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17.05.2017 | Regular Paper

On the use of different base classifiers in multiclass problems

Classification problems with more than two classes can be handled in different ways. The most used approach is the one which transforms the original multiclass problem into a series of binary subproblems which are solved individually. In this …

15.05.2017 | Regular Paper

SMOTE-GPU: Big Data preprocessing on commodity hardware for imbalanced classification

Nowadays, it is usual to work with large amounts of data since our capacity of collecting and storing information has increased significantly. The extraction of knowledge from these scenarios is commonly known as “Big Data,” and it is performed on …

09.05.2017 | Regular Paper

Applying named entity recognition and co-reference resolution for segmenting English texts

In this paper we examine the benefit of performing named entity recognition (NER) and co-reference resolution to an English corpus used for text segmentation. The aim here is to examine whether the combination of text segmentation and information …

20.04.2017 | Regular Paper

Incremental contingency planning for recovering from critical outcomes in high-probability seed plans

Planning is the problem of choosing and organizing a sequence of actions that when applied in a given initial state results in a goal state. However, in real problems unexpected action outcomes may occur and the initial state of the world may not …

18.04.2017 | Regular Paper

Improved image registration in skull–face overlay using expert knowledge

Craniofacial superimposition involves the process of overlaying a skull with a number of ante-mortem images of the face of an individual and the analysis of their morphological correspondence. This research focused on the skull–face overlay stage …

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The journal is published in cooperation with the Iberian associations of artificial intelligence, AEPIA and APPIA, and the Editorial Board includes leading international figures in all related research topics.

This journal publishes top-level research results in all aspects of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the following topics: data mining; soft computing and computational intelligence; knowledge, complexity, logic, planning, reasoning and search; agents and multiagent systems; artificial vision and robotics; and natural language and Web intelligence.

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Innovationsorientiertes IT-Management – Eine Fallstudie zur DevOps-Umsetzung bei T-Systems MMS

Das junge Konzept DevOps baut auf agilen Ansätzen auf und verbindet die Entwicklung von – häufig innovativen – IT-Lösungen mit deren Betrieb. Das Beispiel der T-Systems MMS zeigt, dass sich zwar zahlreiche vorhandene Entwicklungswerkzeuge für DevOps verwenden lassen, der DevOps-Ansatz aber über eine toolgetriebene Automatisierung hinausgeht. Im Ergebnis bildet DevOps ein neues Instrumentarium, um die Agilität und Innovationsorientierung des IT-Managements zu steigern. Jetzt gratis downloaden!