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Do boards of directors foster strategic change? A dynamic managerial capabilities perspective

The purpose of this study is to understand the dynamic relationships between managerial human capital, dynamic managerial capabilities and strategic change within boards of directors. Building on the dynamic managerial capabilities perspective and …


On intellectual capital management as an evaluation criterion for university managers: a case study

The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether universities performance management systems (PMS), consider intellectual capital (IC) management as a criterion for evaluating their managers. The issue has been addressed investigating the case …


Can board leadership contribute to board dynamic managerial capabilities? An empirical exploration among Norwegian firms

This study explores how board leadership may influence the board dynamic managerial capabilities. We draw on the dynamic capabilities perspective to examine the effect of board chairs on the dynamic managerial capabilities of the board of …


Leadership style in a board of directors: implications of involvement in the strategic decision-making process

A key question regarding the impact of the board of directors (BOD) on a firm’s strategic choices is why some BODs are highly involved in the strategic decision-making process and others are not. We offer a novel explanation pertaining to the …


Context, culture and control: a case study on accounting change in an Italian regional health service

The current paper relies upon Broadbent and Laughlin’s (Manag Account Res 20(4):283–295, 2009, Accounting control and controlling accounting: interdisciplinary and critical perspectives, Emerald, Bingley, 2013) notion of culture, context, and …

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The Journal of Management and Governance (JMG) is dedicated to advancing the understanding of corporate governance issues within and throughout privately-held firms, publicly-held corporations and government-controlled organizations. The journal is devoted to exploring the links between management and governance through both theoretical analyses and empirical investigations to improve the understanding of all the rules, codes, principles, practices, processes, mechanisms, structure and relationships, as well as institutions, networks and individuals affecting the way firms and organizations are managed, administered and controlled. Analyzed are strategies and decision-making; accounting, reporting and information control; measurement issues in governance; relational, cognitive and behavioural based; institutional economics. Contributions from all areas of business administration (accounting and control, general and strategic management, organizational theory and behaviour, finance and banking) and manuscripts concerning both the private and the public sectors are welcome to the extent that they contribute to these general issues and to the understanding of governance thus broadly defined.

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