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Wireless Networks

The Journal of Mobile Communication, Computation and Information

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Characterization of untrusted relaying networks in the presence of an adversary jammer

By considering an adversary jammer in a communication network, we investigate the secrecy performance of a cooperative wireless network comprised of a source, a destination and an untrusted amplify-and-forward relay. We assume that either the …

15.06.2019 Open Access

Privacy preserving semantic trajectory data publishing for mobile location-based services

The development of wireless technologies and the popularity of mobile devices is responsible for generating large amounts of trajectory data for moving objects. Trajectory datasets have spatiotemporal features and are a rich information source.


Impact of enterprise information systems on selected key performance indicators in construction project management: An empirical study

Business results and enterprise performance depends on various factors. First of all, there are primarily human resources and their knowledge, skills and competencies. Managerial decisions supported by progressive technology are other important …


Reliable and secure data transfer in IoT networks

With the rapid technological improvements in mobile devices and their inclusion in Internet of Things (IoT), secure key management becomes mandatory to ensure security of information exchange. For instance, IoT applications, such as smart …


Energy harvesting relay-antenna selection in cooperative MIMO/NOMA network over Rayleigh fading

In this paper, a combination system of multi-antenna multiple input multiple output (MIMO) and non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) technologies is investigated, in which the source communicates with users using a multiple amplify-and-forward …

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The wireless communication revolution is bringing fundamental changes to data networking, telecommunication, and is making integrated networks a reality. By freeing the user from the cord, personal communications networks, wireless LAN's, mobile radio networks and cellular systems, harbor the promise of fully distributed mobile computing and communications, any time, anywhere.

Focusing on the networking and user aspects of the field, Wireless Networks provides a global forum for archival value contributions documenting these fast growing areas of interest. The journal publishes refereed articles dealing with research, experience and management issues of wireless networks. Its aim is to allow the reader to benefit from experience, problems and solutions described.

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