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Tribology Letters

Ausgabe 3/2023

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Original Paper

Effect of the GLC Coating Thickness on the Mechanical and Tribological Properties of the CrN/GLC Coatings

Hai Lin, Ruirui Dai, Yongjun Shi, Junfeng Yuan, Marco Alfano

Original Paper

The Influence of Adding Copper and Iron Third Body on Brake Disc Temperature

Manqi Yao, Chong Zhao, Linlin Su, Rong Fu, Xiaoming Han, Fei Gao

Open Access Original Paper

Molecular Mechanisms of Self-mated Hydrogel Friction

Jan Mees, Rok Simič, Thomas C. O’Connor, Nicholas D. Spencer, Lars Pastewka

Original Paper

Experiments and Prediction of Hold Time-Dependent Static Friction of a Wet Granular Layer

Pawan Kumar Soni, Arun K. Singh, Jitendra Kumar Katiyar

Original Paper

Interfacial Friction Evolution in an Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Environment: An Atomic Understanding from ReaxFF Simulations

Xiaohua Zhu, Yiyao Luo, Yunhai Liu, Xiaowen Wang, Hu Zhang, Yuhong Jiang

Original Paper

Expanding Fluidized Zones: A Model of Speed-Invariant Lubricity in Biology

Angela A. Pitenis, Alison C. Dunn, W. Gregory Sawyer

Original Paper

Molecular Dynamics Investigation on Micro-Friction Behavior of Cylinder Liner-Piston Ring Assembly

Tongyang Li, Jing Wu, Chang Ge, Lujie Wang, Yuan Yu, Xuan Ma, Zhuhui Qiao, Huaguo Tang

Original Paper

Study on the Correlation Mechanism Between Wear Failure Behavior and the TRIP Effect of Retained Austenite in Bainitic Steel

Peng Chen, Sida Chen, Qinyuan Huang, Wen Zhang, Zulai Li, Hong Wu, Quan Shan

Original Paper

Unexpected Nonmonotonic Dependence of Phononic Friction on Biaxial Strain Between MoS2 Layers

Yun Dong, Yusong Ding, Zhiyuan Rui, Weibin Hui, Fangming Lian

Original Paper

Genesis and Robust Tribological Property of Friction-Induced Cu-Graphene Self-lubricating Composite Under Electrical Contact

Xiaoqin Wen, Rong Qu, Feiyan Yuwen, Yanan Qiao, Tingmei Wang, Ruiqing Yao, Jinjun Lu

Open Access Original Paper

Novel Environmentally Superior Tribomaterial with Superlow Friction: 100% Cellulose Nanofiber Molding

Hikaru Okubo, Hiromi Hashiba, Toru Inamochi, Kaisei Sato, Shinya Sasaki, Kazushi Yamada, Ken Nakano

Original Paper

Microstructure and Wear Resistance of Gray Cast Iron Synergistically Manipulated by Nano-sized TiC–TiB2 Ceramic Particles

Yu Zhang, Bingxu Wang, Baixin Dong, Feng Qiu, Gary C. Barber, Qian Zou

Original Paper

Analytical Models for the Chain-Length- and Velocity-Dependent Tribochemical Reaction Rates of Molecular Monolayers on Copper

Octavio J. Furlong, Sergio J. Manzi, Kaiming Hou, Resham Rana, Heather Adams, Wilfred T. Tysoe

Original Paper

In Situ Friction Coefficient Measurement of Complex Contact Configuration from Dialog Between Digital Image Correlation and Numerical Modeling

Alexis Hingue, Thibaut Chaise, Philippe Chaudet, Bruno Damiens, Daniel Nelias

Open Access Original Paper

Diffusion-Driven Frictional Aging in Silicon Carbide

Even Marius Nordhagen, Henrik Andersen Sveinsson, Anders Malthe-Sørenssen

Original Paper

Tribological Properties of Bi2S3/MoS2 Composite Coatings Deposited on Biomimetic Leaf Vein Textured Surfaces

Yichen Bao, Jianxin Deng, Junyan Wang, Ran Wang, Qinghao Sun, Jiaxing Wu

Open Access Original Paper

Role of Minimum Adhesive Wear Particle Size in Third-Body Layer Properties

Son Pham-Ba, Jean-François Molinari

Original Paper

Enhanced Wear Resistance of Cobalt Oxide Over Nickel Oxide

Amit Roy, Vahid Jalilvand, Saeed Mohammadkhani, Payank Patel, Ali Dolatabadi, L. Roue, D. Guay, Richard R. Chromik, Christian Moreau, Pantcho Stoyanov

Open Access Original Paper

Insights of the Ultralow Wear and Low Friction of Carbon Fiber Reinforced PTFE in Inert Trace Moisture Environment

Pontus Johansson, Robin Elo, Vahid Fadaei Naeini, Pär Marklund, Marcus Björling, Yijun Shi

Open Access Original Paper

Influence of Counter-Face Grit Size and Lubricant on the Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Thermoplastic Polymers Reinforced with Glass Fibres

Moustafa Mahmoud Yousry Zaghloul, Karen Steel, Martin Veidt, Darren Martin, Mahshid Firouzi, Michael T. Heitzmann


Evaluation of Boundary Lubrication Properties of Fatty Acids Using a Lateral Force-Controlled Tribometer

Adarsh Divakaran, Pranay Vinayak Likhar, Satish Vasu Kailas

Open Access Methodology

Proof of Concept: In-Situ Wear Differentiation of Simultaneously Wearing Counterparts

Felix Harden, Birgit Schädel, Marlon Siegel, Roland Kral, Rainer Adelung, Olaf Jacobs


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