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Society 6/2022

Ausgabe 6/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (25 Artikel)

26.07.2022 | Original Article

Cutting Off the Branch on Which We Are Sitting? On Postpositivism, Value Neutrality, and the “Bias Paradox”
Axel van den Berg, Tay Jeong


Progressivism, Old and New: The Spiritual Moorings of Progressive Reforms
Dmitri N. Shalin

28.03.2022 | Original Article

QAnon: The Calm Before the Storm
Omi Hodwitz, Steff King, Jordan Thompson

Open Access 14.03.2022 | Original Article

Party Politics vs. Grievance Politics: Competing Modes of Representative Democracy
Matthew Flinders, Markus Hinterleitner

18.03.2022 | Commentary Forum

A Narrowing of the British Conservative Mind?
Charlie Ellis

08.06.2022 | Comment

Pathways to Anti-Liberalism: A Report on NatCon2, Orlando, 2021
Daniel Gordon

18.08.2022 | Original Article

The Critical Masses: The Rise of Contemporary Populism and Its Relation to Solidarity, Systems, and Lifeworlds
Daniel Jaster, Ori Swed, Bruno Frère

08.09.2022 | Original Article

Community Building and Exclusion: The Role of Food in University Hostels in New Delhi
Rituparna Patgiri

06.09.2022 | Original Article

Once Accessing the Internet, Less Trusting of Local Officials?
Evidence from A Panel Survey in China
Yu You, Sha Yu, Shukang Xiao

25.08.2022 | Original Article

The Continuity of the Social Sciences During COVID-19: Sociology and Interdisciplinarity in Pandemic Times
Mathieu Deflem

08.08.2022 | Original Article

Brexit, the Rise of China, and the Future of the Liberal International Order and Great Power Competition
Samuel de Paiva Pires

16.11.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Michael Cholbi, Grief: A Philosophical Guide
Princeton University Press, 2021, 219 pp., ISBN: 978-0-691-21121-3
Michael Ignatieff

11.08.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Helen McCarthy, Double Lives: A History of Working Motherhood in Modern Britain
Bloomsbury, 2021, 560 pp., ISBN: 978-1408870754
Penny Summerfield

14.11.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Ian Morris: Geography Is Destiny: Britain and the World, a 10,000-Year History
Profile Books, 2022, 541 pp., ISBN: 9781781258354
Joseph Brady

04.08.2022 | Book Review

Paul Collier, The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties
Penguin Books, 2019, 256 pp., ISBN: 978-0141987255
Roger Backhouse

19.10.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Raymond Geuss: Not Thinking Like a Liberal
Harvard University Press, 2022, pp. 208, ISBN: 978-0674270343
Hans Sluga

18.10.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Bill McGuire, Hothouse Earth: An Inhabitant’s Guide
Icon Books, London, 2022, 192 pp., ISBN: 978-1785789205
John Sweeney

13.10.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Stuart Hall: Selected Writings on Marxism
Edited and Introduced by Gregor McLennan, Duke University Press, 2021, 380 pp., ISBN: 9781478000341
Steven Loyal

18.09.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Gary Gerstle, The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era
Oxford University Press: 2022. 406 Pp., ISBN:978–0–19–751964–6
Michael Laver

16.11.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

David McPherson, The Virtues of Limits
Oxford University Press, 2021, 208 pp., ISBN: 9780192848536
Aurelian Craiutu

31.10.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Randall Collins, Explosive Conflict: Time-Dynamics of Violence
Routledge, 2021, 322 pp., ISBN: 9781032157702
Siniša Malešević

10.11.2022 | BOOK REVIEW

Mara van der Lugt: Dark Matters: Pessimism and the Problem of Suffering
Princeton University Press, 2021, 450 pp., ISBN: 978-0691206622
Julian Young

Open Access 26.04.2022 | Correction

Correction: Introduction
Johnny Lyons

28.11.2021 | Publisher Correction

Publisher Correction to: The Plasticity of Our Fears: Affective Politics in the European Migration Crisis
Volker M. Heins

27.06.2022 | Publisher Correction

Publisher Correction to: Oaks and Class Struggle
Victor Zaslavsky

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