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The Journal of Supercomputing

The Journal of Supercomputing 9/2021

Ausgabe 9/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 62 Artikel )

05.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Parallel modeling of wildfires using efficient solvers for ill-conditioned linear systems

Oleg Bessonov, Sofiane Meradji

05.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Enhanced traffic-adaptive slotted MAC for IoT-based smart monitoring grid

Tanvi Sood, Kanika Sharma

08.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A firefly algorithm for power management in wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

Hossein Pakdel, Reza Fotohi

08.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Implementation of a high-accuracy phase unwrapping algorithm using parallel-hybrid programming approach for displacement sensing using self-mixing interferometry

Tassadaq Hussain, Saqib Amin, Usman Zabit, Eduard Ayguadé

08.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Computation of workflow scheduling using backpropagation neural network in cloud computing: a virtual machine placement approach

Narayani Raman, Aisha Banu Wahab, Sutherson Chandrasekaran

09.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Entity-level sentiment prediction in Danmaku video interaction

Qingchun Bai, Kai Wei, Jie Zhou, Chao Xiong, Yuanbin Wu, Xin Lin, Liang He

10.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A novel transfer learning approach for the classification of histological images of colorectal cancer

Elene Firmeza Ohata, João Victor Souza das Chagas, Gabriel Maia Bezerra, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan, Victor Hugo Costa de Albuquerque, Pedro Pedrosa Rebouças Filho

10.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Blockchain-based solutions for security, privacy, and trust management in vehicular networks: a survey

Branka Mikavica, Aleksandra Kostić-Ljubisavljević

10.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

An intelligent internet of things-based secure healthcare framework using blockchain technology with an optimal deep learning model

T. Veeramakali, R. Siva, B. Sivakumar, P. C. Senthil Mahesh, N. Krishnaraj

11.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

High-performance simulations of turbulent boundary layer flow using Intel Xeon Phi many-core processors

Ji-Hoon Kang, Jinyul Hwang, Hyung Jin Sung, Hoon Ryu

11.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Distributed application provisioning over Ethereum-based private and permissioned blockchain: availability modeling, capacity, and costs planning

Carlos Melo, Jamilson Dantas, Paulo Pereira, Paulo Maciel

12.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Multi-attribute overlapping radar working pattern recognition based on K-NN and SVM-BP

Yanping Liao, Xinyu Chen

15.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Constructing effective lightweight privacy protection in RFID-based systems

Po-Jen Chuang, Yen-Feng Tu

15.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A solution to dynamic green vehicle routing problems with time windows using spiking neural P systems with modified rules and learning

Resmi Ramachandranpillai, Michael Arock

15.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

FERMAT: FPGA energy reduction method by approximation theory

Amir Bavafa Toosi, Mehdi Sedighi

16.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Cops and robber on grids and tori: basic algorithms and their extension to a large number of cops

Fabrizio Luccio, Linda Pagli

17.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Parallel programs execution optimization using behavior control in LuNA system

Victor Malyshkin, Darkhan Akhmed-Zaki, Vladislav Perepelkin

17.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Layered ontology-based multi-sourced information integration for situation awareness

Jongmo Kim, Junsik Kong, Mye Sohn, Gyudong Park

18.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Efficient data management techniques based on hierarchical IoT privacy using block chains in cloud environments

Yoon-Su Jeong, Dong-Ryool Kim, Seung-Soo Shin

19.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Graph threshold algorithm

Wookey Lee, Justin JongSu Song, Charles Cheolgi Lee, Tae-Chang Jo, James J. H. Lee

19.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Transitivity of transformation matrices to bridge word vector spaces over 1000 years

Katsurou Takahashi, Hiroaki Ohshima

19.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

An intelligent IoT-based positioning system for theme parks

Sina Einavipour, Reza Javidan

20.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Analytical models for availability evaluation of edge and fog computing nodes

Paulo Pereira, Jean Araujo, Carlos Melo, Vinícius Santos, Paulo Maciel

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A methodology to enable QoS provision on InfiniBand hardware

Javier Cano-Cano, Francisco J. Andújar, Jesús Escudero-Sahuquillo, Francisco J. Alfaro-Cortés, José L. Sánchez

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Fuzzy rule-based system for energy efficiency in wireless sensor networks

Amruta Lipare, Damodar Reddy Edla, Saidi Reddy Parne

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

PyDTNN: A user-friendly and extensible framework for distributed deep learning

Sergio Barrachina, Adrián Castelló, Mar Catalán, Manuel F. Dolz, Jose I. Mestre

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Analysis of the material distribution system of wise information technology of 120 under deep learning

Sai Tang, Hongrui Zhao, Zhuolin Wang, Yue Zhu, Daiyu Hou, Hongwei Wang

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

An improved privacy-preserving data mining technique using singular value decomposition with three-dimensional rotation data perturbation

N. Kousika, K. Premalatha

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Design of low-power and high-speed CNTFET-based TCAM cell for future generation networks

A. Gangadhar, K. Babulu

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A lightweight model with spatial–temporal correlation for cellular traffic prediction in Internet of Things

Wei-Che Chien, Yueh-Min Huang

22.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

GPU accelerated waterpixel algorithm for superpixel segmentation of hyperspectral images

Pablo Quesada-Barriuso, Dora Blanco Heras, Francisco Argüello

23.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Performance and energy task migration model for heterogeneous clusters

Esteban Stafford, José Luis Bosque

24.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Support NNEF execution model for NNAPI

Yuan-Ming Chang, Chia-Yu Sung, Yu-Chien Sheu, Meng-Shiun Yu, Min-Yih Hsu, Jenq-Kuen Lee

25.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Real-time energy data compression strategy for reducing data traffic based on smart grid AMI networks

Jie-Fu Huang, Geng-Hua Zhang, Sun-Yuan Hsieh

25.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Efficient hybrid algorithm based on genetic with weighted fuzzy rule for developing a decision support system in prediction of heart diseases

Abdul Zubar Hameed, Balamurugan Ramasamy, Muhammad Atif Shahzad, Ahmed Atef S. Bakhsh

25.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Deploying deep learning approaches to left ventricular non-compaction measurement

Jesús M. Rodríguez-de-Vera, Josefa González-Carrillo, José M. García, Gregorio Bernabé

26.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Factorized solution of generalized stable Sylvester equations using many-core GPU accelerators

Peter Benner, Ernesto Dufrechou, Pablo Ezzatti, Rodrigo Gallardo, Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí

26.02.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Hierarchical clustering and routing protocol to ensure scalability and reliability in large-scale wireless sensor networks

Harmanpreet Singh, Damanpreet Singh

01.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

cRedit-based and reputation retrieval system

Yung-Ting Chuang, Jia-Jun Tsai

02.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Enabling fast and energy-efficient FM-index exact matching using processing-near-memory

Jose M. Herruzo, Ivan Fernandez, Sonia González-Navarro, Oscar Plata

02.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A hybrid list-based task scheduling scheme for heterogeneous computing

Muhammad Sulaiman, Zahid Halim, Muhammad Waqas, Doğan Aydın

02.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Prediction of cardiovascular risk by measuring carotid intima media thickness from an ultrasound image for type II diabetic mellitus subjects using machine learning and transfer learning techniques

P. Lakshmi Prabha, A. K. Jayanthy, C. Prem Kumar, Balaji Ramraj

04.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021 Open Access

Parallel optimization of the ray-tracing algorithm based on the HPM model

Wang Jun-Feng, Ding Gang-Yi, Wang Yi-Ou, Li Yu-Gang, Zhang Fu-Quan

16.04.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 9/2021

Correction to: Parallel optimization of the ray-tracing algorithm based on the HPM model

Wang Jun-Feng, Ding Gang-Yi, Wang Yi-Ou, Li Yu-Gang, Zhang Fu-Quan

04.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

IDCOS: optimization strategy for parallel complex expression computation on big data

Yang Song, Helin Jin, Hongzhi Wang, You Liu

04.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Optimal multilevel media stream caching in cloud-edge environment

Hengliang Tang, Chunlin Li, Yihan Zhang, Youlong Luo

04.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Quantum-inspired binary chaotic salp swarm algorithm (QBCSSA)-based dynamic task scheduling for multiprocessor cloud computing systems

Kaushik Mishra, Rosy Pradhan, Santosh Kumar Majhi

05.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Novel side pose classification model of stretching gestures using three-layer LSTM

Boldmaa Solongontuya, Kyung Joo Cheoi, Mi-Hye Kim

05.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Analysis of complications after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization based on deep learning

Mengyan Xing, Zhonghua Ma, Hanfang Fu, Fang Jin, Jing Wang, Yujie Hua, Li Han

05.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

BCGAN: A CGAN-based over-sampling model using the boundary class for data balancing

Minjae Son, Seungwon Jung, Seungmin Jung, Eenjun Hwang

05.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Distributed intrusion detection scheme using dual-axis dimensionality reduction for Internet of things (IoT)

Shashank Gavel, Ajay Singh Raghuvanshi, Sudarshan Tiwari

05.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Heterogeneity-aware elastic scaling of streaming applications on cloud platforms

Jyoti Sahni, Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

High-performance in classification of heart disease using advanced supercomputing technique with cluster-based enhanced deep genetic algorithm

Ahmed A. Bakhsh

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

FONS: a fog orchestrator node selection model to improve application placement in fog computing

Gaurav Baranwal, Deo Prakash Vidyarthi

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

An adaptive gravitational search algorithm for multilevel image thresholding

Yi Wang, Zhiping Tan, Yeh-Cheng Chen

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Autofocus alignment of long distance Near-ınfrared laser units for smoke sensing in wide closed area

Amsuk Oh

08.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

A study for efficiency improvement of used car trading based on a public blockchain

Seung Gyun Yoo, Byeongtae Ahn

09.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Efficient resource utilization using multi-step-ahead workload prediction technique in cloud

Sounak Banerjee, Sarbani Roy, Sunirmal Khatua

09.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

An enhanced AHP-TOPSIS-based clustering algorithm for high-quality live video streaming in flying ad hoc networks

Elnaz Khanmohammadi, Behrang Barekatain, Alfonso Ariza Quintana

09.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Exploring the clinical diagnostic value of pelvic floor ultrasound images for pelvic organ prolapses through deep learning

Li Duan, Yangyun Wang, Juxiang Li, Ningming Zhou

10.03.2021 | Ausgabe 9/2021

Optimal coordination of over current relay using opposition learning-based gravitational search algorithm

Debasis Acharya, Dushmanta Kumar Das

02.08.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 9/2021

Correction to: Equilibrium: an elasticity controller for parallel tree search in the cloud

Stefan Kehrer, Wolfgang Blochinger

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