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Metals and Materials International 6/2018
Metals and Materials International

Ausgabe 6/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (27 Artikel)


A Novel Method to Calculate the Carbides Fraction from Dilatometric Measurements During Cooling in Hot-Work Tool Steel
Xiaoli Zhao, Chuanwei Li, Lizhan Han, Jianfeng Gu


Effect of Ni Addition on Bainite Transformation and Properties in a 2000 MPa Grade Ultrahigh Strength Bainitic Steel
Junyu Tian, Guang Xu, Zhengyi Jiang, Haijiang Hu, Mingxing Zhou


Effects of Cr and Fe Addition on Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Ti–6Al–4V Prepared by Direct Energy Deposition
Yool Byun, Sangwon Lee, Seong-Moon Seo, Jong-taek Yeom, Seung Eon Kim, Namhyun Kang, Jaekeun Hong


Effect of Strain Aging on Tensile Behavior and Properties of API X60, X70, and X80 Pipeline Steels
Sang-In Lee, Seung-Yong Lee, Seok Gyu Lee, Hwan Gyo Jung, Byoungchul Hwang


Corrosion Properties of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded 6061 Aluminum and HT590 Steel
Bosung Seo, Kuk Hyun Song, Kwangsuk Park


Effect of Al and Mg Contents on Wettability and Reactivity of Molten Zn–Al–Mg Alloys on Steel Sheets Covered with MnO and SiO2 Layers
Joo-Youl Huh, Min-Je Hwang, Seung-Woo Shim, Tae-Chul Kim, Jong-Sang Kim


High Temperature Deformation Behavior of Al–Zn–Mg-Based New Alloy Using a Dynamic Material Model
Bong Jung Jang, Hyun Soon Park, Mok-Soon Kim


Optimum Combination of Thermoplastic Formability and Electrical Conductivity in Al–Ni–Y Metallic Glass
Min Young Na, Sung Hyun Park, Kang Cheol Kim, Won Tae Kim, Do Hyang Kim


High-Efficiency Inhibition of Gravity Segregation in Al–Bi Immiscible Alloys by Adding Lanthanum
Peng Jia, Jinyang Zhang, Haoran Geng, Xinying Teng, Degang Zhao, Zhongxi Yang, Yi Wang, Song Hu, Jun Xiang, Xun Hu


Influences on Distribution of Solute Atoms in Cu-8Fe Alloy Solidification Process Under Rotating Magnetic Field
Jin Zou, Qi-Jie Zhai, Fang-Yu Liu, Ke-Ming Liu, De-Ping Lu


Microstructural Investigation of CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy Oxynitride Films Prepared by Sputtering Using an Air Gas
Duc Duy Le, Soon-Ku Hong, Trong Si Ngo, Jeongkuk Lee, Yun Chang Park, Sun Ig Hong, Young-Sang Na


Temperature-Dependent Thermal and Chemical Stabilities as well as Mechanical Properties of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Ni
Liangfu Zheng, Xiao Peng


Enhanced Densification and Hardness of Titanium Bodies Sintered by Advanced Hydrogen Sintering Process
Jung-Min Oh, Ja-Geon Koo, Jae-Won Lim


Experimental Verification of the Decomposition of Y2O3 in Fe-Based ODS Alloys During Mechanical Alloying Process
Jong Min Byun, Chun Woong Park, Young Do Kim


Ultrasonic Vibration and Rheocasting for Refinement of Mg–Zn–Y Alloy Reinforced with LPSO Structure
Shulin Lü, Xiong Yang, Liangyan Hao, Shusen Wu, Xiaogang Fang, Jing Wang


Synthesis of TiCx Powder via the Underwater Explosion of an Explosive
Shigeru Tanaka, Ivan Bataev, Hideki Hamashima, Akihiko Tsurui, Kazuyuki Hokamoto


High-Temperature Deformation Behavior of MnS in 1215MS Steel
Fei-Ya Huang, Yen-Hao Frank Su, Jui-Chao Kuo


Effects of Solution Treatment Temperatures on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TIG–MIG Hybrid Arc Additive Manufactured 5356 Aluminum Alloy
Wei Zuo, Le Ma, Yu Lu, Shu-yong Li, Zhiqiang Ji, Min Ding


Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg–8Li–3Al–1Y Alloy Subjected to Different Rolling Processes
Xiao Zhou, Qiang Liu, Ruirui Liu, Haitao Zhou


Effect of Asymmetric Hot Rolling on the Texture Evolution of Fe–3%Si Steel
Tae-Wook Na, Hyung-Ki Park, Chang-Soo Park, Hyung-Don Joo, Jong-Tae Park, Heung Nam Han, Nong-Moon Hwang


Microstructure-Strengthening Interrelationship of an Ultrasonically Treated Hypereutectic Al–Si (A390) Alloy
Soo-Bae Kim, Young-Hee Cho, Jae-Gil Jung, Woon-Ha Yoon, Young-Kook Lee, Jung-Moo Lee


Solubility of TiO2 in NaF-CaF2-BaF2 Melts
Jeong-Hyun Yoo, Sung-Wook Cho


Mechanism of MnS Precipitation on Al2O3–SiO2 Inclusions in Non-oriented Silicon Steel
Fangjie Li, Huigai Li, Di Huang, Shaobo Zheng, Jinglin You


Development of an Mg-Based Alloy with a Hydrogen-Storage Capacity over 6 wt% by Adding Graphene
Eunho Choi, Young Jun Kwak, Myoung Youp Song


Effects of Grain Size on the Fatigue Properties in Cold-Expanded Austenitic HNSs
Jong-Ho Shin, Young-Deak Kim, Jong-Wook Lee


Influence of Cooling Condition of Casted Strips on Magnetic Properties of Nd–Fe–B Sintered Magnets
Hwaebong Jung, Sumin Kim, Hongjae Moon, Yoon S. Oh, Young-Joo Lee, Hyun-Sook Lee, Wooyoung Lee


Edge-Cracking Behavior of CoCrFeMnNi High-Entropy Alloy During Hot Rolling
Jong Woo Won, Minju Kang, Heoun-Jun Kwon, Ka Ram Lim, Seong Moon Seo, Young Sang Na

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