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Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 3/2021
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing

Ausgabe 3/2021

Special Issue: Noncommutative rings and their applications, VI


Inhaltsverzeichnis (17 Artikel)

15.05.2021 | Preface


06.01.2021 | Original Paper

On max-flat and max-cotorsion modules
Yusuf Alagöz, Engin Büyükaşık

27.01.2021 | Original Paper

Quasi type IV codes over a non-unital ring
Adel Alahmadi, Alaa Altassan, Widyan Basaffar, Alexis Bonnecaze, Hatoon Shoaib, Patrick Solé

30.01.2021 | Original Paper

Why you cannot even hope to use Ore algebras in Cryptography
Michela Ceria, Teo Mora, Andrea Visconti

19.01.2021 | Original Paper

A comparison of group algebras of dihedral and quaternion groups
Leo Creedon, Kieran Hughes, Steve Szabo

07.10.2020 | Original Paper

Self-dual codes over a family of local rings
Steven T. Dougherty, Cristina Fernández-Córdoba, Roger Ten-Valls

25.01.2021 | Original Paper

Some remarks on n-absorbing subsemimodules
Mahdieh Ebrahimpour

20.11.2020 | Original Paper

One-weight codes in some classes of group rings
Raul Antonio Ferraz, Ruth Nascimento Ferreira

12.04.2021 | Original Paper

Left ideals of matrix rings and error-correcting codes
R. A. Ferraz, C. Polcino Milies, E. Taufer

10.10.2020 | Original Paper

Peterson–Gorenstein–Zierler algorithm for differential convolutional codes
José Gómez-Torrecillas, F. J. Lobillo, Gabriel Navarro, José Patricio Sánchez-Hernández

22.02.2021 | Original Paper

A note on the construction and enumeration of Euclidean self-dual skew-cyclic codes
Irwansyah, Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah, Ahmad Muchlis, Aleams Barra, Djoko Suprijanto

06.01.2021 | Original Paper

Note on rings which are sums of a subring and an additive subgroup
Marek Kȩpczyk

26.02.2021 | Original Paper

Relatively divisible and relatively flat objects in exact categories: applications
Septimiu Crivei, Derya Keskin Tütüncü

05.02.2021 | Original Paper

Rings whose (proper) cyclic modules have cyclic automorphism-invariant hulls
M. Tamer Koşan, Truong Cong Quynh

30.01.2021 | Original Paper

A class of rings with the 2-sum property
M. Tamer Koşan, Yiqiang Zhou

18.03.2021 | Original Paper

Weakly principally quasi-Baer skew generalized power series rings
Ali Majidinya, Ahmad Moussavi

12.10.2020 | Original Paper

Two approaches to the extension problem for arbitrary weights over finite module alphabets
Jay A. Wood

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