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Journal of International Entrepreneurship

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Compressed internationalisation: New internationalisation behaviour of small New Zealand firms

Two important phenomena have increasingly been noted in relation to small firms: they are internationalising more often and early in their life cycle. However, less is known about the other process dimensions of small firm internationalisation …


International entrepreneurship education: Barriers versus support mechanisms to STEM students

Previous research on entrepreneurship education (EE), specifically directed to students from the science and technology fields, has been very sparse. This research aims to analyse how Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop EE programmes, as …


Anticipated emotions and their effects on risk and opportunity evaluations

Despite the empirical and anecdotal evidence of the role of anticipated emotions in people’s deliberations, little is known about their role in entrepreneurial business opportunity evaluations. This study investigated the role of anticipated …


Internationalization of SMEs: a systematic review of 20 years of research

This article shares the results of a systematic review of the literature on internationalization of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) based on bibliometric techniques. This review resulted in the identification of the main themes that …


The influence of additive manufacturing on early internationalization: considerations into potential avenues of IE research

Novel technologies are key enablers for early internationalization. Researchers and experts imply that industry 4.0 (i4.0) technologies will be exploited by existing firms and new ventures to develop radical business models and market …

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The Journal of International Entrepreneurship fills the need for a journal dedicated to internationalization issues in the context of entrepreneurship. It offers an outlet for high quality research addressing the opportunities and challenges intrinsic to the field.

Papers published in the journal analyze internationalization, combining theoretical and empirical work. Authors are encouraged to conduct comparative studies and to evaluate competing theories.

The editorial team features experts in international business and experts in entrepreneurship, ensuring that the journal has a balanced and unbiased perspective.

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