheng

Research on Risk Quantification of Comprehensive Unit Price Based on Fuzzy Theory

The cost of risk of comprehensive unit price of bidding control price is usually determined by the comprehensive risk factors of competent authorities without considering the bidders’ ability to undertake the risks. Comparing three kinds of Risk Quantification models, this paper points out that the comprehensive risk parameter model based on the fuzzy theory is the best way to evaluate the cost of risks. Meanwhile, on the basis of considering the characteristics of a hypothetical illustrative example, this paper provides optimized model by combining risks with the rate of profit, which will improve the veracity of bidding control price.

An-na Dai, Ling Yan

Construction and Application of Intrinsic Safety Management System in Coal Mine

The long-term development of the intrinsic safety management system has been reviewed, and the construction of intrinsic safety management systems in the coal mining industry is summarized based on the existing systems at home and abroad. Moreover, the basic patterns and the pre-control measures of risk control management are described, and the application of them in the coal mining industry is also presented in detail. At last, the article proposed the methods of constructing the intrinsic safety management for the coal mining industry, so that the safety of production can be guaranteed.

Guang-qiao Lin, Jin-wang Zhang, Yan-liang Wang

Risk Analysis of Commercial Bank Loans to Local Government Financing Platform Based on Multi-step Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Risk analysis of commercial bank loans to local government financing platform has important theoretical and practical significance. By analyzing influence factors of the loans risk based on the nation, local government and enterprise aspects, this paper establishes risk index system. Then it chooses the multi-step fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method and the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) to build the risk measurement model and makes application analysis of the model. This study helps commercial banks to strengthen risk prevention and management of local government financing platform loans, and promote the healthy development of China’s local government financing platform loans.

Xing Bi, He Zhao

Empirical Analysis of Stock Index Futures Risk Management Based on CVaR-GARCH-GED Model

In this paper, we first introduce the CVaR-GARCH-GED model. The data we choose are HS300 stock index futures, HSI futures and TAIEX futures. We initially run some statistical tests about the data set. Afterwards we estimate CVaR with respective best GARCH model and use the Kupiec’s backtesting measure to test statistical adequacy. From the results we conclude that GARCH model and GED can well describe the feature of volatility clustering and fat-tail of return series. And CVaR performs generally well in risk measurement, but as the demand in adequacy and market risk increase, CVaR as a risk measurement needs improving.

Xiao-bo Zhang

The Analysis on the Subway Construction of Safety Risk Early Warning Process

With the rapid development of urban construction, more and more attention on the subway construction has been paid. For subway construction safety accidents occurred in the process of construction, this paper, Taking the subway construction safety risk early warning management of related theory as the foundation, the content of the process of subway construction safety risk early warning and elaborates the significance, analyzed the necessity and urgency of subway construction safety risk early warning process, in order to further lay the foundation to build a subway construction safety risk early warning system.

Wen-hu Yin, Ge Sun, Lin-na Wang

The Stochastic Interest Rate Risk Measurement Based on Nonparametric Estimation Method

There are many different types of the term structure of interest rate. The estimation methods of these models are usually complex. These problems increase the use-cost of the stochastic interest rate risk measurement and reduce the practicability, correctness and stability of immunization performance. Under Heath–Jarrow-Morton framework, we use nonparametric method to estimate the stochastic durations in order to reduce the influence of model specification error. The nonparametric estimation improves the immunization efficiency of the stochastic duration-matching method. The empirical results show that the method proposed in this paper has more accuracy immunization effect to the interest rate risk.

Jing-jing Li, Bao-chen Yang

The Research of Quality Evaluation System in Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Based on the status and quality of 2011 CSR report in the listed companies of Shenzhen main board, making the further analysis of evaluating the quality of the report and evaluation index, finding the factors which affect the quality of the report, the evaluation index to measure the quality of the merits and rules to evaluate the quality of CSR report to build a quality system model and illustrating the correctness through empirical analysis. Moreover, it is beneficial that improving the quality of CSR report and providing support for practice. Additionally, it is better for them to disclosure and prepares CSR report. Finally, putting forward some political suggestions for improvement.

Zi-jing Wang

Management Sciences – Communication Management


Impact of Physical Proximity and Temporal Proximity on Online Impulse Buying in Online Transactions

Online shopping has become popular worldwide, and online retailers have focused on ways to encourage the impulse buying of customers in an Internet environment. Related studies do not provide conclusions on important website stimuli such as mood-relevant cues. The author first discusses this situation and then classifies these environmental stimuli by using a new criterion. Finally, the author generalizes a hypothesis based on this criterion and explores the influence of physical and temporal proximity stimuli on online impulse buying.

Xuan Zhang

Moderator of the Microblog Communication on E-shoppers’ Purchase Intentions

Academics and practitioners have acknowledged that microblog could provide online consumers with instant information and unique experiences. As a result, the concept of microblog communication has become of great interest to consumers, IT technicians and marketers. Yet, there is limited research on the relationship between microblog communication and Internet users’ consumption choice. This study intends to construct the conceptual microblog communication, and gains the empirical results of: (a) customer perceived value and online brand awareness have significantly positive influence on e-shoppers, (b) microblog communication could positively moderate the relationship between perceived value and e-shoppers’ purchase intentions, while having no significant moderating effect on online brand awareness and perceived value.

Jin Yi, Xing-yuan Wang, Qing Xin

Study on Customer Interpersonal Skills, Normative Participation and Customer Performance in Service Situation

The effect of customer’s interpersonal skills on customer normative participation and customer performance (including customer satisfaction and positive behavior post purchase) was investigated by the method of demonstration, and the complicated relationships between these variables based on structural equation model were discussed. The results show that the customer’s interpersonal skills have significantly positive effect on customer normative participation, satisfaction and positive behavior post purchase, and reveal the influence of the customer interpersonal skills on his behavior decision and the finally service evaluation during the service process. The results also provide a comprehensive understanding of the antecedent variables impacting on consumer performance and normative participation.

Yuan Gao, Qin-hai Ma

Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Function Design and Business Solution

Description of the customer relationship management thought, proposed the establishment of “take the customer as the center” operation mode. The design of the function module of CRM, research and analysis of the marketing, sales management, service management the three most basic function modules, and put forward the corresponding business solutions. Through the construction of the customer relationship management, a new management mechanism can be established for improving the relationship between enterprise and customer.

Xuan Luo

Management Sciences – Financial Management


A Study on the Environment Quality Cost Control Model of Enterprises

Environmental cost control which directly influences the success or failure of environmental cost management is key to the environmental cost management for the enterprise. This paper is trying to research the change relationship between environment total cost and the level of pollution controlling based on many scholars’ academic achievements. The research result which is drew by the quantified and modeled studying can further enrich the environment cost management theory and improve the environmental cost controlling effect.

Shu-ying Jin, Jing-jing Du, Ying-wen Xu

The Impact of Different Rankings of Large Shareholders to the Rate of Return

The paper investigates whether and how the power’s balance can affect the performance of Japanese listed companies. With sample data of companies listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, it was interpreted that


(Return on Assets) could be regressed on


(the radio of large shareholders) and






(the dummy variables of different large shareholders). By the empirical result, the dummy variable of institutional investors in any ranking is always positive related to ROA. The dummy variable of legal investors is negatively related to ROA at 1 % significant level only when they are the largest shareholders. In the other rankings, legal shareholders have no significant impacts on ROA. As the largest shareholders, the foreign investors’ dummy variable is positively related to ROA. When the foreign investors are the second largest shareholders, their dummy variable has not impacts on ROA.

Jian Su, Xiao-ming Ji

Political Connections, Debt Financing and Firms’ R&D Investment – Evidence from Listed Companies in China

On the basis of listed company’s date from 2009 to 2011, this paper empirically studies the influence political connections and debt financing have on firm’s research and development investment. It is suggested that there is an inverse correlation between the ratio of debt financing (bank loans) and the research and development intensity. By occupying a large amount of short-term debts, firms fail to reverse the debt financing constraints, and the key still lies in the deficiency of support from long-term debt. Although political connections bring certain long-term debt resources to firms, they fail to generate significant “resource effect” and drive firms’ research and development investment as expected. On the contrary, political connections also bring “extrusion effect”, to which firms should pay enough attention and introspect themselves.

Na Zhang, Yu-feng Wang, Xiang Yan

An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Human Capital and Financial Capital—Taking the Information Industry and the Pharmaceutical a Shares of Listing Corporation as an Example

The knowledge-based enterprises were taken as samples based on the quarter data from 2003 to 2010 in this paper. There was a two-way dynamic role among the output, human capital and financial capital by using the vector autoregressive (VAR) model, the stationary test, co-integration analysis, granger-causality test, impulse response function and variance decomposition. Moreover, the human capital was more important than financial capital.

Fu-ying He

The Application of Value Chain Analysis and Benchmarking in Cost Management

Value chain analysis is a seeking tool for determining competitive advantage. It uses systematic methods to examine the activities and relationships of the enterprise to find the competitive advantage resources. Benchmarking is an evaluation of their own businesses and the mean to study other organizations. In this paper the value chain analysis and benchmarking can help managers to know which performance measures are most critical in determining their firm’s overall success. They are important for cost management.

Hao Ran, Shan Huang, Si-tong Guo

Capital Structure and Growth: Evidence from China’s Listed Companies

Using the annual data of China’s listed companies of manufacturing industry from 2006 to 2011, we establish panel data models and make regression analysis to study the capital structure and capital policy of growing firms. When associated variables controlled, empirical results show that the debt ratio is higher in growing firms, especially long term debt, and the cash holdings and dividend is lower in growing companies. Our result reveals that growing firms make full use of capital inside and outside the companies and the growth of the firms needs the support of debt, especially long term debt.

Li-ping Xiao, Zhe Liu, Zhe Li

Optimal Stopping of the Compound Binomial Model with Capital Injection Controlled by Optimal Dividend Strategy

We consider the optimal stopping problem, based on the compound binomial model with capital injection controlled by optimal dividend strategy. First, the value function


is established. Second, via the Bellman equation satisfied by the value function


which maximizes the discounted value of define between dividend payment and the penalized discounted capital injection, we find the optimal stopping time


. Furthermore an optimal stopping model with capital injection in order to maximize the shareholders’ interests is obtained.

Tong-ge Wang, Ya Liu, Da-jun Sun

Study on Value Effect of Fund Management Based on GRE 3D Balanced Perspective: A Case Study of Listed Companies in Construction Industry and Real Estate Industry

Fund management is an important part of enterprise finance management and is closely related to enterprise management strategy and financial management objective. This paper set listed companies in construction industry and real estate industry on stock markets of Shanghai and Shenzhen in China as the study sample, constructed an analytical framework of fund management effect based on 3D balanced perspective of EVA, growth and risk, investigated the fund management effect of domestic construction and real estate enterprises, and obtained useful information about economic development in construction industry and real estate industry. The methodology involves understanding the determinants of enterprises’ value creation through: (1) an extensive literature review; (2) collection of financial and managing data from listed companies; and (3) analysis of data to identify value effect of fund management that are more effective in real estate enterprises. Regression analysis reveals that the fund management effects are poor both in construction enterprises and real estate enterprises: there is significant negative correlation between value creation efficiency of enterprise and the enterprise scale, the resource allocation is unreasonable between short and long term assets, and economies of scale cannot be reflected. In path analysis on sub-samples, the previously significant correlation coefficients have become insignificant, showing that administrators of construction enterprises and real estate enterprises have not controlled the EVA, growth and risk well and the balance theory of income and risk has not been reflected. Contrastive analysis presents that fund and resource allocation and management level of construction enterprises and real estate enterprises is low in China at present, and fund management level of these two typical capital intensive industries should be improved urgently. Findings from this study could provide helpful guidelines for construction and real estate companies in developing countries. Recommendations for achieving future value creation are also provided.

Li Wang, Gui-wen Liu

Management Sciences – Human Resources Development and Management


On the Social Root of Economic Contrast Between the South China and the North China in Terms of Human Resources Management

A Comparative Study of Labor Groups Between Jilin and Developed Provinces

Through a comprehensive analysis of the major economic indicators of Jilin and developed provinces, this thesis reveals the striking gap of the economic development between the north China and the south China, and points out on the theoretical basis of human resources management that it is human resources that act as the major social root leading to such difference—the result of different qualities of various groups of laborers under market economy. On this basis, combined with the situation of economic development of Jilin province, this thesis proposes strategies for promoting the qualities of laborers, thus further fills up the theory of “human resources as the first resources”, settling solid mass and social foundation for the construction of an innovative country.

Xiao-di Wang

Study on the Relationship Between Human Capital Management and Agricultural Enterprise Performance—Based on Different Marketing Strategy

This paper takes listed agricultural companies from 2007 to 2011 in our country as sample and analyzes the existing problems of human capital investment and the influence on enterprise performance by using independent sample t test and regression analysis. Then we discuss the relationship between human capital investment, enterprise performance and marketing strategy. The study found that human capital investment can promote agricultural enterprise performance. And that will be more sensitive under the influence of positive marketing strategy.

Li-li Wang, Yue-wu Wang, Wen-ming Sun

A Cluster Analysis of the Research of Governmental Staff’s Competency

Cluster analysis is a kind of multivariate statistical analysis method that processes the problem of quantitative classification research. It is designed to detect hidden groups or clusters in a set of objects which are described by numerical, linguistic or structural data. The concept of competency is introduced in China in the late 1990s. It gets much research achievements in the field of enterprise management. However, it is relatively less research of the governmental staff’s competency, the first literature about the research of the governmental staff’s competency was published in 2004. Through the method of cluster analysis, we get three hot spots of the governmental staff’s competency: the introduction of competency concept into the assessment of the governmental staff’s ability, the basic unit governmental staff’s competency research, and the governmental leader’s competency research, they are also the frontier areas of the research.

Lu Ma, Da-you Du

Managing Intangible Assets of Sports Celebrities in China

In China, generous governmental funding of elite sport development has contributed to the Chinese sport industry rapid growth. With increasing numbers of sports activities and mass media broadcasting, famous professional athletes are more popular than ever. Despite the dramatic developments in sports industry and the sports celebrities, the topic of management of intangible assets of sports celebrities, especially commercial development of the intangible assets in China has received insufficient academic research attention. The research in this paper aims to analyze the characteristics and meaning of commercial development of intangible assets, based on the definition of the star athletes, combining the contents of intangible assets, and finally some reasonable development strategy provided for the administrative sectors, sports agent and sports celebrities.

Xin-ping Zhang, Rui-hua Shang, Xiao-yu Zhang

The Current College Students’ Employment Situation Analysis and Countermeasures to Explore

As China’s “development through science and education” strategy implementation, China’s higher school education development, the number of college students has increased dramatically, social employment capacity reduction, lead to college students’ employment difficult problem has become one of the social hot spots. This article from the contemporary university students’ employment problem of present situation, analysis of the current problems existing in the employment of university students and the reason, thus in the country, school education, social and personal four puts forward solving related countermeasures and measures.

Xue-dong Li, Da-yong Xu

Explored on the Qualification Standard System in the Human Resource Managements of Research Institutions

In China’s research institutions and universities, the knowledge staffs are the main and implement the lifetime employment system. Based on analyzed and researched Japan’s companies and Huawei’s qualification standard system, compared some western management methods and means, combined with our characteristics, learned from the mode of Huawei’s qualification management for the knowledge staff, draw on the experiences of staff management in Japanese companies which based on the lifetime employment system, explored and established a qualification standard system which is a “people-oriented, people & things-equated” model. In the qualification standard system, emphasized on “things” management, but also “people”, the goals of research institution or university bundle with the staff‘s needs and interests, the problems of professionalization have been studied, based on the basic conditions and the standards of conduct, built the career development paths of business executives and general management personnel.

Xiu-jiang Li, Chuang Yang, Chong-jiang Huang

A Survey and Study on Competence of the Little Village Official—Taking Suqian City of Jiangsu Province as an Example

This paper is to check the competence model for the little village official which is put forward by Shen Min (Preparation of the questionnaires concerning competence of the little village official [D], Thesis of Master Degree at Shanxi University, pp 5–15, 2011) by conducting a survey on the competence and performance of the little village official in Suqian of Jiangsu Province, which indicates that such questionnaires are applicable to those little village officials, and to make an analysis on their competence and have a clear understanding of their basic information and competence. Then, together with the related theoretical literature, the author puts forward the suggestions to the further construction of the little village official mechanism in Suqian and to policymakers.

Wei-guo Yang

Research of the Problems and Measures About Large Scale Employee Demission Happened in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Shandong Province from Human Oriented Angle

At the juncture of reassigning social resource, small and medium sized enterprises in Shandong Province are suffering more and more demission of employees. This trend restricts their industrial transition and further development. After analyzing the problems, reasons of this phenomenon are found. From the angle of human oriented concept, eight steps to reconstruct the management system are raised. They are about human oriented concept, organizational culture, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), reforming HR, strategically planning human capital allocation and usage, recruitment process, training system, performance management system and promotion mechanism. And a model for establishing the system is also raised, which integrates seven levels of measures with an important aid, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as a key approach to help it work. This research result may be a reference to help small and medium sized enterprises in Shandong and in China as a whole to retain talented employees.

Ying Wang, Xiao-jiang Huang, Jing Wang

The Application of the Entire Human Resources Crisis Management Model in E-Commerce Company: Make Example of AZ Company

Chinese e-commerce market develops swiftly and violently. The choices for customers are more and more which make it an opportunity and also a challenge for Chinese e-commerce company. While as call center is core department of this industry, so to catch up with the trend and find out the rule is very important for the company to exist. The article analyzes the features of human resource management in call center. And make an example of AZ as a successful case to avoid risks by the application of the entire crisis management model during peak season. As AZ is a mature and experienced e-commerce company, how is AZ coping with difficulties may produce reference meanings for Chinese e-commerce industry.

Xing Bi, Ying Liu

Pay for Competencies on Broadbanding Platform in Human Resource Development

Competency-based pay refers to a form of human resource strategy that allows organization pay for employees’ ranges, depths, and types of skills and knowledge, rather than for the job title they hold. With the integration of the world economy and the rapid development of business, considerable amount of organizations are using competency-based pay model. In this study, pay for competency in broadbanding platform is examined through the pros and cons, and which aims to provide practical strategies for effective management for implementing human resource strategies.

Man Huang, Gui-long Zhu

To Construct the Human Resource Management System with Competence–Based on the Certified Public Accountant Industry

The Certified Public Accountant (hereinafter referred to as CPA) industry is a special industry which is people-oriented and intelligence intensive. The industry is growing stronger and bigger, new businesses are expanding wider, and information technology is developing faster. With the above background, CPA firms are facing more intensive competition for talented people. CPA firms should pay more attention to establish an effective human resource (hereinafter referred to as HR) management system in order to attract and retain talented people. Focusing on Chinese CPA qualification examination, the CPA profession including age structure and education background, and professional quality, this paper analyzes the present HR status of CPA industry, sums up the existing problems about HR management and finally proposes the countermeasures for HR management from the perspective of CPA firms.

Shao-li Qi, Hong Yue

The Emergence of Strategic Human Capital Under the Differentiation Strategy: Data from Manufacturing Industry

The emergence of strategic human capital is to aggregate, amplify, and change qualitative individual KSAOs by implement internal HR practices which have the coordinative attributes. A mass of data were collected from self-administered questionnaires answered by HR managers from 152 manufacturing firms within Beijing–Tianjin–Hebei regions. We divide the individual KSAOs into two aspects: cognitive KSAOs and noncognitive KSAOs. Strategic human capital is measured by its characteristics of value, rareness, imitability and organization (VRIO). The results of this research show that cognitive KSAOs has a positive impact on strategic human capital, and it completely mediates between strategic human capital and noncognitive KSAOs. Based on above research, we introduce internal HR practices as an independent variable to analysis the relationship between cognitive KSAOs and noncognitive KSAOs. The consequence shows that both of the KSAOs have a significant impact on the emergence of strategic human capital.

Su-ying Gao, Long Xu, Yan-li Zhang, Hong-feng Zhang

Competency-Based Public Servants Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis is not only the prerequisite to set training goals and plans, but also the basis of measuring training results. In reference of “personal-task-organization” analysis idea in classical Training Needs Analysis Models, Competency Theory has been applied to Training Needs Analysis of public servants so as to build comprehensive analysis mode. This comprehensive analysis model based on competency complies with the local government policy as well as fits more easily in with government organization development, because it serves as a brand-new scientific model beyond the limitation to performance gap.

Li-ping Fu, Yue-feng Luo, Xiao-ming Zhou

Management Sciences – Management Information System and Simulation


An Exploration of Data Quality Management Based on Allocation Efficiency Model

The quality of data is often defined as “fitness for use”, the ability of data collection to meet users’ requirements. The assessment of data quality dimensions should consider the degree to which data satisfy users’ needs. User expectations are clearly related to the selected information and at the same time the information can have different utilities depending on the type of users that accesses it. In this thesis, the information is considered as a product of a specific service and data quality as a component of the service quality. For each service, it is possible to identify a provider and a final user. In the data quality literature, authors have always only considered as important the final users’ perspective declaring that providers should adapt their service offerings in order to completely satisfy users’ requirements. This paper presents a utility-based model of the provider and customers’ interests developed on the basis of multi-class offerings. The model is exploited to analyze the optimal service offerings that allow the efficient allocation of quality improvements in activities for the provider.

Hao Jiang, Jia-xin Liu, Yi Zhang, Chun-hua Yu

A Research on the Value of the Value-Added Services of Government Information Resources

What factors will affect the value of value-added services of government information resources (GIRVAS)? Based on the perspective of cognitive theory, we propose a theoretical model of influential factors affecting the value of the GIRVAS and collect 226 valid subjects for empirical research. Customer expectation is found to have notable positive effect on the perceived quality. Also, perceived quality and ease of use have a significant positive impact on the value of GIRVAS. Customer expectation does not have a significant influence on the ease of use and scarcity does not influence the value notably.

Ruo-ying Li, Wei-zhe Liu, Tian-mei Wang

Network Public Opinion Information Monitoring Index System Model Research

Based on putting forward the information index system principles for evaluating network public opinion, this study cites the methods of the AHP, Delphi, and fuzzy complementary judgment matrix to construct network public opinion information monitoring index system and the evaluation model. By monitoring, evaluating and analyzing the “Deng Yujiao case”, the validity of the model has been verified. This model manages to provide both theoretical basis and technical support for public crisis management departments in decision making against unconventional emergencies of network public opinion.

Yi-lin Tian, Yan Zhou

Study on the Model of Lean Arranging Course Under the Credit System

Independent choosing course is the core of the credit system, and arranging course is the key to realize independent choosing course. This paper takes lean production ideas as the guidance, after analyzing the current model of choosing course and arranging course in colleges and universities, it puts forward the lean arranging course model. Firstly the courses are classified based on the demands of choosing course, and points out that the students choosing the courses mainly consider to meet the graduation requirements and personal interests, and generally would not choose course of other grade. Then, it puts forward the concept of the rejected choosing rate, and points out that the goal of lean arranging course model is to reduce the rejected choosing rate, therefore, it proposes the principle of arranging course, adopt the method of constructing course set to realize the principle of arranging course. This model can effectively solve the time conflict in choosing courses, and it can greatly improve the rate of success choosing course.

Quan-qing Li, Ming Li

Management Sciences – Organizational Management


Research on the Classification and Constitution of Knowledge in the Manufacturing & Machining Process of Flow Industry

Considering the balance between integrity and flexibility of knowledge management in manufacturing & machining process of flow industry, knowledge cell could be defined according to different status of on-the-make product. Then, a generalized knowledge constitution model is brought forward with the classification of knowledge into three aspects: knowledge cell, relationship knowledge, and process knowledge.

Yong-fan Li, Jing Wang

Organization Cycle and Evaluation of Its Flux and Capability

It is vital for organization management to harmonize their mutual force and relations in workers or departments. Traditional organization management is used to disjoining force and counterforce in organization and studying them separately. In fact, force and counterforce is a whole which symbioses and interacts each other. Force and counterforce form a closed cycle. From this cycle system, people can study organization better than before. It is helpful for organization management to evaluate its flux and capability. The researchers can evaluate flux from forward flux, backward flux and system flux. The evaluation of capability can be processed from balance, robustness and smoothness.

Zhi-qiang Zhao, Ye-zhuang Tian

Analysis Methods of Improve the University’s Anti-corruption System Execution

Anti-corruption system construction is the important part of the university anti-corruption and punishing and preventing corruption. At present, anti-corruption institutional framework of higher education system is basically completed, but the exaction is insufficient. We have to explore the effective means of improve the university’s anti-corruption system execution actively, improve the system’s intrinsic value enhance the external environment of the execution system and establish mechanisms to ensure implementation of the system.

Zhi-tong Shang, Yue-ning Zang, Wei-feng Yu, Su-dan Wang

Ownership, Firm Size, CSR Awareness and Charitable Donations of Public Utilities: Evidence from Water Supply Companies in China

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a hot topic in academic and in practitioners, and corporate charitable donation is one important component of CSR. The paper studies the influences of three factors on Chinese public utilities’ charitable donations by means of 35 water supply companies’ information on their official websites during the period of 2008–2011. The empirical results show that only the factor of CSR awareness of a company has positive and significant relations with public utilities’ charitable donations. The results suggest the crucial importance of cultivating and constructing CSR culture in public utilities.

Yong-zhong Liao, Yun-feng Wang, Zhao Zhao

Research on Mechanism of Organizational Culture Infiltrated Based on Shared Mental Models

Organization culture is an important part of enterprise’s strategy competitive superiority. It is an important content of organization theory and contemporary management. The formerly organization culture theory has not described clearly so far. To deal with the insufficient of the mechanism of organization culture formed in transform stage, this paper analyses three types of organizational culture infiltrated, and presents infiltration models of organizational culture based on infiltration circle. The analysis on Mechanism of organizational culture infiltrated is combined with shared mental models creatively. Organizing culture is behavior, attitude toward work, mechanics with daily of standard every member of the concept form as soon as kind of intangible strength, it once take form. This paper provides a new research thinking for research of organization study and organization memory study. The paper enrich and perfect contemporary organization theory system.

Guang Xu, Yie-Zhuang Tian, Chen-Guang Zhao, Xue-Liang Pei

Use Ideological and Political Work to Enhance the Sense of Social Responsibility of the State-Owned Enterprises

The current changes in the domestic and international environments makes Chinese enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises must establish a sense of social responsibility, social responsibility is increasingly becoming an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises. In China, state-owned enterprises have experienced excessive commitment and escape to social responsibility these two extreme stages. This article is based on illustrate and re-understanding the historical evolution of the social responsibility of the state-owned enterprises, and use the ideological and political work as the starting point to offer a strategic suggestions to enhance the state-owned enterprises’ sense of social responsibility. The analysis also takes the people-oriented concept, cultivating a sense of social responsibility of business leaders, improving the incentive mechanism; earnestly implement the scientific concept of development into consideration.

Ju-qin Wang, Bao-lin Li

Management Sciences – Stratagem Management


Series Brand Building Modes of Liquor SMEs—A Case Study of Yanghe Spirit

Based on sound market research, Spirit was created by Yanghe in 2003. Its brand building experienced long-time excellent planning, scientific product reasoning, accurate brand positioning, as well as proper marketing. After 10 years’ development, Spirit has already grown into a remarkable brand leader in modern liquor industry. Its great brand branding and marketing activities brought us “Blue storms” one by one; and its success was recognized as “Yanghe Mode”. In a word, Spirit’s outstanding branding strategy made it stand out of so many competitors, its brand building modes are valuable for liquor SMEs.

Jin-ting Lu

Research on Value Activities Optimization Management of High and New Technology Enterprise Based on Core Competence

The nature of existence of the enterprise lies in sustainable value creation, and it is the key to quickly develop comprehensive advantage of the high and new technology enterprise that optimizes internal and external value activities around core competence. After characteristics analysis and classification of value activities of the high and new technology enterprise, the paper designs optimization standard and layout ideas of internal value activities, and puts forward key factors on optimal selection of typical collaborative approaches of external value activities, based on unique feature and level of core competence. Then, it discusses “refocusing” and reengineering emphasis and upgrade paths respectively corresponding to promotion and reconfiguration process of the core competence. In short, the study aims to offer theoretical guidance for dynamic management of value activities of the high and new technology enterprise.

Jian-long Wu, Hong-qi Wang, Li Tian

Main Problems and Their Marketing Countermeasures of China’s Domestic Luxury Brands

China is the largest luxury consumption market in the world. It need and should have some domestic luxury brands. The paper describes the status of luxury market in China, introduces the concept of luxury and its brand characteristics. The paper also analyzes three main problems which the domestic luxury brands face, namely, conceptual problems, historical problems, enterprises’ problems. The paper finally puts forward marketing countermeasures according to the problems mentioned above.

Tao Wen

The Establishment of “Out-Going” Enterprise Strategic Risk Recognition Model Based on Complex Network

Based on the statistical character of complex network, combining with the enterprise strategic risk environmental factors, an enterprise strategic risk network has been established to solve the problems that exist in the current global dynamic risk identification method. We also improved the statistical features of the relevant complex network and established “out-going” enterprise strategic risk identification model. In the end, we get the boundary conditions of the risk state transition caused by environmental factors through solve model.

Chun-hua Wang, Rong-yao Chen

A SWOT Analysis to Enterprise Strategic Management – Small and Medium-Sized Real Estate Enterprises as an Example

This paper not only points out the definition and process of strategic management, but also discusses the application process of the SWOT analysis in strategic management in detail. Specifically addressed the application process of the SWOT analysis Small and Medium-sized Real Estate Enterprises as an Example.

Ping Li, Hui-ying Gao

Analysis of Competitiveness Condition of International Patents of Subsea Production Equipment

This paper analyzes the international patent status of subsea production equipment via aspects of the general trend of patent, patent country distribution, IPC structure and main patent applicants, etc., and put recommendation of technology R&D and industry development of subsea production equipment under the patent analysis. The analysis results show that international patent technology of offshore oil equipment has already been maturing. The United States, the United Kingdom, WIPO and Canada are the power countries of the patented technology of subsea production equipment with much more accumulated patents and maintain growth trend of patent applications. In particular in recent years, patent applications of subsea production equipment have rapidly increasing trend which indicates the arrival of a new round of technological revolution.

Tao Zhang, Jason Z. Yin

Industrialized Culture, the Development of Regional Symbols in Tourism Economy – Traditional “Frog Pattern” in Hainan Province

Regional symbols are the simplest visualized summary of the local cultures. After the arising of the cultural industry, all regions have focused on combining regional symbols and the local cultures, which can undertake part of the economic functions. Through comparing the statistics and the demonstrating Lorenz Curve, this article will discuss the transformation of public tourism under the stimulation of cultural industry. This article will elaborate the conditions of building regional symbols based on cognitive psychology theories, and explain how public’s recognition of regional culture promote public consumption, showing public’s recognition of regional symbols equals the recognition of regional cultures. The article will discuss Hainan Li people’s “Frog Pattern”, and analyse the driving effects of regional symbols to tourism economy.

Ya Dong, Ying Guo

Preliminary Discuss on the University’s Bond System About Diligent and Honest

Modern independent deposit system is an active mean to prevent official corruption and promote clean government in some developed countries and regions. At present, some local of China has tried Independent deposit system, and achieved a certain effect. For improving the integrity of China’s civil service incentive mechanism has certain significance and inspiration. At present, the universities develop quickly, public officers law and discipline violations of university turns upward trend, and implementing the Independent Commission Against deposit system in colleges and universities need for theory and practice investigate.

Wei Li, Hui-xin Yu

The Influence of Consumers’ Need for Uniqueness on Perceived Value and Purchase Intention

This study proposes a conceptual framework that utilizes consumers’ need for uniqueness to explain the link between product variety and purchase intention. The results of the empirical study show that product variety mediated by perceived value and need for uniqueness has significant positive effect on attitude, and mediated by need for uniqueness affect positively perceived value. Meanwhile, attitude can effectively convey the influence that perceived value and need for uniqueness impact on purchase intention.

Jun-feng Liao, Hua-qiong Chen, Pei-er Cai

Study of “Co-opetition” Strategy in Nonlinear Environment

In the nonlinear environment, co-opetition strategy has become the main approach for modern enterprise to gain competitive advantages. Based on the analysis of new tendency of the enterprise strategy’s evolvement from antagonism to co-opetition, then the reason why co-opetition strategy occur and exist widely with the use of correlative theory is given, at last the influence of co-opetition on the traditional strategy pattern is described. The study shows that, taking the co-opetition strategy has great significance of enterprises for a profound longterm development.

Zhen-hua Li, Min-ru Zhao

The Managerial Modes of Traceable Markets and Application Based on Cloud Computing

The managerial modes of traceable markets include the model of service and the methods of technological integration. It has much innovation in the aspects of system structure, system integration and system implementation and so on. In this mode, the managerial markets systems set up in commercial cloud platform integrated quality traceability system, the price monitoring system, intelligent decision support systems and other functional subsystems, through the methods of system integrators and cloud. It can achieve rapid information query, optimization, integration and sharing of resources. The applications of this mode have brought stakeholders (such as direct management departments, Commerce Commission, operators and consumers) for sustainable economic and social benefits.

Jiang Shen, Xin Bi, Qian Zhang

Breakthrough Problem Solving Using TRIZ Component Trimming

Based on TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology, the systematic component Trimming Algorithm to solve Process-Equipment Problems is used to trim components of any physical devices/products without compromising its performance and to resolve process-machine problems by re-designing the problematic processing machines with fewer components and less cost. Applied on a slit-valve failure of a piece of chemical vapor deposition equipment in one of major Taiwanese foundry companies, the proposed problem solving process successfully identified the critical key disadvantages of the problem and solved the slit-valve failure. The paper contributes to establish an integrated trimming process consistent with TRIZ problem-solving mode and capable of breakthrough problem solving and cost savings, effectively solving the slit-valve problem. The results have been converted into a patent pending approval.

D. Daniel Sheu, Chun Ting Hou

A Method Based on Grey Theory for Multiple Attribute Group Decision-Making Considering Decision Makers’ Risk Attitudes

A new method is developed for solving multiple attribute group decision-making (MAGDM) problems considering decision makers’ risk attitudes, where attribute values are represented in interval grey numbers with incomplete weight information. In the proposed method, the risk attitude factors of decision makers are introduced, and interval values are transformed into exact values. Then, the weight vector of the decision makers for attributes is obtained by using the gray autocorrelation matrix. Further, the grey correlation matrix is employed to rank the alternatives. Finally, an example is used to illustrate the applicability of the proposed method.

Fang Wang, Hua Li, Meng-zhe Jia

Chaotic Simulated Annealing Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Research

In order to solve the premature convergence problem of Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization (QPSO), a Chaotic Simulated Annealing Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization (SAQPSO) is presented. Particles in population are first initialized using Logistics chaotic mapping, which in return, improve the global convergence performance of algorithm. Simulated annealing algorithm is introduced, with a certain probability of accepting bad solutions, enriches the population diversity, and improves the ability of global optimization. Adaptive temperature decay coefficient is introduced, so the simulated annealing algorithm can automatically adjust the search based on the current environment conditions, so as to improve the search efficiency of the algorithm. Results on Benchmark functions show that the proposed algorithm shows better search and convergence performance than standard QPSO and other algorithms.

Ai-jun Liu, Hua Li, Ming Dong


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