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The International Conference on Informatics and Management Science (IMS) 2012 will be held on November 16-19, 2012, in Chongqing, China, which is organized by Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanyang Technological University, University of Michigan, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, and sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). The objective of IMS 2012 is to facilitate an exchange of information on best practices for the latest research advances in a range of areas. Informatics and Management Science contains over 600 contributions to suggest and inspire solutions and methods drawing from multiple disciplines including:

Computer Science

Communications and Electrical Engineering

Management Science

Service Science

Business Intelligence



Control Engineering and Applications


Chapter 1. Research of Intelligent Uncertainty of Measurement Based on Computer-Aided Evaluation System

This paper discusses the relevant concepts, algorithms and the practical evaluation process on the intelligent evaluation of uncertainty of measurement with the use of computer technology. Through the optimization and integration of evaluation process, key points and regulative relationship, the author makes use of computer-aided calculation and database technology to achieve standardization of evaluation process, intelligent data analysis and automatic calculation of uncertainty.

Mingxiang Sui

Chapter 2. Sustainable and Dynamic Supervision Study on Safe Architectural Production Permit

Nowadays, safe architectural supervision in China is still in its primary stage and there is still much to be perfected and improved. From time to time, enactment of new laws and regulations play the role of a promoter and facilitator to the safe architectural supervision. This paper, mainly from the perspective of significance and purpose of construction safe production permit, offers some specific suggestions on sustainable and dynamic safety supervision to construction companies.

Jianguo Li

Chapter 3. Unloading Features Analysis of a New Combined Unloading System

A new combined unloading system of large-scale hydraulic press was designed and combined simulation was also executed. By simulation, unloading response characteristics in varying working conditions and the effect of component parameter to unloading response characteristics in unloading process were got. The research showed that three-order cartridge valve of drainage type can realize smooth and fast unloading in high pressure working condition. Unloading speed is proportional to opening degree of pilot throttle valve.

Kang Sun, Jianping Tan, Yuxiao Si

Chapter 4. An Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter and Digital Micromirror Device Based Projection Display System

The digital light processing (DLP) technology has made significant inroads in the projection display devices to create high quality images. In this paper, an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) based DLP projection display system is introduced. This new DLP projection system uses an AOTF to replace the rotating color wheel or prism in the traditional DLP systems. As the AOTF can filter out any monochromatic light at a certain wavelength from 400 to 800 nm, more colors can be modulated by only one digital micromirror device (DMD) chip and more color gamut can be got. The AOTF based DLP projector offers the advantage of having no rotating parts and can switch the color at very high rates, which can avoid the “rainbow effect” and makes the new system more simple, reliable, and cost effective.

Qingli Li, Yiqing Liu, Yinghong Tian, Xiaojin Li, Shuxian Wang

Chapter 5. Port Intelligence of Storage Management System

Through the computer network technology port construction intelligent storage management system, get the data RFID reader, identify and collection of items with RFID tag information and real-time monitoring items state. Through to the warehouse of the items in the recognition and monitoring, and to realize the real-time warehouse, automatic, smart management, the main application have inventory operation, outbound operation, goods move, inventory operation, since the quantity of goods adjust.

Yingsun Sun

Chapter 6. Research on Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling

In the paper, the development of dynamic job shop scheduling problem were summarized comprehensively. It discusses the conception of dynamic job shop scheduling, dynamic events, evaluation indicator, dynamic scheduling strategy, and dynamic scheduling methods. The research methods are divided into two classes: the precise methods and the approximate methods. Characters of each method are analyzed. At last, problems which need further investigation and possible research directions are pointed out.

Jingmin Zhang, Xia Li

Chapter 7. Overall Difficulty Control Scheme of Examination Paper Based on Balanced Strategy Group Volume Algorithm

The paper put forward a kind of test bank group volume algorithm which is based on the balance of the strategy. This algorithm is based on topics, to grasp the requirements as constraint conditions of small set of item bank division, and adjust the difficulty of all kinds of questions to the corresponding balance coefficient approximation, In order to achieve overall control of the difficulty of examination paper. Through The Higher Algebra group roll verification. This algorithm is based on the volume efficiency of higher to achieve control of the examination paper difficulty.

Xianye Zhang

Chapter 8. Automation Structural Analysis Based on the VB and ANSYS

Taking automation mechanical analysis of automobile connecting rod structure in VB as an example, this paper discusses the automation analysis basic principle of mechanical mechanism in VB and ANSYS. Through the use of Visual Basic 6.0 friendly user interface and ANSYS APDL parameter analysis function, it in detail discusses the building process of analytical file, the starting and ending process of ANSYS analysis and the automatic display method of ANSYS results. The developed application program displays more efficient, fast and easy to use by using Visual Basic 6.0 to package ANSYS functions. Furthermore these functions make the application program more intelligent.

Feng Liu, Xiankuan Qi, Mingqing Sun

Chapter 9. Risk Early Warning System Preventing Natural Disaster in Yunnan Power Grid

In order to prevent natural disaster on Yunnan power grid caused harm, research team in collecting and processing a lot of data, built natural disaster prevention model, and according to the model, risk assessment model, build a database, combined with GIS software to design the risk early warning system, this paper focuses on major geological disaster risk point of monitoring and warning to solve scheme, based on Meteorological rainfall early warning of geological disasters solutions, software system function modules, system features and other aspects of analysis and design.

Zhengzhi Li, Tong Han, Yumei Li, Zhigang Liu

Chapter 10. Study of Velocity Control of Hydraulic Servo System Based on Server/Client Architecture

In this paper, server/client control architecture, based on simple proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller, is proposed to achieve a velocity control of the electro-hydraulic system with system uncertainties, and disturbances. In the server control system, a embedded controller is applied to support the real-time control for general testing with PID controller and data latched functionality. However, in client control system, a personal computer is adopted to provide the human–machine interface for monitoring and transferring the control command with expected parameters from and to the embedded controller, respectively. According to the concept of the PID Ziegler-Nichols tuning rules, the proposed firmware design in embedded controller provides an easy testing and quick setting for the PID’s parameters by the experimental approach through the Ethernet communication between server and client system. The experimental results verified that the tracking control of the designated velocity profile cannot be achieved by one set of the PID’s parameters. Therefore, the control strategy for combining the five sets of the different PID’s parameters is proposed through directly switching function. The experimental results show that the proposed method can efficiently improve the control performance for the velocity trajectory of the cylinder in wide range speed.

Cheng-Yi Chen

Chapter 11. Robust Stability of Discrete Interval Systems with a State Time Delay

This paper studies robust stability analysis for discrete interval time delay systems. By selecting properly a positive definite matrix


, we derive a simple upper bound of the solution of the discrete Lyapunov equation. Then, by using Lyapunov equation approach associated with this bound, several concise criteria are developed to guarantee the robust stability of the mentioned systems. The feature of these present criteria is that they are independent of any Lyapunov equation although the Lyapunov equation approach is adopted.

Chien-Hua Lee, Chien-Chih Chang

Chapter 12. Design of Visual Embedded Mooring Control System

A design scheme of visual embedded mooring control system is proposed in this paper, including hardware scheme based on an embedded processor and software scheme referring to clipping of Linux operation system and coding of mooring control tasks. Main function of the visual system refers to controlling casting and collecting mooring, i.e. to controlling the direction, speed and rhythm of anchor chain movement, with an aim of completing mooring control only on the shore. This paper focuses on improving safety, flexibility and extension of mooring control, especially in poor weathers such as big wave or typhoon. The total scheme, hardware design, software design are narrated respectively. Finally, the safety and flexibility of the visual system has been confirmed from some experimental results. The extension can be guaranteed by ideal equipment cost in that the equipment is programmable.

Yuliang Liu, Zuoyu Zhou, Xiaomin Shi

Chapter 13. Efficient Online Examination System Based on Java

The system with the writing of the Java language, function of the realization of students’ test, results inquiries, the teacher inquires the, monitor examination process, management and maintenance of the database information. The system is composed of four is module: test the client system module, the test server system module, the client inquires the system module, database information management and maintenance module.

Yongliang Li, Caixia Wen

Chapter 14. Logistics Enterprise Warehouse Management System Optimization

The warehouse management system of the enterprise is analyzed, the loading and unloading warehouse work flow optimization, by building a learning enterprise, rational planning storage sites, promote warehousing information management, establishing effective inventory control model and so on a number of measures, in the management system of the improvement to the warehouse management system is more and more perfect.

Hengwei Wang

Chapter 15. Activity-Based Costing Calculation Model of Milk-Run Inbound Logistics for Auto Parts

In order to achieve precise cost accounting and inbound logistics management of auto parts, the paper presents Activity-Based Costing (ABC) calculation models for Milk-Run (MR) inbound logistics. Based on the analysis of its operation processes, MR logistics operation processes of auto parts are classified into four sections, which are largely the logistics activity of the supplier, the third party logistics (3PL), a hub of auto parts, and one auto manufacturing enterprise. Along with the process of MR inbound logistics and the characters of cost composition, the paper proposes a modified ABC accounting model of MR inbound logistics, which is finally illustrated.

Bengang Gong, Wei Huang, Yunmiao Gui, Tinglong Zhang

Chapter 16. Economic-Oriented Efficient Practical Ability Training Scheme

As a branch of the social charitable and cultural career, college students’ art team shoulders the mission of transmitting the music culture. The author investigates and analyzes the present situation and influencing factors of the art team; meanwhile ponders about how to serve the local economy, so as to better serve the social economic and cultural development of Qinhuangdao.

Wei Cao

Chapter 17. Bus Arrive Time Prediction Based on Weighted Distance Feedback

Traffic Information release is an important part of ITS system. Bus arrive time prediction (BATP) is one of key and difficult site in that system which can provide comprehensive bus information service as well as improve traffic environment. In this article, we take historical data as a measurement method in estimating operation stability, coupling with real time GPS data (which will be handled in KFM), to release ultimate error weighted result generated from these two kinds of predictions. Simulated results prove the max error time for passenger waiting time prediction is limited within 1 min. This method has a better veracity as well as efficient which makes it easier for realization and promotion.

YaQin Luo, Cheng Sun, MuTian Cheng

Chapter 18. ZigBee-Based Intelligent Home System

Based on the application of the Internet of things, we analyze the intelligent home system, bring forward ZigBee-based intelligent home system and develop new software and hardware. The entire network has a star topological structure, wherein the central node works as data processing node to accept data, to transmit data to the data server, and to communicate with the Internet and GSM/CDMA network. Therefore, the environmental parameters and body parameters communicate with the remote terminal successfully and the remote terminal controls the indoor environment successfully. Its low-power, short distance and low transmission rate make it more suitable for an intelligent home.

Guopeng Song, Yunfeng Zhou

Chapter 19. UAV Simulator Speediness Designing Based on Man in Loop Simulation Platform

With UAV is widely applied in military action, in order to make the UAV operator know well the UAV equipment, we should train the UAV operator by high efficiency, and high fidelity training system could do the training work in stead of the real UAV aircraft, which can make sure the aircraft for safety flying, heighten the training efficiency and economize the outlay. Paper bring forward the design project of the man in loop UAV flying simulator base on Matlab/Simulink, which contrapose flying control system’s characteristic and the requesting of the man in loop simulation. Compared with tradition program in manual, the modeling design base on Simulink have flexible, speediness, high efficiency and few cost. Which can afford great value to design the UAV training system.

Chao Yun, Xiao-Min Li, Zong-Gui Zheng

Chapter 20. Global Optimization of UAV Heading Controller Parameters Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

In this paper, the genetic algorithm is introduced into the small UAVs heading control problem, using genetic algorithm to global optimization of PID parameters. On the basis of stability of the Roll Angle control inner loop, Get feedback signal of course Angle and Constitute the controller parameters of flying heading stable outer loop. According to the diversity of the individuals attenuate too fast, easy to fall into local optimum’s characteristics in the genetic algorithm, to make sure the diversity of the individual and the quickness of optimization. Necessary improvements have been done to the genetic algorithm. The simulation results: The improved genetic algorithm design the PID controller has better adaptability, flexibility, stability and can ensure the control effect of the system, improve the system performance. The simulation results verify that the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Weiping Zhao, Zhanshuang Hu, Ming Yang

Chapter 21. Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Coordinate Turn Controller Based on INA

In the process of unmanned aerial vehicle coordinated turn the transverse and Lateral Path coupling problem, This paper using inverse Nyquist method to decouple the system, In order to avoid tedious manual try gather together, using the pseudo-diagonalization method to obtain the pre-compensation matrix. On this basis, this paper introduced the genetic algorithm to the UAV coordinated turn control system, using the lateral spreads Angle feedback realize coordination control parameters of turning to set multivariable systems PID controller parameters. The simulation results show that: The proposed method to achieve good control effect.

Weiping Zhao, Jun Yang, Zhanshuang Hu, Ming Yang

Chapter 22. Illegal Invasion of Computer Information Systems

This article describes the illegal invasion of computer systems, mainstream means of hidden Trojan horse property, describe the characteristics of several types of malicious code, and stressed the importance of computer information system security. Describe the basic idea of the invasion of the system means, mostly utilize the loopholes of the software vulnerability or system loophole, or inject malicious code to the target system, and then elevated privileges to obtain information, or undermine the data of the system. List several elements of the computer information system security, and stressed the importance of cryptographic algorithm as the core of secure communication protocols in computer communications. Explain the characteristics of public key cryptography, introduce RSA encryption algorithm as the example of it. Through the analysis of the security elements, hold out the methods of precautions.

Kai Zhang

Chapter 23. Research on Shift Sequence Code in Barcode Positioning System

Aiming at the disadvantages of the traditional positioning technology, barcode positioning system was introduced in this paper. Based on shift sequence code, a novel encoding method was put forward by comparing varieties of encoding principles domestically and abroad, as well as a systematic research on its encoding rules and positioning mechanism. We applied backtracking method to solve the coding collection and the barcode verification to check that whether the codes are legitimate. Finally, One-dimensional barcode image and recognition are realized with the specific examples. The feasibility of the algorithm is confirmed through relevant experiment results.

Weijun Zhang, Dongli Li

Chapter 24. A New Dynamic Scheduling Method for Networked Control Systems

For networked control systems with limited network bandwidth, the conflict will reduce control performance of the system. This paper puts forward a new dynamic scheduling. This method guarantees the quality of control (output is into its steady state value: −5 to 5 % range) as the goal, and set deadband in the controller. It bases on the two parameters: error and error change rate adaptive to adjust the network load. Lastly, do the simulation based on CSMA/CD network simulation. The results verify the proposed method can improve the utilization rate of the network bandwidth, to improve the quality of control performance, enhance the stability of the system.

Feng Du, Xiaoyu Zhang, Zhi Lei, Jia Ren, Cheng Guo, Jinyu Li

Chapter 25. Implementation of Intelligent Wireless Video Monitoring System

This paper implementation an intelligent video monitoring system based on wireless transmission and the embedded system. The system uses ARM processor and Linux operation system, capturing the monitoring video by the USB camera and transmission through the wireless network (802.11 g). The video signal is transmitted to a monitoring terminal (PC), the resolution of the monitoring video can achieve 320 × 240 and the frame frequency is up to 20 frames/s or 640 × 480 and the frame frequency is up to 5 frames/s. The system integrates intelligent video processing algorithm, can monitor and discrimination the movement in the region, can meet the general video monitoring requirement. The system is inexpensive, can according to the different application to change intelligent control algorithm and it has the widespread application prospect.

Yi Zhang, Zhuoying Wang, Yangdong Yu

Chapter 26. Design of Hybrid Controllers Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network

For many nonlinear factors which appear in the tracking system of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor (PMLSM), the two hybrid controllers based on the radial basis function neural network were proposed, the hybrid neural network controllers were composed of PID controller and RBF neural network controller in series, and their structures depended on the series orders. The two hybrid neural network controllers realized the nonlinear PID control, which possessed the ability of parameters self-tuning, simple structure and are easy to implement in the practice. The experimental results showed the feasibility and effectiveness of the two hybrid controllers.

Longyang Zhao, Xiao Zhu, Haoming Yang, Xuanju Dang

Information Management and Applications II


Chapter 27. Research of Teaching–Learning-Practicing Integrated Teaching Mode

The construction and practice of the Teaching–Learning-Practice teaching mode is a systematic project and the essence of it is the practical teaching and learning process. The connotation of this teaching mode is the combination of teaching, productive labor and social practice. Based on the course of Tour Guide Business, the paper explores the construction and practice of the Teaching–Learning-Practice teaching mode in order to provide reference for the reform of the training mode for high professional education majoring in tourism management.

Yuan Dong, Xiaohua Zhu

Chapter 28. Construction of Recombinant Expression Vector of Anti-Bacterial Gene aiiA from Marine Bacterium

A pair of proper primers were designed and synthesized for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) of anti-bacterial gene


which encodes protein


from marine bacterial genome, according to the gene sequences of


. The plasmid pMD18-ZD02


was constructed after PCR testing of


gene. The gene sequence of


was amplified with proper primers (with active locations by enzymes BamHIand EcoRI) from molding board of pMD18-ZD02


and linked into expression vector pET-17b after it was hydrolyzed by enzymes of BamHI and EcoRI. And then plasmids pET-ZD02


was constructed. The results of hydrolyzation of enzymes, PCR amplification and sequencing demonstrated that the target gene fragments were inserted into vector pET-17b correctly, the sequences of gene


and frame of reading codes were right. Thus, it may provide base for the recombinant express and induced express of anti-bacterial gene from marine bacterium.

Xian Ding, Bo Yin, Shanfu Zhang, Weike Tang, Weiwen Sun, Shining Zhou

Chapter 29. Distance Education Based on Java and IP Technology

Long-range educational development has already gone through history in 200 years. With the development of society and technology, distance education has got swift and violent development. This text proceeds with concept of long-range technology, understand the major technology that distance education adopts, it is mainly java technology and application in the distance education of IP technology, well realize the figure interface and question transmitted in distance education.

Xiaosong He

Chapter 30. English Education Based on Network

The network technique is applied to teaching of English, make the computer assist teaching of English to enter people for a new developing stage. The English education under the network environment is given consideration to “Study” with “Teach” need while emphasizing student’s entity, fully play a leading role in teacher. Teaching of network and traditional teaching way can be supplemented, mutually promote each other. Explain the combination of network technique and English teaching, discuss to the English education of network, analyze the factor influencing teaching of English, and put forward the countermeasure solved.

Xiaoli Jiang, Hui Liu

Chapter 31. Study of Intelligent Transportation Management Systems on Urban Energy and Environment

With the rapid development of urban ecology, the service quantity of urban traffic and transportation raises, traffic congestion increases, and energy demand ascends too, environmental emission become a major problem in a city. This case study in Beijing, analysis the impact of Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS) on natural environment, like urban atmosphere and noise, and energy utilization rate, the result is ITMS reduces the emission of traffic exhaust and greenhouse gas. This paper get the automobile oil consumption, descent rate of energy consume in Beijing, and the emission inventory of NO


, HC and CO. According to estimate the shadow price of petroleum, calculate the quantity of energy structure adjustment. This paper also gives the calculation of urban pollution control benefit and greenhouse gas emission benefit. Draw a conclusion that ITMS brings Beijing the environmental and energy benefit about 1.337 billion RMB, and plays a great role in Beijing’s society, economy and environment.

Yichun Ni, Zhenzhou Yuan, Wenyu Liu

Chapter 32. Landscape Design Based on Computer Aided Design Technology

CAD provides unparalleled convenience to the major of landscape design, making site design come natural to the designers, communication in design more smooth and direct. To roundly demonstrate the designers’ design idea and inspiration of designers in the way of technology, will help tap more development potential of, and provide more opportunities for landscape design.

Haixiao Shi

Chapter 33. Study on University Football Teaching Based on Multimedia Technology

Application of football multimedia courseware better settles the shortcoming of limited time and unsystematic problems during the football theory teaching process. It also improves the non-intuitive explanation in technical and tactical teaching part, and solves unity and regulatory issues of the technical movement in practice teaching class. Soccer teaching is more standardized. The use and development of multimedia teaching is not only related to teaching methods and transformation of teaching methods, but also affects the teaching mode and the development of teaching theory.

Aihua Yu

Chapter 34. Research of Virtual Tour Impact on Destination Image

Although virtual reality (VR) has been well known and investigated for practical use in various industrial fields after late 1980s and 1990s, it is recently that researchers and practitioners in the tourism field have attempted to understand the virtual tour. Few researches have been done to understand the role of destination image and to examine the impact that virtual tour has on the destination image. The purpose of this paper is to empirically elaborate the relationship between the virtual tour and tourists’ destination image under the context that applied VR technology. This study takes Shanghai Online-Expo as a case and participants either do or don’t have expo-exhibition experiences are all recruited from the Zhejiang University. Virtual tour is expected to positively affect the destination image, and furthermore, it is also significant among tourists’ without destination experience, and vice versa. These results have both managerial and theoretical implication.

Yuanwu Yu

Chapter 35. Design of 3D Character Animation Engine Framework

In this paper, based on the design and implementation of “three-dimensional character animation engine” mainly focuses the principles of different types of character animation parser and the corresponding character rendering function. Besides, the thesis introduces practical animation programming interfaces. They are key-frame animation, mixed animation and morph animation. The engine has unified interfaces which are easily to use and strongly to extend. The users can make use of the ready-made APIs and then be extended to build more complex character animation.

Jie Zheng

Chapter 36. Research on Computer Network Auxiliary Scaffolding Teaching

The proper application of scaffolding instruction mode can optimize the process of reading instruction and improve the reading teaching effectiveness. It can also help students to gradually master the reading strategies and enhance students’ English thinking and expression abilities. Moreover, it can help to achieve the English reading teaching objectives. In this paper, a computer network is applied to participate in the process of scaffolding reading teaching. The external stimulus offered by the online teaching is not a single stimulus, but the comprehensive stimulation of multiple sensory. This is quite important for the acquisition and maintenance of knowledge. In particular, the respect the individual differences of students in the computer network environment can help students to establish their confidence in learning.

Xi-tao Gu, Hong Li, Juan Chen

Chapter 37. Study on Reform of College Teaching Methods Under Information Condition

Promoting informanization in teaching today, teaching methods and means become necessary to realize modernization of education reform, and promote quality-oriented education. There are some in the reform and the phenomenon of overkill form now, such as exercising blow on the traditional teaching methods, putting emphasis on the form of teaching means, while not focusing on teaching activities of middle school students participation, relying too much on multimedia teaching, with the purpose of improving the teaching quality, the teaching methods will be suitable as long as it can largely enlarge effective knowledge.

Xiao Zhan, Mingcong Ma, Lei Du, Man Liu

Chapter 38. Information Network Analysis System for Scientific and Technological Documents

With the social network analysis more and more used in cooperative scientific research analysis, citation analysis, and competitive intelligence social network analysis and so on, the increasing number of articles based on a macroscopic point of view, which probes into the impacts on Library and Information. This paper sums up the application of system analysis for documents information analysis, with the social network as the center, to explore the intrinsic link between cooperative scientific research analysis, co-word analysis and citation analysis, as a basis to establish a network analysis system of documents information, as well as to deduce new ideas and new ways for documents information network analysis system.

Hongxia Liu

Chapter 39. Study of Contemporary Artistic Design Based on Computer Technology

With the development of technology, the computer technology has been used into more and more areas, which has changed human life significantly. Therefore, the application of computer technology in the arts is the fusion between art and technology, which has involved almost all areas of artistic designing. Computer has liberated people from the complicated physical labor and focused on creativity and design, meanwhile, the concept of art has undergone changes. The integration of multimedia images, sounds, text, animation, audio and even smell and other forms of communication has enriched the artistic language and expression and improved the infection of the works. It has also enabled more people to enter the design field, and has created numerous opportunities for employment and wealth producing.

Rui Liu

Chapter 40. Research of Flash-Based Multimedia Courseware Interaction

The interaction of multimedia courseware is extremely important and difficult questions in modern education technique area now. Aiming at the problem of multimedia courseware, the meaning of the interaction of the system, and combining with the teaching practice, based on the detailed introduction of multimedia courseware for flash interactive way.

Kai Zhang

Chapter 41. Study on Mobile Electronic Business Based on Collaborative Framework

The rapid development of the mobile communication technology, electronic business enterprise has gradually entered the mobile e-commerce era. The collaborative commerce application of the theory in the mobile electronic business concept put forward the synergy of mobile electronic business (CMEC). At the same time, this paper studies the overall operation mechanism and platform with mobile electronic business. Collaborative mobile electronic business is not only a complete electronic business is also a kind of the advanced management concepts.

Fenglan Luo

Chapter 42. University Accounting Education Informationalized Reform

With the arrival of information age, the accountant of the university educates and pays great attention to merging with informationalized infiltration, increase content of courses and range of information course in varying degrees, this has relieved the demand to the information talents of finance and economics of the society to a certain extent play a positive role. But with informationalized popularization and deepening, the higher accountant educates and exposes a great deal of questions, influence the realization of the professional train objective seriously, set up the in charge offing experiment platform, can promote informationization and combination which the higher accountant educated.

Hua Yang

Chapter 43. English Listening Teaching Method Based on Multimedia

This paper illustrates the importance of the listening comprehension and the definition of the multimedia. Then gives the reasons of using the multimedia in the English listening teaching. It also points out there are some disadvantages and disadvantages of using multimedia teaching in listening comprehension.

Junling Wang, Weiqing Liu

Chapter 44. Study on Quality Improvement of Remote Education with Alternate-Oriented Tutorship

Face-to-face tutorship is not only one of important parts in the process of distance education, but one of three major steps (i.e. network courseware, face-to-face tutorship, and answering questions) of remote education with the most powerful interaction, influencing and reception. It can directly play an influence on the learning effect of students. In this paper, based on the practices in the learning centers outside remote educational school, the author carries out a detailed analysis on the aspects such as time, period and contents of face-to-face tutorship, and also discusses the necessity, feasibility and effectiveness of alternate-oriented face-to-face tutorship in the process of online remote education in depth.

Yong Hu

Education in Informatics I


Chapter 45. New Techniques to Improve Mathematical Education in Local Engineering Universities

This paper analyzes the mathematical education in local engineering universities of China. Some possible reasons are given to explain the difficulties in mathematical teaching and learning. By using morden technologies, emphasizing the fundamental principles and demonstrating the applications of mathematics from various problems in many subjects of engineering, this paper proposed some methods and examples to improve the mathematical education.

Dawei Sun, Jiarui Liu

Chapter 46. Research on Dance Teaching Based on Modern Educational Technology

With the continuous improvement of Science and technology, scientific and technological meaning is given to dance teaching in the context of new era. Multimedia-aided teaching equipment has become an important method for current education of various disciplines. In the same way, dance teaching has also increased the application of multimedia-aided teaching equipment in teaching activities. Based on many years of personal practice and working experience, this paper explores and discusses the application of modern educational technology in dance teaching, and hopes to serve as a modest spur to induce someone to come forward with his valuable contributions.

Ping Li

Chapter 47. Research on Materials of Drawing Therapy in University Library

The article is set out to introduce the origin, the development, the main theory and the operative techniques of the Drawing Therapy. Considering the advantages of the library in Research Laboratory, research documents and materials, the author analyzes the feasibility of applying the Drawing Therapy materials to psychological health care of college students by the university library and providing the proposals for the library to establish a professional team that could carry out the health psychological care for students through using the various kinds of materials of Drawing Therapy.

ZhongHua Liu

Chapter 48. Study on Reformation of Civil Engineering Construction Course Based on Instantiation Thoughts

Civil Engineering Construction, which composites and applies knowledge learned in other professional courses, such as construction machinery, engineering mechanics, construction materials, etc., is an important course and can affect students’ career development. On account of the key problem existing in teaching of civil engineering construction course, which is separation of theory knowledge from practice, a systematic reformation scheme is put forward based on instantiation. Through introducing actual case as “content index” in new teaching material, developing model room of construction technology and reference room of actual case, and forming auxiliary teaching database (video, animation, site picture), we built a systematic resources platform for teaching and further made reasonable use of the platform in teaching process. As results of course reformation, students can well combine practice issue with theory knowledge together during course of learning, and make more clear how and where to use course knowledge. Finally, better combination of theory with practice and better teaching effect can be gained.

Fuxue Sun, Yunhui Zhu, Haijun Shi, Changfeng Ruan

Chapter 49. Research on PBL and LBL Double Track Teaching Model in Unified Modeling Language Teaching Based on Outstanding Engineers

The computer science and technology major of our school is the Ministry of Education educational reform pilot project. Unified modeling language is the required course of the major software engineering direction. This course’s teaching method is discussed in the paper according to the requirements of outstanding engineer cultivation plan. The double track teaching method that lecture based learning (LBL) and problem based learning (PBL) repair with each other to go into the course teaching is proposed. The LBL method makes the student have a firm basic theory. The PBL method improves student knowledge application, integration theory with practice and the innovation thinking ability. The contents of the paper develops new path and provides new way of thinking for the educational reform pilot project reform.

Yu Wang, Rina Su, Guojun Li

Chapter 50. On Teaching Reform of Life Science Public Elective Courses in Higher Education Institutions

Humanity is in the face of a series of problems in life sciences such as resources, environment, population and mass extinction of biological species, so it is of urgent need to offer life science public elective courses in higher education institutions to improve the life scientific literacy of college students. After analyzing the course characteristics and student sources of whole-school life science public elective courses, the paper discusses about the appropriate teaching modes and methods, determines the principles of building life science public elective courses teaching system, and puts forward the strategies of carrying on life science public elective courses teaching, to promote the teaching effect and cultivate the comprehensive quality and creative thinking ability of college students.

Wei Meng, Xiaochun Lai

Chapter 51. Study on Teaching Characteristics and Methods of Interior and Furniture Design History Course

The main focus of this paper is to extend the teaching reform results of interior and furniture design history course in China through analysis and research. To achiever this, we made the characteristic analysis and judgment of interior and furniture design history course, and then analyzed the existing problems and difficulties in the teaching process of interior and furniture design history course. At last, the reform methods of teaching means and forms in interior and furniture design history course were discussed and summarized.

Jianhua Lv, Ming Chen

Chapter 52. Analysis of Social Anxiety Based on 1161 Cases Teaching


Survey and analysis of social anxiety on college students to understand social anxiety conditions and influencing factors of college students, and proposed countermeasures to alleviate social anxiety.


Interaction Anxiety Scale (IAs) conducted a questionnaire survey and analysis of social anxiety status quo of 1,161 students.


Students’ social anxiety significantly, and the high degree of social anxiety grouping accounted for 13.3 %. The survey sample, the average anxiety level is very significantly higher than normal average, different gender, different students, whether the student leaders of the Students’ degree of social anxiety there are significant differences. Different family parenting style, social anxiety level of parents closely related to the degree students exist very significant differences.


There should be targeted to strengthen the anti-social anxiety and other mental health education for students.

Lixin Wang

Chapter 53. Application of Advertising Aesthetic Appreciation in University Aesthetic Teaching

As a form of aesthetic activities, the development of aesthetic education has a close relationship with Chinese education and China’s destiny. The university is the cradle training high-level talents, in current aesthetic education, there are still many imperfections. There are some university educators believe that the aesthetic education only refers to the art aesthetic education, which neglecting the natural aesthetic, craft aesthetic (technological aesthetic and practical aesthetic), social aesthetic. For these three artistic components, the educational content is single and boring and the educational form is inflexible, so that the aesthetic education is not so ideal. This article thoroughly understands and analyzes the status quo of university aesthetic education, proposes to apply the advertising aesthetic appreciation in the university aesthetic education, it regards the practicality of advertising aesthetic appreciation form as a brand new teaching resource of university aesthetic education, so as to realize the purposes of enrich the content and form of university aesthetic education.

Mingyong Zhou

Chapter 54. Research on Design-Conscious Cultivation in Basic Art Education

This paper, talking about the design concept, clearly indicates that the design in the field of art refers to a kind of creative activities such as vision, planning and programs etc. from the practical and aesthetic point of view to realize certain purpose in the creation process. It, from the educational value of traditional craftsmanship and modern design as well as the cultural point of view, explains the importance of cultivating design-conscious and describes its theories and methods by classroom DIY and design criticism and teaching methods, with the purpose of let others know more about the issues related to design-conscious cultivation in the basic art education.

Wei Wei

Chapter 55. Study of Efficient Sustainable Development Scheme of Basketball Education

In recent years, the Beijing Olympic Games success to the development of sports in China has brought unprecedented opportunities for development, but also to amateur sports, sports development of the school has entered an important stage. In this paper, literature research, surveys, statistics, logic, analysis and case survey method and other methods of Jiaozuo basketball school case studies on working conditions, lack of reserve personnel for basketball, athlete education, athlete whereabouts issues proposed to adjust the layout, improve the management system; expand financing channels, trying to diversify operation mode; strengthening scientific training, and recommend strategies for sustainable development.

Shen Fu

Chapter 56. Art Practice Research in Vocal Teaching

This paper mainly discussed the role and significance of art practice in the vocal teaching, and from the testing and improving two aspects of artistic practice to vocal teaching, detail analyzed the necessity of the combination between the two, for the college vocal teaching further development of artistic practice to offer a few ideas.

Zhenli Shi

Chapter 57. Research on Graduate Ideological and Political Education

With the popularization of higher education, graduates become an important part of university. Moreover, strengthen the ideological and political education of graduate students will be the focus of the university ideological work. This paper finds an effective method to improve the graduate ideological and political cultivation by analyzing both positive and negative impacts of networks to the ideological and political education and the current problems. By using the actual situation of graduate students’ network using and doing entire front online and offline ideological and political education, it makes the network more effectively serving the graduate students’ ideological and political education system and becoming an indispensable part.

Lijun Xie, Zhongzhi Han

Chapter 58. Research on Determination of Weaknesses of Research Quality Management in Universities

At present, the research on college scientific quality management system was only limited to effectiveness evaluation, while the quantitative determination of the weaknesses was less considered. It would cause that the persuasion of research quality management was not strong. Based on this situation, the model determining weaknesses was established based on extendable optimal degree. Through the introduction of eligible degree, learn the principle determining the number of principal components in the principal component analysis, the formula for calculating the cumulative contribution rate of weak degree of the index was proposed. Numerical example shows that the weaknesses of the quality could be determined scientifically. Finally, the application prospects of the method were looked in related fields.

Wang Weiguo, Wang Kai, Wang Shuai, Mou Pengbo

Chapter 59. Research of Psychology Teaching Based on the Information Technology

Information technique and psychology teaching’s integrating is a kind of information-based study method, its aim wants to develop learner to make use of an information technique efficiently of the target of completion course study in the information-based environment. Physically setting out from the teaching purpose and the reform in education, this paper mainly carried on information technique and psychology active, and promote psychology teaching to a layer, then set up technical according to the information teaching feedback model, finally researched how to raise efficiency and quality of teaching.

Zhen Zhong

Sports Management and Application II


Chapter 60. Experimental Study of Influence on College Students Psychological Health by Playing Football

Sports have great influence on people’s physical and mental health. At present, a great deal of college students has some mental health problems. Based on the documental accounts, questionnaires, sports experiments and data statistics, this article tries to find out the relationship between football-playing and students’ psychological statement, and aims to explore the new model in college PE class.

Limei Liu, Bin Yuan

Chapter 61. Study on Efficient Training Mode of Youth Basketball

This paper first introduces to juvenile basketball training in a number of common problems, and then set up a training process model and a performance evaluation model, introducing the relevant parameters, finally how to use the scientific concept to guide youth basketball training related issues were discussed and research, and for the subsequent juvenile basketball training work reference.

Fei Zhang, Yonglin Zhao, Ping Huang

Chapter 62. Analysis of Short-term Physical Training Plan Influence on of Physical Quality of Female College Student

This paper combines the literature material method and experimental method to discuss short-term physical training plan’s influence on female college students’ physical quality. Through short-term physical training of 120 female university students and physical quality condition records before and after the short-term training, this paper compares the training results before and after the training and discusses the physical quality of female college students. For these healthy female college students, we provided training of aerobic exercise, aerobic threshold and shoulders, strength training of abdomen and legs to muscle 2 h per week for 16 weeks. The results showed that their physical quality was improved after the physical training for 16 weeks. All in all, the above activity improved female university students’ health. The experimental results showed that short-term physical training plan can improve female university students’ physical quality, effectively improve female university students’ physical form, strengthen the body function, and promote the physical health of female university students.

Chunmei Peng, Wenping Ye

Chapter 63. Analysis of College Students Weight Based on Physical Exercise and Dietary Pattern

Weight gain and lifestyle behaviours during the university may cause overweight and obesity of the adults. The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the freshman and sophomore years of total 760 college students’ (53 % women, 47 % men) movement and dietary patterns, and its influence on college students’ physical and mental health. The study mainly involves measuring students’ weight and height, and using the form of questionnaire survey as the measurement of their recent sports and diet mode. According to the results of the survey, 29 % of freshman students do not participate in sports, and 70 % of the people eat fruit and vegetables every day of less than 5; more than 50 % of people in at least three times a week before eat fried or high fat fast food. But by the end of the sophomore year, 70 % of 290 reopened the weight assessment, which shows the weight gain (4.1 +/− 3.6 kg, P < 0.001), but this has no clear link with physical exercise and dietary pattern. We need to make further analysis contribution of fat, muscle, and bone to weight gain, and determine the influence of physical exercise and dietary pattern on college students’ physical weight.

Chunmei Peng, Wenping Ye

Chapter 64. Research on Nutrition Demand of Basketball Players

As a basketball player, how vital of a role food and nutrition in the playing ability is critical. Somebody will ask “does it really matter what we eat be-for a game”? Optimum performance on the basketball court requires sound nutritional habits, as being adequately fueled directly affects your stamina and focus. You can get your daily requirement of nutrients and calories through everyday food. It is rare to need the use of supplements, with the exception being weight-gain shakes for those of you who have trouble consuming adequate calories to provide for muscle gain. You should most certainly steer clear of performance-enhancing supplements, such as creating and ephedrine, because of the possible side effects. Do not underestimate the role nutrition plays in acquiring maximum physical development. What you eat on a daily basis helps to determine body fat levels, as well as how much energy you will have for intense workouts and practices. This research was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

Lijuan Hou, Sunnan Li

Chapter 65. Coupling Analysis of Social Background and School Health Sports Development

By introducing social stratification theory and non-equilibrium development theory as the theoretical basis of the research, this paper focuses on the coupling mechanism between school health sports development and different social backgrounds. By establishing the fuzzy mathematical model, this paper then puts forward the constructing the school health sports non-equilibrium development mode: “upper-class school self-government development, middle-class school inside and outside development, lower-class school government support development”.

Qingbo Kong, Lingyan Zhang

Chapter 66. Healthy Sports Situation for Different Social Background Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Social stratification phenomenon universal existence, the school health education development also reflects the distribution of resources and the faculty and other factors influencing the prevalence differences. Based on the development of school physical education practice problems, the article tries to introduce the hierarchy analysis method the mathematical concepts, and the establishment of school physical education and healthy development of the mathematical model, through the index system weight coefficient, scientific and objective evaluation of different areas of the school sports development condition, have bigger use value.

Qingbo Kong, Lingyan Zhang

Chapter 67. Research on Outdoor Sports in Southern Sichuan

The investigation of the status quo in the outdoor sports of southern Sichuan, in-depth analysis of the major programs undertaken by the Kawaminami outdoor sports, participant age, gender, project selection tendentious and to participate in outdoor sports of the time, age, location, consumer, and forms of organization characteristics, and the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to guide practice, and to provide reference for the better development of southern Sichuan outdoor sports.

Lin Liu, Chengxiang Liu, Xiaogang Li

Chapter 68. Research on Humanity Spirit of Sports in Harmonious Society

The unprecedented social transformation in China and the idea of building a harmonious society put forward by the CPC has brought a great shock to the social life, which make people’s minds and spirit face enormous challenges, as well as the human-based sports with its core humanism be the first to be affected. This paper takes the humanistic spirit of sports as the research target, defining it and digging its value; raising the objective, principle, content and the available path of constructing humanistic spirit of sports in the harmonious society with the purpose of advancing it and developing it to play much greater role in the process of civilization of human life and society.

Nian Tang, Peng Li

Chapter 69. Research on Status of PE Teachers in Private Universities

Private universities are one of the important components in our country’s higher education system. It has a great development in the number or on a scale. Through the current situation of research in Henan province private universities sports teachers. According to the analysis of existing problems, the author put forward the corresponding measures, only for the relevant part of the reference.

Guosheng Zhang

Chapter 70. Research on Technical and Tactical Characteristics of Men’s Professional Tennis Player

In this paper, literature and data, video observation, mathematical statistics on men’s professional tennis players in singles matches in three different venues technical and tactical characteristics were compared. The results showed that: serve the data phase of success and failure is higher than the grass field site and the hard clay courts, a stalemate and hard clay than grass field site. More technical and tactical aspects of the use of lawn space and serve after serve sights, clay and hard to use space more technical and tactical stalemate.

Fusheng Jang, Ya Liu

Chapter 71. Research on Reformation of PE Based on Culture Rebuilding for Industrial Technology

The reconstruction of cultural significance and research culture of their own teaching and research are discussed. The paper discussed constituent elements of teaching and research culture and the relationship, and the main content of current teaching and research and teaching and research system, the establishment of the content system was analyzed, and the protection of research activities carried out by several measures.

Zhuang Liang

Chapter 72. Research on Serving Technique Material of Men’s Tennis Player in Industrial Technology

An important technology exists in the tennis serve tennis. Documents, video observation research methods, analysis of study 2009–2011 third Tennis Masters Cup players in the game serving technology use, a more objective reveals the world’s outstanding men’s singles tennis in the use of the characteristics and inherent law, the establishment of a tennis serve mode of action, provide a theoretical basis for our tennis serve teaching and training.

Fusheng Jang, Ya Liu

Chapter 73. Study on Natural Ecological Environment of Interior Design for Gyms

In this paper, ecology an sports science theory are applied, the methods of literature, interviews and observation research are used, at the same time combining the gym interior architecture characteristics, puts forward the connotation of ecological environment and principle of the gym interior design. And try to discuss the application of ecological technology from space, color, light, sound, temperature, and the points for attention when designing the interior environment of gyres. The final purpose I want to reach is to make sure that every area of the gym shall accord with human body comfort and security and my viewpoint can provide reference basis for gym’s interior design and adornment.

Xinhua Zhu

Chapter 74. Researches of Effective Teaching in Physical Education Under New Curriculum Standards

In order to train a large number of personnel adjusting to social and economic development with the progress of society, China’s education is also undergoing tremendous changes. Education reform has already become a hot topic of the education sector and the academia. Physical Education Reform also needs to be reformed as a physical training course, besides reforms in the basic courses of the professional culture. In the entire reform process, all reforms are empty talk if their effectiveness can not be guaranteed as they have never be carried out, no matter they are changes on curriculum or teaching mode. China’s economic is changing from the traditional intensive labor to high-tech labor since the beginning of the 21st century, which has a higher demand for personnel. As the cradle of personnel training, school plays a vital role on the development of the society. Therefore, it is to be considered and concerned for all schools that ensuring the effectiveness of their teaching under the new curriculum standards.

Xingdong Yang

Chapter 75. Research of Volleyball General Course in the Physical Education Major

As the international competition project, the majority of sports fans favor the volleyball. The volleyball project in our country is placed at the international advanced level. Especially the female volleyball has obtained the champion in the Olympic Games and the World Cup many times. It has the sufficient influence. In the physical education major of our colleges and universities, volleyball course is the required course that places the important position among the entire major education. Through the volleyball course learning, students can grasp the theory basement that relative with the volleyball. Moreover, they can obtain the enough practical abilities and establish the foundation of further employment. However, the present physical education major arrangement is not reasonable that cannot completely adapt to the social development requirement. Therefore, the course evaluation and reformation is necessary. This is the hot spot of volleyball researcher in the sporting world. It has the instructive significant for the volleyball development.

Wengang Ren

Chapter 76. Research of After-Class Physical Training in Higher Learning

With the rapid economic development, the education filed provides the series of reformation such as quality education, humanistic education, and lifelong sports for adapting the society development. Under the great base number of our population, the traditional physical education caters to the competition requirement. There have a few people practice the high target training after class. This condition will snag many questions along with the social development that under the largest population base in our country. School is the part of this society and it is the basement of training talents. The target is training the talents as much as possible. If we do not guide and focus on the students’ after class training, it will decrease the training positivity. In recent years, our country has obtained good performance in the various national physical competitions. However, through the quality research about the teenagers, their physical quality is under the sustained decrease. The school has the shortage attention on the sports, especially the physical training after class. How to increase the students’ physical quality and mobilize the physical training positivity among the whole students is the most considered question.

Zhixin Sun

Chapter 77. Innovative Research on Rating Quantification System of Tai Chi Courses Portfolio in Colleges

This paper fully takes into account of the characteristics of tai chi course teaching in colleges, combines with the spirit guidelines of traditional rating rules of martial arts, uses mathematical and statistical functions of excel software, comprehensively applies research methods of consistency coefficient, range analysis and so on, through two major theme frameworks of tai chi exercise levels and difficulty coefficient, constructs a rating quantification system of tai chi courses portfolio in colleges, divides into six groups, three cycles of rating test, the test results show, the rating quantification innovative system of tai chi courses portfolio in colleges is reasonable, feasible and teaching directive. It recommends promotion in rating of martial arts courses in colleges, to improve the effectiveness and influence of Chinese traditional sports teaching.

Chao Zhao, Hu Ma

Chapter 78. Brand Advantages and Media Image of Youth Olympic Games Based on Political Communication

The Youth Olympic Games are global youth brand games based on element definitions of universal values, global justice embodiment, group identity, market potential and so on, games brand advantages are the global implementation of universal values and the construction of youth group identity. The worldwide media image of Youth Olympic Games constructs myth imagination focusing on the personality characteristics of young people, which fits for the pure myth tradition of the Olympic Games, commits to show the innocence and vitality of youth, there are three building models of media image, i.e. the Singapore mode of performance of cultural diversity and city vitality, the Nanjing mode of performance of new forces and China’s rise, the western reshaping model of performance of fresh cool breeze and passion element. Understand the nature of cultural politics of Youth Olympic Games, serve for sports development in China and the media industry.

Feng Yang

Chapter 79. Research on Essential Difference of E-Sport and Online Game

After nearly a decade of development and evolution, online game is popular in the world with its entertainment, athletic, virtual, interactive, innovative features and so on, and in the ascendant trend. This paper questioned the current mainstream ideas of the difference between the two (e-sport and online game). The essential difference is the sports standardization of online games, a distinction between virtual and reality, and the resulting influence on different effects of things development. Online game marries to sport, for common development, which is inevitable in its development history. Online game needs the sport form to regulate itself, further develop and expand; include the online game (also can be e-sport) into the sports category, as a sport, which has positive role in promoting the expansion of sports content, reflecting the function of sports. So a win-win situation can be achieved. It concluded that the differences we are talking about between e-sport and online game, are historical point of view, from the development perspective, e-sport and online game are not completely separate, immutable.

Hu Ma, Yinbo Wu, Xinyu Wu

Chapter 80. Study on Rhymnastics Gymnastics Teaching Method

If we want to relieve rhymnastics gymnastics education from the pure physical training, the key is rhymnastics spread of culture. The realistic meaning and historical significance is the main purpose of the important change in gymnastics teaching rhymnastics gymnastics education, pay attention to the building rhymnastics gymnastics education theory system contains the humanities and science and training talents, has both the rhymnastics gymnastics humanity quality and scientific spirit.

Miao Feng

Chapter 81. Research of Sports Teaching Network Support System

With the rapid development and popularization of network technology, network has been applied to all aspects of teaching and learning activities as an auxiliary tool. For the special subject of sports, shortcomings and deficiencies in the teaching activities can be compensated effectively through the application of network technology. Developing the corresponding network support system for physical education can break the time and space constraints of traditional physical education activities. It will lay a solid foundation for the popularization of the lifelong education concept. It is also an emphasis and a hot spot of the research for present sports workers.

Wengang Ren, Ligang Tian

Chapter 82. Study of Public Sports Service Demand on Human Movement Science Undergraduate Professional Training Programmers

According to our country Human Movement Science of professional development, as well as the stage of public sports service demand, this paper aims to explore a new guidelines and implementation scheme based on the public sports service demand as human movement science professional training program.

Jianyong Di, Yanmei Yang, Honghui Wang

Chapter 83. Analysis on Development of National Fitness Movement Based on College Sports Resource

Compared with social resources, the university sports resource is relatively perfect. But how to make use of the sports resources in colleges and universities to promote the nationwide fitness campaign, do not bring the burden for colleges and universities, and transform into a way that is conducive to the development of colleges and universities. This paper analyzes the college requirements of comprehensive sports, and designs a demand model. According to the demand, we find out it is necessary to introduce social capital. Then this paper analyzes the financing way of sports resources in Colleges and universities. From the University’s social service function, this paper analysis on how colleges and universities attract the talents from the one participation in sports, absorb the human resources and financial resources for their own use, so as to achieve a win–win situation. After the final analysis, we draw some constructive suggestions.

Bin Ding, Yan Ma

Chapter 84. Analysis on Development Mode of Island Sports Tourism Resource Based on Sustainable Development

Based on the measurement method of ecological footprint and the Security, judgment formula of Island Sports Tourism Ecological, Island Sports Tourism Resource mode is very dangerous state, which has appeared in Guangdong Province. On contrary to the strategy of sustainable development, four improved development model is proposed for Guangdong Province to give some advice for the sustainable development of island sports tourism resources.

Lin Zuo

Multimedia Technology and Application


Chapter 85. A Novel Switching Vector Median Filter for Color Image Filtering

Color impulse noise removing is a hot research problem in digital image processing, vector median filter (VMF) is a kind of traditional highly effective vector filter for color impulse noise removing. But it fails to distinguish details edges from impulsive noise, and usually filter them out. A novel vector median filter is proposed in this paper. This method uses quaternion rotation theory and the principle of Laplacian operators to construct the new switching condition. Combining this color impulse detector with the traditional VMF and some of the representative vector filters and recently developed vector filters, the proposed filters not only effectively preserves the edge details, but also provides better filtering performance.

Xiaohe Zhang

Chapter 86. Color Management System Based on Spectral Image

To solve the defects of existing color management system which is colormetric match, a new mixed color management system architecture based on spectral image and color appearance attributes is proposed, its profile connected space may be spectral reflectance, spectral transmittance, spectral radiance or color appearance values, so its data processing workflow is discussed, and a low-dimensional interim connection space is introduced to reduce cost of calculation.

Songhua He, Bo Li

Chapter 87. Efficient Approach of Image Quality Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Logic

The image quality evaluation is an important subject in image processing techniques. Aiming to improve the existing methods of image quality measurement, a new fuzzy logic-based image quality evaluation approach is presented in this paper. It is well known that an image is composed of details (edge, texture) and smooth regions, according to several fuzzy inference rules, three different quality factors are defined and applied to their respective regions. The proposed approach separates the distorted effects from the original edges in the image, and avoids the edges being mistaken as distorted effects. Experimental results show that the proposed method is robust for various image, in addition, it has the general performance of image quality evaluation approaches.

Qinghua Ji, Baojing Chen

Chapter 88. Research on Medical Image Processing Method Based on the Matlab

This paper emphasizes the MATLAB-based medical image processing tools. It includes the theoretical background and examples. Through Matlab this paper make the introduction of the post-imaging quality in medical technology and medical imaging. It also introduces the medical image processing technology and describes the image processing and processing technologies, including the organ contours, interpolation, filtering, and segmentation techniques. In medicine, the DICOM image data processing using MATLAB is also widely used in this type of image processing.

Shirui Gao

Chapter 89. Automatic Identification Water Flooding Level of Oil Layer Based on Fluorescence Microscopic Image Processing Technology

Based on fluorescence microscopic image data of hermetic coring well, this paper realizes fluorescence image quantification interpretation for different reservoir and water-flooded level, through studying the fluorescent color, relative intensity and change rule of the light-emitting area in different water-flooded levels, establishing quantitative standards of fluorescent color and fluorescence intensity. Taking advantage of images of colorimetric principle, cluster analysis was used for analyzing the fluorescence color and each color of the wavelength and the relative strength was quantified in this paper. By means of image processing, count the pixels with similar fluorescent color to identify the light-emitting area of fluorescence, then draw quantitative spectrum graph of fluorescent image, finally realize the automatic identification of water flooded degree.

Huijian Wen, Xueying Li, Guangjuan Fan

Chapter 90. An Effective Image Segmentation Algorithm Method Based on Compound Morphology Filter and Modified Watershed

To describe an effective method for image segmentation algorithm, which is based on the compound morphology filter and modified watershed? First of all, we define the compound morphology filter with opening-closing operators and closing-opening operators, which overcomes the over-segmentation of the traditional water shed algorithm. Secondly, we design a new morphology water shed with inner and external marks, and also define the regional minima to inner marks from the low frequency components of the gradients and external marks between the region; the inner and external marks change along with the image information, thus which has realized to the image information adaptive segmentation. Experimental result show that the new algorithm can overcome under the low contrast is not high enough accuracy in the traditional morphology watershed segmentation algorithm, which could accurately obtain the image edge and contour.

Weifeng Wang, Huifeng Yan, Mingliang Zhou

Chapter 91. A New Graph-Based Image Segmentation Algorithm

Based on graph theory, we choose two-dimensional Gaussian as a dynamic adaptive index for weighting function, difference function Dex for inter-area and Din for one area were defined by structural similarity index (SSIM), the function determines different area to be merged or segmented is achieved. The algorithm was implemented on Mat lab successfully. Experimental results show that the algorithm the segmentation is better than others in effect and calculate time.

Qian Zhang, Fujian Feng, Lin Xin, Lin Wang

Chapter 92. An Approach for Image Retrieval Based on Support Vector Machines

Various approach including artificial neural networks have been used to classify a large image database efficiently and shown to be highly successful in this application area. This paper presents a new, scaling and rotation invariant encoding scheme for shapes. Support vector machines (SVMs) are used for the classifications of shapes encoded by the new method. This paper examines the performance of the proposed method by comparing it with that of multilayer perception, one of the artificial neural network (ANNs) techniques, based on real real-world image data. The experiment shows that the results of one-class SVMs outperform those of ANNs.

Guoyong Wang, Wen Cui, Chen Sun

Chapter 93. High Accuracy Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Based on Support Vector Machine and Independent Component Analysis

This paper proposed a new method for handwritten Chinese character recognition based on a combination of independent component analysis (ICA) and support vector machine (SVM). First, we extracted independent basis images of handwritten Chinese character image and the projection vector by using fast ICA algorithm, and obtained the feature vector. Then, we used two stage classification methods based on SVM for classification. The scheme took full advantage of good extraction local features capability of ICA and strong classification ability of SVM, thus increasing the system’s recognition rate. The experiments show that the feature extraction method based on ICA is superior to that of gradient-based, and the two stage classifiers based on SVM is better than that of modified quadratic discriminant function. On HCL2000, a handwritten Chinese character database, the recognition accuracy of 99.87 % has been achieved.

Zhiguo He, Yuquan Zhong, Yudong Cao

Chapter 94. Image Compression Algorithm Based on Lifting Wavelet

Wavelet transform has good characteristics of time and frequency, and it is very suitable for the analysis of mutant signal. So as a good method of image analysis, wavelet transform has been widely used in extraction of edge and compression of image. But large computation of wavelet transform, limits its application in high-speed and real-time signal processing field. Compared with traditional wavelet transform, lifting algorithm does not depend on the Fourier transform. Lifting Wavelet transform is very suitable for implementation of hardware and will reduce the computing complexity. This paper designs a method of image processing based on 5/3 lifting wavelet transform and realizes the simulation on FPGA. The lifting algorithm implemented in hardware has lower computational complexity and save the memory space. The experimental results show that 5/3 lifting wavelet transform implemented on FPGA can be effective on digital image compression.

Yong Li, Dejian Kong, Hengji Du

Chapter 95. Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Based on Improved POCS Algorithm

Projections onto convex sets (POCS) algorithm is a widely used super-resolution image reconstruction method. Aiming at the edge ringing effect of traditional POCS algorithm, this paper analyzes the basic reason causing the effect, and adopts an improved POCS algorithm to reduce it. In the improved algorithm, the Point Spread Function (PSF) centered at any edge pixel is weighted, making the far the position of the PSF coefficient is from the edge, the smaller the corresponding PSF coefficient is, and the coefficients remain unchanged along the edge direction. This paper uses wavelet transform modulus maxima method to detect image edges. Considering the edge ringing effect is not only relevant to the edge pixels, but also relevant to their neighboring pixels, we dilate the edge-detected image with a structuring element so as to obtain thicker image edges. Experimental results show that our method greatly reduces the edge ringing effect at little cost in terms of image sharpness, so we can get a better reconstruction image.

Juan Li, Jin Wu, Guang Hu, Shen Yang

Chapter 96. Research on Images Identification Technology Based on Neural Network

Image identification, with a mass of information computations, needs high speed and precision. The real-time and robustness of neural network accord the demands of the images identification. Aiming at the question that BP network easily to get bogged down in the partial dinky weakness, this paper proposed an improved neural network method, which can avoid the partial dinky and achieve the global minimum by adding the momentum factor in weight increment.

Yiqiu Xu, Zhanbo Liu, Wei Zhang

Chapter 97. Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment by Facial Expression

To enhance players’ game experience is one of the most important targets in game exploring. In this paper we integrated a dynamic game difficulty adjustment (DDA) method into Tetris that using Active Shape Model (ASM) and HMM to recognize emotion states of players’ from camera and utilizing Kalman filter to dynamically detect the experience of players. According to the users’ experience then adjusted the speed of game. Experiments shown that our DDA method could give player better game experience.

Nan Xiang, Lili Yang, Mingmin Zhang

Chapter 98. Research on Detection Technology of Image Spam

This document calculates and discusses circular groove angle (CGA) affects on journal bearing performance. CFD method has been used for calculate N–S equations and cavitation effect has been considered. The results show that as CGA increases, the maximum pressure is decreased; the capacity and friction moment are also decreased. The maximum pressure position is increased from 1 to 2 when CGA is 180°. This paper will provide a theoretical basis for journal bearing groove optimal design.

Lixin Tao, Hean Liu, Tao Zhang, Ning Zhong, Shuguang Wu

Chapter 99. Face Recognition Dimensionality Reduction Based on LLE and ISOMAP

Local linear embedding (LLE) and isometric feature mapping (ISOMAP) are two basic patterns of nonlinear dimensionality reduction. Their respective strengths and weaknesses in face recognition deserve deep-going comparative study. Therefore, this paper is to test the two patterns’ performance efficiency in different parameters, analyze and summarize the two dimensionality reduction pattern’s characteristics and scope of application, apply LLE and main constituent analysis into face recognition and summarize probability of detection of face recognition.

Tao Zhang, Shu Li, Shuguang Wu, Lixin Tao

Chapter 100. Blind Watermarking Algorithm Based on Singular Block Value

This paper proposes a brand-new blind watermarking algorithm which is based on singular block value. Through combination of image decomposition technique and digital watermarking, it makes watermark technology extraction accomplished so as to make the embeddings and extraction of digital image watermarking much faster, and then reduces the decomposition process of image singular value, test and verify the robustness of this algorithm.

Ning Zhong, Zhike Kuang, Shuguang Wu, Lixin Tao

Chapter 101. A Novel Image Fusion Approach Combined Singular Value Decomposition with Averaging Operation

This paper presents a new image fusion algorithm, combined with business singular value decomposition (QSVD) with a simple average operation. Multi-focused image is the first averaging into a new image. The most error-contributing components in each error image are the most contribution to the portion of the image using QSVD Multi-focused to reduce mistakes. Each reduce error image, put forward a new kind of calculation singular vectors fusion image. Finally get to decide to fill each image fusion image through the calculation standard deviation. The experimental results, such as mutual information (MI), information entropy (IE), maintain edge information (Qabf) to the signal- noise-ratio (SNR) and root mean square error (RMSE) is used to assess algorithm. The experimental results show that the algorithm is a kind of high efficient development fusion algorithm.

Jing Luo, Fenghua Liu

Chapter 102. DCT-Based Blind Watermarking of 3D Models

To propose robust blind watermarking methods of 3D models based on DCT. First a 3D mesh models will be mapped to a 2D parametric mesh with a kind of planar parameterization method, geometric signals are then transformed into 2D signals. Then a DCT-based watermark scheme is proposed to embed the watermark into some DCT coefficients. The watermark can be detected without the original 3D models. Experimental results show that the embedded watermark is robust against various geometry signal processing.

Xin Zhou, Xun Wang, Dingjun Huang
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