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Small Business Economics 2/2022
Small Business Economics

Ausgabe 2/2022

Special Issues on "Economic Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Entrepreneurship and Small Firms"; "Women’s Entrepreneurship and Culture"; and "Radical Innovation, Entrepreneurship and (Regional) Growth"


Inhaltsverzeichnis (29 Artikel)

Open Access 12.09.2021

Economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship and small businesses
Maksim Belitski, Christina Guenther, Alexander S. Kritikos, Roy Thurik


Working from home: small business performance and the COVID-19 pandemic
Ting Zhang, Dan Gerlowski, Zoltan Acs

Open Access 11.10.2021

Digital affordances: how entrepreneurs access support in online communities during the COVID-19 pandemic
Marie Madeleine Meurer, Matthias Waldkirch, Peter Kalum Schou, Eliane Léontine Bucher, Katrin Burmeister-Lamp


Macroeconomic lockdown and SMEs: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain
Luis Pedauga, Francisco Sáez, Blanca L. Delgado-Márquez

Open Access 06.06.2021

The power of shared positivity: organizational psychological capital and firm performance during exogenous crises
Ann-Christin Grözinger, Sven Wolff, Philipp Julian Ruf, Petra Moog

Open Access 11.06.2021

Risk of burnout in French entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis
Olivier Torrès, Alexandre Benzari, Christian Fisch, Jinia Mukerjee, Abdelaziz Swalhi, Roy Thurik


Impacts of COVID-19 on the self-employed
Charlene Marie Kalenkoski, Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hours lost by self-employed racial minorities: evidence from Brazil
Igor Pereira, Pankaj C. Patel


SMEs’ line of credit under the COVID-19: evidence from China
Yun Liu, Yifei Zhang, Heyang Fang, Xin Chen

Open Access 05.05.2021

Did the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program get disbursed to minority communities in the early stages of COVID-19?
Robert Fairlie, Frank M. Fossen


Discrimination in lending? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program
Rachel Atkins, Lisa Cook, Robert Seamans

Open Access 25.01.2021

The determinants of bootstrap financing in crises: evidence from entrepreneurial ventures in the COVID-19 pandemic
Joern H. Block, Christian Fisch, Mirko Hirschmann

Open Access 06.07.2021

Small firms and the COVID-19 insolvency gap
Julian Oliver Dörr, Georg Licht, Simona Murmann


Lockdown, employment adjustment, and financial frictions
Povilas Lastauskas

Open Access 18.05.2021

When the rainy day is the worst hurricane ever: the effects of governmental policies on SMEs during COVID-19
Yacine Belghitar, Andrea Moro, Nemanja Radić

Open Access 03.08.2021

Rethinking stabilization policies; Including supply-side measures and entrepreneurial processes
Pontus Braunerhjelm


Women’s entrepreneurship and culture: gender role expectations and identities, societal culture, and the entrepreneurial environment
Amanda Bullough, Ulrike Guelich, Tatiana S. Manolova, Leon Schjoedt

Open Access 21.11.2020

Disentangling succession and entrepreneurship gender gaps: gender norms, culture, and family
Manuel Feldmann, Martin Lukes, Lorraine Uhlaner


How gender stereotypes shape venture growth expectations
Alona Martiarena


Culture and gender in entrepreneurial teams: the effect on team processes and outcomes
Susana C. Santos, Xaver Neumeyer

Open Access 28.11.2020

Does entrepreneurship fit her? Women entrepreneurs, gender-role orientation, and entrepreneurial culture
Francisco Liñán, Inmaculada Jaén, Domingo Martín


Gender, culture, and implicit theories about entrepreneurs: a cross-national investigation
Alka Gupta, Safal Batra, Vishal K. Gupta

Open Access 21.11.2020

Women entrepreneurs’ progress in the venturing process: the impact of risk aversion and culture
Daniela Gimenez-Jimenez, Linda F. Edelman, Alexandra Dawson, Andrea Calabrò


Gendered regulations and SME performance in transition economies
Natalia Vershinina, Gideon Markman, Liang Han, Peter Rodgers, John Kitching, Nigar Hashimzade, Rowena Barrett

Open Access 17.12.2020

Practice rather than preach: cultural practices and female social entrepreneurship
Diana M. Hechavarría, Steven A. Brieger

Open Access 24.02.2021

Radical innovation and its regional impact—a roadmap for future research
David Audretsch, Dirk Fornahl, Torben Klarl

Open Access 15.03.2021

Who benefits from SMEs’ radical innovations?—empirical evidence from German biotechnology
Mariia Shkolnykova, Muhamed Kudic

Open Access 18.02.2021

Public research and the quality of inventions: the role and impact of entrepreneurial universities and regional network embeddedness
Holger Graf, Matthias Menter


Fostering regional innovation, entrepreneurship and growth through public procurement
Jon Mikel Zabala-Iturriagagoitia

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