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Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability

International Journal of Policy, Practice and Research

Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability OnlineFirst articles


Assessment and evaluation with clarifying purposes for policy and practice

In the first article, Ysenbaert, Van Houtte and Van Avermaet report on their case study research exploring schools’ assessment policies and teachers’ assessment practices in six schools in the Flemish education context in Belgium. Across the …


Assessment policies and practices in contexts of diversity: unravelling the tensions

There is no question that teachers nowadays are challenged to adapt their teaching practices to the needs that arise from increasing diversity in the current classroom. Since effective teaching asks for alignment between teaching and assessment …


An integral perspective on teacher evaluation: a review of empirical studies

Teacher evaluation has been used for decades in schools as a human resource management practice to hold teachers accountable and to help them develop professionally. This paper provides a synthesis of empirical studies about teacher evaluation. We …


Missing children: how Chilean schools evaded accountability by having low-performing students miss high-stakes tests

High-stakes testing pressures schools to raise test scores, but schools respond to pressure in different ways. Some responses produce real, broad increases in learning, but other responses can raise reported test scores without increasing …

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This international journal investigates and discusses the functions, theories, values and practices of assessment, evaluation and accountability. Coverage includes their impact in schools, higher education and educational systems and their reach into homes and communities.

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