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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 2/2008

Ausgabe 2/2008

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01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Asperity Degradation and Damage in the Direct Shear Test: A Hybrid FEM/DEM Approach

A. Karami, D. Stead

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Influence of Structural Non-Stationarity of Surface Roughness on Morphological Characterization and Mechanical Deformation of Rock Joints

N. Fardin

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Rock Joint Surfaces Measurement and Analysis of Aperture Distribution under Different Normal and Shear Loading using GIS

M. Sharifzadeh, Y. Mitani, T. Esaki

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Asperity Height and Aperture of an Artificial Tensile Fracture of Metric Size

K. Sakaguchi, J. Tomono, K. Okumura, Y. Ogawa, K. Matsuki

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Hydromechanical Behaviour of Rock-Bentonite Interfaces Under Compression

O. Buzzi, M. Boulon, F. Deleruyelle, F. Besnus

01.04.2008 | Ausgabe 2/2008

Book Review

Giovanni Grasselli

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