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Progress in Artificial Intelligence

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22.05.2020 | Regular Paper

Utilizing external corpora through kernel function: application in biomedical named entity recognition

Performance of word sequential labelling tasks like named entity recognition and parts-of-speech tagging largely depends on the features chosen in the task. But, in general representing a word as well as capturing its characteristics properly …

18.05.2020 | Review

Ranking-based MCDM models in financial management applications: analysis and emerging challenges

Over the last decades, the academic and professional communities have paid much attention toward the use of multi-criteria decision-making methods in a range of business and financial problems due to the variety and complexity of their decisions.

15.05.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

GDTM: Graph-based Dynamic Topic Models

Dynamic Topic Modeling (DTM) is the ultimate solution for extracting topics from short texts generated in Online Social Networks (OSNs) like Twitter. It requires to be scalable and to be able to account for sparsity and dynamicity of short texts.

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