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Ambio 8/2013

Ausgabe 8/2013

Special Issue: Adaptive Fisheries Management: From Theory to Practice

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Resilience and Challenges of Marine Social–Ecological Systems Under Complex and Interconnected Drivers

Sebastián Villasante, Gonzalo Macho, Manel Antelo, David Rodríguez-González, Michel J. Kaiser

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Exploring Patterns of Seafood Provision Revealed in the Global Ocean Health Index

Kristin M. Kleisner, Catherine Longo, Marta Coll, Ben S. Halpern, Darren Hardy, Steven K. Katona, Frédéric Le Manach, Daniel Pauly, Andrew A. Rosenberg, Jameal F. Samhouri, Courtney Scarborough, U. Rashid Sumaila, Reg Watson, Dirk Zeller

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

All Fish for China?

Sebastián Villasante, David Rodríguez-González, Manel Antelo, Susana Rivero-Rodríguez, José A. de Santiago, Gonzalo Macho

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Why are Prices in Wild Catch and Aquaculture Industries so Different?

Sebastián Villasante, David Rodríguez-González, Manel Antelo, Susana Rivero-Rodríguez, Joseba Lebrancón-Nieto

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013 Open Access

Fish Traders as Key Actors in Fisheries: Gender and Adaptive Management

Sara Fröcklin, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Lars Lindström, Narriman S. Jiddawi

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Transboundary Socio-Ecological Effects of a Marine Protected Area in the Southwest Atlantic

Priscila F. M. Lopes, Renato A. M. Silvano, Vinicius A. Nora, Alpina Begossi

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Financing Marine Protected Areas Through Visitor Fees: Insights from Tourists Willingness to Pay in Chile

Stefan Gelcich, Francisca Amar, Abel Valdebenito, Juan Carlos Castilla, Miriam Fernandez, Cecilia Godoy, Duan Biggs

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Adaptive Capacity of Fishing Communities at Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study from the Colombian Pacific

Rocío del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez, Jorge Higinio Maldonado

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Determining the Feasibility of Establishing New Multiple-Use Marine Protected Areas in Chile

Felipe Vásquez-Lavín, Jeanne W. Simon, Ximena Paz-Lerdón

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Connecting Marine Ecosystem Services to Human Well-being: Insights from Participatory Well-being Assessment in Kenya

Caroline Abunge, Sarah Coulthard, Tim M. Daw

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Linking Salmon Aquaculture Synergies and Trade-Offs on Ecosystem Services to Human Wellbeing Constituents

Luis Outeiro, Sebastian Villasante

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

How Resilient Are Europe’s Inshore Fishing Communities to Change? Differences Between the North and the South

Maria Hadjimichael, Alyne Delaney, Michel J. Kaiser, Gareth Edwards-Jones

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

Credible Enforcement Policies Under Illegal Fishing: Does Individual Transferable Quotas Induce to Reduce the Gap Between Approved and Proposed Allowable Catches?

José María Da Rocha, Sebastián Villasante, Rafael Trelles González

01.12.2013 | Ausgabe 8/2013

The Key Role of the Barefoot Fisheries Advisors in the Co-managed TURF System of Galicia (NW Spain)

Gonzalo Macho, Inés Naya, Juan Freire, Sebastián Villasante, José Molares

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