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Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung / Markets and Organisations

Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung / Markets and Organisations

Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung

126 Jahrgänge | 1994 - 2021


Change of institutions, technology and competition drives the interplay of markets and organisations. The scientific series ‘Markets and Organisations’ addresses a magnitude of related questions, presents theoretic and empirical findings and discusses related concepts and models.Professor Dr. Dres. h. c. Arnold PicotLudwig-Maximilians-UniversitätMünchen, Deutschland
Professor Dr. Professor h. c. Dr. h. c.Ralf ReichwaldHHL Leipzig Graduate School ofManagement, Leipzig, Deutschland
Professor Dr. Egon FranckUniversität Zürich, Schweiz
Professorin Dr. Kathrin M. MösleinFriedrich-Alexander-UniversitätErlangen-Nürnberg & HHL, Leipzig,Deutschland

Alle Bücher der Reihe Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung / Markets and Organisations

2021 | Buch

Understanding Social Research Networking Sites

Research collaboration is a critical enabler for scientific knowledge production and innovation but poses significant challenges, particularly if it is carried out in a distributed and geographically dispersed fashion. Jens-Henrik Soeldner …

2021 | Buch

Managing Value Propositions in Service Ecosystems

Julian Boha explores value propositions in ecosystems as they play an important role in communicating how a company aims to provide value to business partners and customers. Value propositions are used in our everyday language, yet the concept …

2021 | Buch

Uncovering Covert Innovation

Bootlegging, Illegitimacy, and Management’s Attitude

It is of central importance for companies to be innovative. To maximize their innovation potential, companies often rely on formal systems and processes for innovation management. It has been shown that such attempts have the side effect of …

2021 | Buch

Revolutionizing Workshops

Supporting Participants’ Creativity with Persuasive Technology

Dr. Max Jalowski designs strategies for revolutionizing workshops by introducing persuasive technology.His results show that investigating the behavior of participants in design workshops offers various application potentials for persuasive …

2021 | Buch

Dynamics of Organizational Ambidexterity

Studies from a Processual Constructivist Perspective

Elena Krause-Söhner explores how the dynamics of organizational ambidexterity can be managed in complex organizations. This is a relevant question as today’s organizations and the individuals within them face the challenge of focusing on short …

2020 | Buch

How Ants Build Pyramids

The Concept of Task/Technology Fit in Crowdsourcing

Karl R. Rabes explores the performance impact of differing task designs in crowdsourcing, especially micro-task markets. Based on several exploratory literature reviews, the manuscript applies the task-technology fit theory and numerous …

2020 | Buch

Co-Creation of High-Tech Products in the B2B Domain

Leontin Karl Grafmüller explores how companies can better manage co-creation in the B2B high-tech domain. Co-creation is an active, creative and social collaboration process between customers and providers, in which customers become active …

2020 | Buch

Realizing Digitization-Enabled Innovation

A Service Systems Perspective for Management

Stefan Michael Genennig explores digitization-enabled innovation with a service systems perspective. First, the author contributes to understanding the alterations in service systems brought about by digitization and the role of human agents.

2020 | Buch

Driving Networked Service Productivity

Christofer F. Daiberl explores how to enhance the productivity of services delivered by a network of co-providers. Harnessing empirical insights and synthesizing contributions from service design, information systems, and engineering, the author …

2020 | Buch

Capabilities for Data-Driven Service Innovation

Martin Schymanietz explores dynamic capabilities that help organizations to cope with the challenges and chances of the utilization of data for service provision. Data-driven service innovation provides a fruitful pathway for organizations to …

2019 | Buch

Exploring Service Productivity

Studies in the German Airport Industry

Claudia Lehmann explores service productivity from the providers, customer and operations perspective in the German airport industry using a solid empirical foundation. Available service productivity concepts, methods, measurements and their …

2019 | Buch

Engineering Service Systems in the Digital Age

Benedikt S. Höckmayr explores the unique characteristics of service systems in the digital age and provides generalizable guidelines for engineering these complex entities. The author contributes towards understanding the socio-technical …

2018 | Buch

Stakeholder Integration in Service Innovation

Julia M. Jonas examines stakeholder integration and its’ dynamics in the setting of service innovation in IT and manufacturing firms. Applying a service-dominant logic theory approach, the multiple case study research describes the implementation …

2018 | Buch

Silicon Valley Start‐ups and Corporate Innovation

Approaches to Resolve the Innovator’s Dilemma

Bernhard Gold answers the question of how larger firms can learn from the successes of Silicon Valley start-ups by means of corporate venturing and by developing the ‘Spin-Along Approach’ – a method that combines the innovativeness of start-up …

2018 | Buch

Organizational Competence for Servitization

Tim Posselt investigates the factors leading to organizational competence for servitization - a key strategic alternative in times of digitalization and globalization -, and analyses the transformation process servitizing firms undergo. He …

2017 | Buch

Open Innovation in Embedded Systems

Carsten-Constantin Soeldner’s investigation enables embedded systems firms to understand how they can open their systems to gain access to the ideas and solutions of external users and developers. Similar to smartphones with their large number of …

2017 | Buch

Simplifying Solution Space

Enabling Non-Expert Users to Innovate and Design with Toolkits

Hari Suman Naik takes the perspective of modular systems and investigates how to enable non-expert users to innovate and design, by simplifying toolkit solution space. New production technologies like digital fabrication and modular electronics …

2017 | Buch

Peer-to-Peer-Geschäftsmodelle zur Absicherung privater Risiken

Eine Exploration am Beispiel Wildschaden

Am Beispiel der Absicherung des Wildschadens untersucht Thomas Zwack, inwieweit eine Abkehr von der klassischen Beziehung zwischen Versichertem und Versicherer auf Basis eines bilateralen Vertrags zwischen Privatpersonen neue Märkte eröffnen kann …

2016 | Buch

Designing Boundary Objects for Virtual Collaboration

Marc Marheineke explores the phenomenon of boundary objects in the process of virtual collaboration. Virtual collaboration is an interactive act that connects jointly and voluntarily collaborating individuals that are electronically linked and he …

2015 | Buch

Leadership of Networks and Performance

A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

In contrast to hierarchical leadership within intra-organizational contexts, leaders of inter-organizational networks have to lead across organizational boundaries without hierarchical fiat or directive authority. The central research question of Sus