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14.02.2017 | Technical Note

High-Temperature Influence on Mechanical Properties of Diorite

Knowledge on rock mechanical behaviors under/after high-temperature conditions is extremely important for projects such as deep geological disposal of nuclear waste (Sellin and Leupin 2013 ; Verma et al. 2015 ), hot dry rock (HDR) geothermal energy …

14.02.2017 | Original Paper

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Permeability Evolution with Damage of Sandstone Under Triaxial Compression

A series of triaxial compression tests with permeability measurements was carried out under different confining pressure and pore pressure difference coupling conditions to investigate some mechanical properties and permeability evolution with …

10.02.2017 | Original Paper

Influence of Tunnel Axis Stress on Strainburst: An Experimental Study

This paper investigates the influence of tunnel axis stress on strainburst. An experimental study of strainburst was conducted using a true-triaxial rockburst system. During the test process, a loading path that maintained one face free and …

10.02.2017 | Original Paper

Numerical Investigation of Rockfall Impacts on Muckpiles for Underground Portals

Small-scale waste rock piles or muckpiles are commonly used as energy absorption barriers in various surface mining applications. This paper numerically investigates the impact behaviour of blocks on muckpiles used as cushion layer on top of …

08.02.2017 | Original Paper

Impact of Acid Attack on the Shear Behaviour of a Carbonate Rock Joint

The mechanical behaviour of structural discontinuities in rock mass is a key element of the stability analysis in civil engineering, petroleum engineering and mining engineering. In this paper, the mechanical analysis is coupled with the acidic …

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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering covers the experimental and theoretical aspects of rock mechanics, including laboratory and field testing, methods of computation and field observation of structural behavior. The journal maintains the strong link between engineering geology and rock engineering, providing a bridge between fundamental developments and practical application. Coverage includes case histories on design and construction of structures in rock such as underground openings, large dam foundations and rock slopes.

Fields of interest include rock mechanics in all its varied aspects including laboratory testing, field investigations, computational methods and design principles. The journal also reports on applications in tunneling, rock slopes, large dam foundations, mining, engineering and engineering geology.

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