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01.08.2016 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2016 Open Access

Business Research 2/2016

The recovery rate for retail and commercial customers in Germany: a look at collateral and its adjusted market values

Business Research > Ausgabe 2/2016
Peter-Hendrik Ingermann, Frederik Hesse, Christian Bélorgey, Andreas Pfingsten
Wichtige Hinweise
We are deeply indebted to Ludwig von la Hausse, Nikolas Höhnke, Jens Grunert, Engelbert Dockner (the editor), and three anonymous referees, as well as participants at the 20th Annual Meeting of the German Finance Association 2013 and at the 4th Rostocker Dienstleistungstagung 2014 for providing valuable comments that have led to a considerable improvement of this paper. Not having incorporated all suggestions in the present work is our own responsibility, as are remaining errors and omissions.


Based on a unique data set of 909 defaulted retail and commercial (self-employed and SMEs) credit customers in Germany, whose original loans were made by 123 different banks, our article confirms a significant positive influence of collateral, and of amicable agreements between the debtor and the bank (redemption), on the recovery rate [1 − loss given default (LGD)]. In a further analysis of collateral, systematic biases between the realized market price and the expected market values of real estate are revealed, even though the appraisal reports should have already considered all factors influencing the value. Using valuations that were adjusted for these recognized biases, we can increase the explanatory power of the underlying models. Moreover, we compare these models to models that apply, as is common practice in the banking industry, flat haircuts to collateral values and show the superior performance of our proposed approach.

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