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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering

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07.05.2021 | Original Paper

Seismic Performance Assessment of Velocity Pulse-Like Ground Motions Under Near-Field Earthquakes

As a part of the earthquake ground motion, large velocity pulses are probably one of the important factors leading to serious rock structural damage and geological disasters. It is vitally important to identify the response characteristics of …

05.05.2021 | Original Paper Open Access

Progressive Damage Behaviours of Triaxially Confined Rocks under Multiple Dynamic Loads

Investigation of rock progressive damage under static confinement and strain rates facilitates the generation mechanism of natural fault damage zones. A triaxial Hopkinson bar apparatus is used to perform dynamic triaxial compression tests to …

05.05.2021 | Original Paper

The Strength of Massive to Moderately Jointed Rock and its Application to Cave Mining

The early understanding of the rock masses in which a mine will be constructed and operated is of fundamental importance and required for developing reliable designs. To assist such understanding, this contribution is focused on massive to …

05.05.2021 | Original Paper

Experimental Study of Stirring and Resin-Blocking Devices for Improving the Performance of Resin-Anchored Cable Bolts

Resin anchoring promotes the development of high-strength cable bolts for underground rock support. However, the resin anchoring the cable bolt must be very effective in soft rock. Using conventional anchoring methods, the anchoring force provided …

05.05.2021 | Original Paper

A New Approach to Characterise the Impact of Rock Bridges in Stability Analysis

Rock bridges have been the subject of considerable research since the 1970’s with a focus on developing methods to measure rock bridges and quantifying their role with respect to rock mass strength. In the literature, rock bridges are generally …

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Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering covers the experimental and theoretical aspects of rock mechanics, including laboratory and field testing, methods of computation and field observation of structural behavior. The journal maintains the strong link between engineering geology and rock engineering, providing a bridge between fundamental developments and practical application. Coverage includes case histories on design and construction of structures in rock such as underground openings, large dam foundations and rock slopes.

Fields of interest include rock mechanics in all its varied aspects including laboratory testing, field investigations, computational methods and design principles. The journal also reports on applications in tunneling, rock slopes, large dam foundations, mining, engineering and engineering geology.

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