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21.07.2020 | COMMENTARY

Poverty and Culture

Poverty persists in America even amidst the world’s richest nation. Attempts to attribute longterm poverty to social barriers, such as racial discrimination or lack of jobs, have failed. Some scholars now attribute poverty to culture in the sense …

29.01.2020 | Symposium: Politics Redux in the United States

WalkAway: Observational Data on 150 Erstwhile Democrats

#WalkAway signifies walking away from the Democratic Party. The movement was launched in June 2018 by Brandon Straka, when he uploaded what became the prototypical video of an individual telling his or her story about walking away. During 130 …

23.01.2020 | BOOK REVIEW

Andrew Roberts, Churchill: Walking with Destiny

New York: Viking, 2018. 1152 pp. $40.00. ISBN: 978–1101980996

21.01.2020 | Profile

Sociology Meets Biography: Peter Berger and the Social Construction of Discontinuous Selves

This article examines the idea of a “sociology of biography.” As such, it focuses on the social construction of both biographical continuity and biographical discontinuity. It explores in particular the contribution of Harold Garfinkel to the …

16.01.2020 | Symposium: Politics Redux in the United States

Strengthening U.S. Politicians’ Reputation

Reputation is a prime concern for politicians. Drawing from the literature in marketing and strategic management, this study aims to facilitate politicians to strengthen their reputation performance and to expand the theory of resource-based view …

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