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Wireless Networks

The Journal of Mobile Communication, Computation and Information

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A distributed energy-efficient approach for hole repair in wireless sensor networks

Wireless sensor networks consisting of numerous nodes function in such a manner that each node that collects data from its physical environment, conveys them to the base station for rigorous analysis. Maintaining the functional coverage, energy …


A novel approach of WSN routing protocols comparison for forest fire detection

Wireless sensor networks represent a promising solution for forest fire detection. Yet, these networks are composed of constrained elements and their operation must be optimized to reach a satisfying performance in terms of response time, fault …


Optimum transmission policies for two hop transmission assisted by renewable energy powered amplify-and-forward relay

Our aim is to maximize throughput of a transmitter–receiver pair assisted by amplify-and-forward relay. We consider a case in which the relay is powered solely by a renewable energy source, and the transmitter has average power constraint. The …


CARTEE: congestion avoidance with reliable transport and energy efficiency for multimedia applications in wireless sensor networks

Reliable data transport is an essential requirement for many multimedia applications in wireless sensor networks. Actually, an efficient transport protocol for these applications must take into account not only reliability and energy consumption …


Binary monkey algorithm for approximate packing non-congruent circles in a rectangular container

A Packing problem consists in the best arrangement of several objects inside a bounded area named as the container. This arrangement must fulfill with technological constraints, for example, objects should not be overlapping. Some packing models …

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The wireless communication revolution is bringing fundamental changes to data networking, telecommunication, and is making integrated networks a reality. By freeing the user from the cord, personal communications networks, wireless LAN's, mobile radio networks and cellular systems, harbor the promise of fully distributed mobile computing and communications, any time, anywhere.

Focusing on the networking and user aspects of the field, Wireless Networks provides a global forum for archival value contributions documenting these fast growing areas of interest. The journal publishes refereed articles dealing with research, experience and management issues of wireless networks. Its aim is to allow the reader to benefit from experience, problems and solutions described.

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Globales Erdungssystem in urbanen Kabelnetzen

Bedingt durch die Altersstruktur vieler Kabelverteilnetze mit der damit verbundenen verminderten Isolationsfestigkeit oder durch fortschreitenden Kabelausbau ist es immer häufiger erforderlich, anstelle der Resonanz-Sternpunktserdung alternative Konzepte für die Sternpunktsbehandlung umzusetzen. Die damit verbundenen Fehlerortungskonzepte bzw. die Erhöhung der Restströme im Erdschlussfall führen jedoch aufgrund der hohen Fehlerströme zu neuen Anforderungen an die Erdungs- und Fehlerstromrückleitungs-Systeme. Lesen Sie hier über die Auswirkung von leitfähigen Strukturen auf die Stromaufteilung sowie die Potentialverhältnisse in urbanen Kabelnetzen bei stromstarken Erdschlüssen. Jetzt gratis downloaden!