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21.05.2020 | Original Research Paper

Optimal configuration selection for stiffness identification of 7-Dof collaborative robots

Aimed to improve the stiffness identification precision of 7-degree-of-freedom (Dof) collaborative robots (Cobots), an optimal configuration selection method for elastostatic calibration of robots is researched by the influencing factor separation …

02.05.2020 | Original Research Paper

Design of manipulator based on two-dimensional force feedback

Aiming at the problem of excessive deformation of parts in the process of grasping soft objects, a parallel two-finger grasping system based on two-dimensional force feedback was designed. NX software was used to design the parallel two-finger …

29.04.2020 | Original Research Paper

Kinematic and dynamic design and optimization of a parallel rehabilitation robot

In this paper, a method for concurrent optimum design of a complex parallel manipulator is introduced. The manipulator is a three-degree-of-freedom mechanism used as a walking rehabilitation device. The proposal deals with several optimization …

25.04.2020 | Original Research Paper

Fuzzy rule-based environment-aware autonomous mobile robots for actuated touring

The involvement of computer-programmed autonomous mobile robots in real-time activities is emerging in the recent years. The actuation and interaction of the robots are controlled through optimized high-level programming to respond to …

03.03.2020 | Original Research Paper

Discrete vector fields for 2-D navigation under minimum turning radius constraints

To greatly extend the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles, automation systems for the various piloting functions are being developed. However, the development of these auto-systems is not without challenges. One of these challenges is the …

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Intelligent Service Robotics fosters the dissemination of new discoveries and novel technologies that advance the ability of robotics to assist and support humans. The journal addresses a broad spectrum of topics ranging from intelligent robots acting as a servant, secretary, or companion to intelligent robotic functions such as embedded robotics, ambient intelligence, or intelligent space.

Special attention is given to the integration of robotics with information technology and cognitive science, with the goal of developing new multi-dimensional robotic services. This includes ubiquitous and adaptive computing, information integration in a distributed environment, and cognitive modeling for human-robot interaction.

The journal publishes original papers of innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, and novel applications and business models relevant to the field of intelligent service robotics.

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