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Progress in Artificial Intelligence

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14.09.2018 | Regular Paper

Fuzzy clustering-based semi-supervised approach for outlier detection in big text data

Text data is often polluted by outlier documents which can significantly influence the performance of classification techniques. In this paper, we propose an approach based on fuzzy clustering to detect outlier documents. The principle of our …

07.08.2018 | Regular Paper

SLANGZY: a fuzzy logic-based algorithm for English slang meaning selection

The text present on online forums and social media platforms conventionally does not follow a standard sentence structure and uses words that are commonly termed as slang or Internet language. Online text mining involves a surfeit of slang words; …

31.07.2018 | Regular Paper

Optimizing novelty and diversity in recommendations

The articles in the long tail are those that are not popular in some sense, but all together often represent a large proportion of the products covered by a recommender system. For companies, it is important to recommend these items that otherwise …

31.07.2018 | Regular Paper

Integrating fitness predator optimizer with multi-objective PSO for dynamic partitional clustering

Clustering is an unsupervised classification task in data mining, which partitions data set into certain number of clusters. Though many metaheuristics have been suggested to optimize clustering results, most of them are marred by the three key …

26.06.2018 | Review

A review of different cost-based distributed query optimizers

The paper narrates the review of cost-based query optimizers designed using database strategies, deterministic, stochastic, hybrid and energy efficiency-based techniques. It was endowed that earlier authors have used a different database and …

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