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23.03.2017 | Regular Paper

Using simheuristics to promote horizontal collaboration in stochastic city logistics

This paper analyzes the role of horizontal collaboration (HC) concepts in urban freight transportation under uncertainty scenarios. The paper employs different stochastic variants of the well-known vehicle routing problem (VRP) in order to …

23.03.2017 | Regular Paper

Handling swarm of UAVs based on evolutionary multi-objective optimization

The fast technological improvements in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has created new scenarios where a swarm of UAVs could operate in a distributed way. This swarm of vehicles needs to be controlled from a set of ground control stations, and new …

21.03.2017 | Regular Paper

A genetic algorithm approach to customizing a glucose model based on usual therapeutic parameters

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by the increase of glucose in the blood due to a defect in the action or in the production of insulin. For completely autonomous glycemic regulation, a model would be required which …

08.03.2017 | Regular Paper

Application of ensemble classifiers in accurate diagnosis of myocardial ischemia conditions

Myocardial ischemia (MI) is abnormal cardiac condition during which myocardium is deprived of blood and oxygen supply. It is the most prominent heart disease around the globe, and its prevalence increases with age factors. Accurate and timely …

04.03.2017 | Regular Paper

Preference stability along time: the time cohesiveness measure

This work introduces a non-traditional perspective about the problem of measuring the stability of agents’ preferences. Specifically, the cohesiveness of preferences at different moments of time is explored under the assumption of considering …

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The journal is published in cooperation with the Iberian associations of artificial intelligence, AEPIA and APPIA, and the Editorial Board includes leading international figures in all related research topics.

This journal publishes top-level research results in all aspects of artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on the following topics: data mining; soft computing and computational intelligence; knowledge, complexity, logic, planning, reasoning and search; agents and multiagent systems; artificial vision and robotics; and natural language and Web intelligence.

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