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OR Spectrum 3/2022
OR Spectrum

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (10 Artikel)

Open Access 17.03.2022 | Original Article

How to design a multi-stage tournament when some results are carried over?
László Csató

03.02.2022 | Original Article

Multiplicative output form and its applications to problems in the homogenous innovation contest model
Xu Tian, Gongbing Bi

Open Access 21.12.2021 | Original Article

Minimizing setups and waste when printing labels of consumer goods
Herbert Meyr, Mirko Kiel

Open Access 09.02.2022 | Original Article

Dynamic service area sizing in urban delivery
Marlin W. Ulmer, Alan Erera, Martin Savelsbergh

Open Access 29.12.2021 | Original Article

Integrated zone picking and vehicle routing operations with restricted intermediate storage
Manuel Ostermeier, Andreas Holzapfel, Heinrich Kuhn, Daniel Schubert

Open Access 30.03.2022 | Original Article

Generating greenhouse gas cutting incentives when allocating carbon dioxide emissions to shipments in road freight transportation
Florian Kellner

15.03.2022 | Original Article

Mobile healthcare services in rural areas: an application with periodic location routing problem
Sinem Kınay Savaşer, Bahar Yetis Kara

25.02.2022 | Original Article

On the analysis of an idealized model to manage gasoline supplies in a short-notice hurricane evacuation
Monir Sabbaghtorkan, Rajan Batta, Qing He

Open Access 21.03.2022 | Original Article

Derivatives of feed-forward neural networks and their application in real-time market risk management
Antal Ratku, Dirk Neumann

Open Access 24.03.2022 | Original Article

Optimal chance-constrained pension fund management through dynamic stochastic control
Davide Lauria, Giorgio Consigli, Francesca Maggioni

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