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Open Access 23.11.2022 | Original Article

Repression, Retraction? Re-reading!

Book-Destruction and Literary Self-Criticism in Augustine of Hippo

Since there have been books, there has been a need to get rid of them. From powerful magical formulae and heretical wisdom to the early drafts of poetry, authorities and writers tried to remove certain texts from circulation, or tried to inhibit …

16.11.2022 | Original Article

Liberal Vestiges in an Illiberal Regime: The Case of Singapore

Singapore has been called a state that has “disavowed” liberalism. However, a number of liberals have emerged who see political freedoms as essential to achieve accountable government that acts in the general interest. They draw on an …

15.11.2022 | Original Article

Neo-Biafra Separatist Agitations, State Repression and Insecurity in South-East, Nigeria

The resurgence of Biafra separatism in Nigeria is largely a reaction to a perceived ethno-national superordinacy as well as the compromised state-building capacity of the Nigerian ruling groups. The tendency to attribute the upswing in ethnic …

11.11.2022 | Original Article

Seeking the Peace: Anti-Gun Violence Cadres, Concepts, and Connections in Pittsburgh

In 2015, Pittsburgh had the 21st highest murder rate in the USA at 18.6 murders per 100,000 population. By 2022, its murder rate had declined to 12.32 per 100,000, ranking it number 58 among American cities with greater than 100,000 residents. The …

21.10.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Craig Whitlock, The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War

Simon & Schuster, 2021. 346 pp. ISBN: 978-9821-5900-9

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