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Journal of International Entrepreneurship

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Revisiting interactions of entrepreneurial, marketing, and other orientations with internationalization strategies

This article builds, and extends, on the coverage of two theoretical concepts with significant impacts on entrepreneurial firms and their internationalization, both of which have already appeared in the journal. One discussed the concept of …


Early internationalizing firms: 2004–2018

The literature on early internationalization has evolved rapidly in the last few decades. Firms that achieve early and rapid internationalization have emerged as newcomers in the international arena. Disclosed in the late 1980s, international new …

04.01.2019 Open Access

When are innovativeness and responsiveness effective in a foreign market?

Good managerial understanding of the mechanisms underlying the effectiveness of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) and market orientation (MO) in dynamic foreign markets improves the international competitiveness of the entire firm. Drawing on the …

06.10.2018 Open Access

Business model innovation of international new ventures: An empirical study in a Swedish context


Exploring the Role of Individual Level and Firm Level Dynamic Capabilities in SMEs’ Internationalization

This paper presents a multi-level model that examines the impact of dynamic capabilities on the internationalization of SMEs while taking into account the interactions among them. The purpose of the research is to understand the applicability of …

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The Journal of International Entrepreneurship fills the need for a journal dedicated to internationalization issues in the context of entrepreneurship. It offers an outlet for high quality research addressing the opportunities and challenges intrinsic to the field.

Papers published in the journal analyze internationalization, combining theoretical and empirical work. Authors are encouraged to conduct comparative studies and to evaluate competing theories.

The editorial team features experts in international business and experts in entrepreneurship, ensuring that the journal has a balanced and unbiased perspective.

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