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Quality & Quantity

Quality & Quantity 2/2021

Ausgabe 2/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 17 Artikel )

28.06.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

The research of factors influencing advanced medical robot use

Chin-Liang Hung

29.06.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Measuring inequality in income distribution between men and women: what causes gender inequality in Europe?

Ignacio Amate-Fortes, Almudena Guarnido-Rueda, Diego Martínez-Navarro, Francisco J. Oliver-Márquez

29.06.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

A social network analysis of international tourism flow

Hwayoon Seok, George A. Barnett, Yoonjae Nam

06.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

The interplay between knowledge-based competitiveness, people’s good health and well-being: new empirical evidence from Central and Eastern European countries

Gratiela Georgiana Noja, Alexandru Buglea, Ion Lala-Popa, Cecilia Nicoleta Jurcut

07.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

A dependence measure flow tree through Monte Carlo simulations

Emanuela Raffinetti, Pier Alda Ferrari

08.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Have your cake and eat it too: PLSe2 = ML + PLS

Majid Ghasemy, Hazri Jamil, James E. Gaskin

10.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Measuring precarious employment in the European Working Conditions Survey: psychometric properties and construct validity in Spain

Eva Padrosa, Francesc Belvis, Joan Benach, Mireia Julià

11.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Footsteps in the sand: studying refugee paths since 2005 through a network analysis of 205 territories

Paulo Reis Mourao

13.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Distinctive author ranking using DEA indexing

Avick Kumar Dey, Pijush Kanti Dutta Pramanik, Prasenjit Choudhury, Goutam Bandopadhyay

13.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Examining achievement goals in exercisers: adaptation and validation of the goal orientations in exercise measure (GOEM)

Luis Cid, Filipe Rodrigues, Diogo S. Teixeira, Verónica Morales-Sánchez, Rita Macedo, Diogo Monteiro

13.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Visualizing the evolution and landscape of socio-economic impact research

Nauman Majeed, Sulaiman Ainin

16.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Modern urbanization and industrial upgrading in China: evidence from panel data

Fang Wang, Ming-Hua Tian, Zhong-Hua Yin

19.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Optimizing the spatial structure of urban agglomeration: based on social network analysis

Xinhua Zhu, Qianli Wang, Peifeng Zhang, Yunjiang Yu, Lingling Xie

22.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Imputation methods for estimating public R&D funding: evidence from longitudinal data

Antonio Zinilli

23.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Searching for qualitatively driven mixed methods research: a citation analysis

David L. Morgan, Kim Hoffman

24.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021 Open Access

Multidimensional material deprivation in Poland: a focus on changes in 2015–2017

Hanna Dudek, Wiesław Szczesny

28.07.2020 | Ausgabe 2/2021

Crisis management of municipality performance on citizen satisfaction with urban services by structural equation modeling

Vojo Lakovic

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