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Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 2/2021
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment

Ausgabe 2/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (76 Artikel)

26.07.2020 | Review Paper

3D slope reliability analysis based on the intelligent response surface methodology
LaiFu Song, Xiang Yu, Bin Xu, Rui Pang, ZeYu Zhang

20.10.2020 | Case history

Landslide response to vegetation by example of July 25–26, 2013, extreme rainstorm, Tianshui, Gansu Province, China
Muyang Li, Chao Ma, Cui Du, Wentao Yang, Liqun Lyu, Xinhao Wang

21.08.2020 | Original Paper

A novel landslide susceptibility mapping portrayed by OA-HD and K-medoids clustering algorithms
Jian Hu, Kaibin Xu, Genglong Wang, Youcun Liu, Muhammad Asim Khan, Yimin Mao, Maosheng Zhang

22.08.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of climate change induced extreme precipitation on landslide activity in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Dengfeng Zhu, Kun Song, Jingchao Mu, Haifeng Huang, Hongjian Du, Fanzhe Xiazhuang, Chi Sun

12.09.2020 | Original Paper

Hydrothermal clays and their influence on slope stability in residual soils of Southern Brazil
Marcelo Heidemann, Luiz Antônio Bressani, Juan Altamirano Flores

14.09.2020 | Original Paper

Landslide-related maintenance issues around mountain road in Dasha River section of Central Cross Island Highway, Taiwan
Meng-Chen Tsao, Wei Lo, Wen-Ling Chen, Tai-Tien Wang

18.09.2020 | Original Paper

Bearing capacity analysis of submerged slopes subjected to water drawdown based on a nonassociated flow rule and nonlinear failure criteria
Bo Deng, Minghui Yang

02.10.2020 | Original Paper

Comparative landslide spatial research based on various sample sizes and ratios in Penang Island, Malaysia
Han Gao, Pei Shan Fam, Lea Tien Tay, Heng Chin Low

06.10.2020 | Original Paper

Activity characteristics and enlightenment of the debris flow triggered by the rainstorm on 20 August 2019 in Wenchuan County, China
Jiang Xiong, Chuan Tang, Ming Chen, Xianzheng Zhang, Qingyun Shi, Lingfeng Gong

07.10.2020 | Original Paper

3D matching positioning method for landslide using infrasound signal received by triangular pyramid vector array, based on ray theory
Jiubin Zhao, Yuanxue Liu, Juntang Yang

13.10.2020 | Original Paper

Deformation characteristics of anti-dip rock slope controlled by discontinuities: a case study
Xin Liu, Yupeng Shen, Peng Zhang, Tianxiao Tang, Yue Liu, Yuke An

20.10.2020 | Original Paper

Method for feature analysis and intelligent recognition of infrasound signals of soil landslides
Dunlong Liu, Dan Tang, Shaojie Zhang, Xiaopeng Leng, Kaiheng Hu, Lei He

22.10.2020 | Original Paper

Dynamic processes of the Dora Kamiyama rockslide in the Tibetan Plateau, China: geomorphic implication
Liyong Wang, Zongji Yang, Gang Liu, Shihao Liu, Xiaolong Fu, Jianping Qiao

23.10.2020 | Original Paper

Finite-element modeling of submarine landslide triggered by seismic loading in saturated cohesive soil deposits
Yang Mi, Jianhua Wang

24.10.2020 | Original Paper

Superelevation analysis of the debris flow curve in Xiedi gully, China
Zhuang Wang, Yong You, Guangze Zhang, Tao Feng, Jinfeng Liu, Xiaobo Lv, Dongwei Wang

03.11.2020 | Original Paper

Complex landslides: discrepancy between varied partial movement mechanisms detected in crevice-type caves and by formal investigation
Jan Lenart, Matěj Horáček

04.11.2020 | Original Paper

Comparative assessment of slope stability along road-cuts through rock slope classification systems in Kullu Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, India
Rahul Khanna, R. K. Dubey

05.11.2020 | Original Paper

Geological structure and failure mechanism of an excavation-induced rockslide on the Tibetan Plateau, China
Lei Zhu, Siming He, Jihao Jian, Jun Zhou, Bin Liu

12.11.2020 | Original Paper

Comparing landslide size probability distribution at the landscape scale (Loess Plateau and the Qinba Mountains, Central China) using double Pareto and inverse gamma
Haijun Qiu, Sheng Hu, Dongdong Yang, Yi He, Yanqian Pei, Ulrich Kamp

19.08.2020 | Original Paper

Vertical electric soundings characteristics of paleochannel in the Yuyao River Valley, Eastern China
Yu Zhao, Youcan Yu, Haiqing Yang, Jing Bi

Open Access 10.09.2020 | Original Paper

Online remote-controlled and cost-effective fouling and clogging surveillance of a groundwater heat pump system
A case study from Lena Terrace in Melhus, Norway.
Sondre Gjengedal, Lars A. Stenvik, Randi K. Ramstad, Jan I. Ulfsnes, Bernt O. Hilmo, Bjørn S. Frengstad

30.09.2020 | Original Paper

A nonparametric approach for characterizing soil spatial variability based on cone penetration test data
Fan Wang, Heng Li

04.10.2020 | Original Paper

A study on in situ measurements of carbonate rock mass degradation in the water-level fluctuation zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Huang Bolin, Yin Yueping, Yan Guoqiang, Li Bin, Qin Zhen, Wang Jian

08.10.2020 | Original Paper

Rheological and strength performances of cold-bonded geopolymer made from limestone dust and bottom ash for grouting and deep mixing
Hamza Güllü, Maryam M. D. Al Nuaimi, Ali Aytek

09.10.2020 | Original Paper

Investigating pile anchor support system for deep foundation pit in a congested area of Changchun
Aoxue Chen, Qing Wang, Zhida Chen, Jianping Chen, Zhao Chen, Jingang Yang

15.10.2020 | Original Paper

Spatial analysis, assessment and mapping of flood hazard in the alluvial plains of Boumerzoug and Rhumel (city of Constantine, north-eastern Algeria): application to development and urban planning projects
Analyse spatiale, évaluation et cartographie de l’aléa inondation dans les plaines alluviales de Boumerzoug et de Rhumel (ville de Constantine, Nord Est Algérien) : Application aux travaux d’aménagement et d’urbanisme
Hamid Bourenane, Youcef Bouhadad

16.10.2020 | Original Paper

Enhancing the geotechnical properties of soil using xanthan gum—an eco-friendly alternative to traditional stabilizers
Evangelin Ramani Sujatha, S. Atchaya, A. Sivasaran, R. S. Keerdthe

17.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effects of chemical solutions on the hydromechanical behavior of a laterite/bentonite mixture used as an engineered barrier
Yong He, Ming-ming Wang, Dong-yu Wu, Ke-neng Zhang, Yong-gui Chen, Wei-min Ye

16.09.2020 | Original Paper

Effects of dry density on shear behavior and particle breakage for slate rockfill material
Long Wang, Jungao Zhu, Zongliang Zhang, Huifeng Zheng

02.10.2020 | Original Paper

A chemo-geotechnical approach to obtain optimal mixtures of zeolite-bentonite as heavy metal adsorbents
Elahe Karimdad, Mohammad Bashirgonbadi, Ebrahim Rahimi

21.10.2020 | Original Paper

Geomechanical investigation for abandoned salt caverns used for solid waste disposal
Xilin Shi, Qinglin Chen, Hongling Ma, Yinping Li, Tongtao Wang, Chao Zhang

22.10.2020 | Original Paper

Analysis of stability of the Baihetan arch dam based on the comprehensive method
Wenlong Lyu, Lin Zhang, Baoquan Yang, Yuan Chen

27.10.2020 | Original Paper

Comparative investigation on deformation monitoring and numerical simulation of the deepest excavation in Beijing
Shuaidong Wang, Qimin Li, Jingmin Dong, Jian Wang, Mingzhu Wang

03.11.2020 | Original Paper

Research on multi-frequency ultrasonic scanning detecting technology of cavity in the test borehole
Jinchao Wang, Chuanying Wang, Xiaohua Huang, Junpeng Zou

26.09.2020 | Original Paper

Identification of potential high-stress hazards in deep-buried hard rock tunnel based on microseismic information: a case study
Wen-jing Niu, Xia-Ting Feng, Ya-xun Xiao, Guang-liang Feng, Zhi-bin Yao, Lei Hu

06.10.2020 | Original Paper

Seismic slope stability and failure process analysis using explicit finite element method
Zongyuan Ma, Hongjian Liao, Faning Dang, Yuxiang Cheng

16.10.2020 | Original Paper

Large-scale shaking table test on seismic behaviour of anti-slide pile-reinforced bridge foundation and gravel landslide: a case study
Chonglei Zhang, Guanlu Jiang, Da Lei, Aamir Asghar, Lijun Su, Zhimeng Wang

28.10.2020 | Original Paper

Characteristics of wave propagation through rock mass slopes with weak structural planes and their impacts on the seismic response characteristics of slopes: a case study in the middle reaches of Jinsha River
Danqing Song, Xiaoli Liu, Jin Huang, Enzhi Wang, Jianmin Zhang

31.10.2020 | Original Paper

Seismic responses of the densely distributed caves of the Mogao Grottoes in China
Zhiqian Guo, Wenwu Chen, Jingke Zhang, Faguo He, Qinglin Guo, Xudong Wang

04.11.2020 | Original Paper

Robust design optimization of retaining wall backfilled with shredded tire in the face of earthquake hazards
Nadarajah Ravichandran, Lei Wang, Parishad Rahbari, C. Hsein Juang

29.08.2020 | Original Paper

Contribution of 3D modeling to the geometry of geological structures of the Doukkala region “coastal Meseta, Morocco”
Youness Ahmed Laaziz, Abdelatif Souhel, Fatima Elbchari, Nabil Mdiker, Abderahim El Achhab

01.09.2020 | Original Paper

3D geological modelling of a coastal area: case study of the Vaches Noires Cliffs, Normandy, France
Imen Hassen, Cyrille Fauchard, Raphael Antoine, Thomas Roulland, Olivier Maquaire, Stéphane Costa, Olivier Dugué

16.09.2020 | Original Paper

Laboratory and field validation of a LTCC recovery prediction model using relative size of the top coal blocks
Jiachen Wang, Weijie Wei, Jinwang Zhang, Brijes Mishra

29.10.2020 | Original Paper

Space-sky-surface integrated monitoring system for overburden migration regularity in shallow-buried high-intensity mining
Cun Zhang, Yixin Zhao, Xiang He, Junting Guo, Yueguan Yan

19.08.2020 | Original Paper

Actual performance analysis of a double shield TBM through sedimentary and low to medium grade metamorphic rocks of Ghomrood water conveyance tunnel project (lots 3 and 4)
Jafar Hassanpour, Yavar Firouzei, Golnaz Hajipour

19.08.2020 | Original Paper

Formation mechanism and risk assessment of unstable rock mass at the Yumenkou tunnel entrance, Shanxi province, China
Zhong Fu Wang, Si Ming He, Han Dong Liu, Dong Dong Li

Open Access 20.08.2020 | Original Paper

Rock support prediction based on measurement while drilling technology
Jeroen van Eldert, Johan Funehag, David Saiang, Håkan Schunnesson

03.10.2020 | Original Paper

Study of common wear prediction models for hard rock TBM disc cutters and comparison with field observation in Kerman water conveyance tunnel
Morteza Karami, Shokrollah Zare, Jamal Rostami

10.10.2020 | Original Paper

Study on the seepage characteristics of deep buried tunnels under variable high-pressure water heads
Yingchao Wang, Zhaoyang Li, Hongwen Jing, Yabo Li, Mitian Wang

23.10.2020 | Original Paper

Collapse behavior and control of hard roofs in steeply inclined coal seams
Dongxu Chen, Chuang Sun, Laigui Wang

26.08.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of the propagation direction of the weak dynamic disturbance on rock failure: an experimental study
Jianqing Jiang, Guoshao Su, Yanxin Liu, Guofu Zhao, Xiaoyang Yan

06.09.2020 | Original Paper

Numerical study on strength and failure characteristics of rock samples with different hole defects
Shaojie Chen, Zhiguo Xia, Fan Feng, Dawei Yin

10.09.2020 | Original Paper

The effects of thermal treatments on the fatigue crack growth of Beishan granite: an in situ observation study
Jintao Wang, Jianping Zuo, Yunjiang Sun, Jinhao Wen

19.09.2020 | Original Paper

Estimating the strength and deformation of columnar jointed rock mass based on physical model test
Xiangcheng Que, Zhende Zhu, Zihao Niu, Wenbin Lu

27.09.2020 | Original Paper

Experimental investigation on permeability and energy evolution characteristics of deep sandstone along a three-stage loading path
Junwen Zhang, Zhixiang Song, Shanyong Wang

05.10.2020 | Original Paper

Laboratory investigation of the temperature influence on the mechanical properties and fracture crack distribution of rock under uniaxial compression test
Weijing Xiao, Dongming Zhang, Han Yang, Xiaoming Li, Maolin Ye, Shujian Li

08.10.2020 | Original Paper

Influence of propeller material hardness, testing time, rock properties, and conditioning on LCPC rock abrasiveness test
M. Z. Abu Bakar, Y. Majeed, M. A. Rashid

16.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of initial minimum principal stress and unloading rate on the spalling and rockburst of marble: a true triaxial experiment investigation
Quan Jiang, Meizhu Zhang, Fei Yan, Guoshao Su, Xiating Feng, Dingping Xu, Guangliang Feng

17.10.2020 | Original Paper

The influence of hydrothermal argillization on the physical and mechanical properties of tuffaceous rocks: a case study from the Upper Pauzhetsky thermal field, Kamchatka
Julia V. Frolova, Michael S. Chernov, Sergey N. Rychagov, Vladimir M. Ladygin, Vyacheslav N. Sokolov, Ruslan A. Kuznetsov

30.10.2020 | Original Paper

Post-mining failure characteristics of rock surrounding coal seam roadway and evaluation of rock integrity: a case study
Qiang-ling Yao, Qiang Xu, Jiang-feng Liu, Liu Zhu, Dong-wei Li, Chuan-jin Tang

01.11.2020 | Original Paper

The characteristics of crack existence and development during rock shear fracturing evolution
Xiangxin Liu, Lixin Wu, Yanbo Zhang, Shuzhi Wang, Xulong Yao, Xianzhen Wu

02.11.2020 | Original Paper

Geostatistics-block-based characterization of heterogeneous rock mass and its application on ultimate pit limit optimization: a case study
Feiyue Liu, Tianhong Yang, Wenxue Deng, Jingren Zhou, Jinduo Li

03.11.2020 | Original Paper

Effects of flaw width on cracking behavior of single-flawed rock specimens
Jiayi Shen, Shaoxiang Zhan, Murat Karakus, Jianping Zuo

04.11.2020 | Original Paper

Post-peak behaviour of rocks under cyclic loading using a double-criteria damage-controlled test method
Roohollah Shirani Faradonbeh, Abbas Taheri, Murat Karakus

09.11.2020 | Original Paper

Rock mass properties and their suitability as a foundation for a rolled compacted concrete gravity dam: case study of Beni Haroun dam (Mila, NE Algeria)
Hamza Kebab, Abederrahmane Boumezbeur, Patrice Rivard

09.11.2020 | Original Paper

The relationships among different abrasion tests on deteriorated and undeteriorated rocks
Ali Özvan, Nevzat Direk

11.11.2020 | Original Paper

Characterization of the interface between concrete pile and coral reef calcarenite using constant normal stiffness direct shear test
Haifeng Liu, Changqi Zhu, Ren Wang, Xiang Cui, Tianmin Wang

03.11.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of water content on the mechanical properties and deformation characteristics of the clay-bearing red sandstone
Shibing Huang, Yingbo He, Guofeng Liu, Zexin Lu, Zekun Xin

28.09.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of mineralogical composition related to profile depth on index and strength properties of regolith soil
Bilgehan Kul Yahşi, Hakan Ersoy

06.10.2020 | Original Paper

Efficient Bayesian characterization of cohesion and friction angle of soil using parametric bootstrap method
Xiong-Feng Liu, Xiao-Song Tang, Dian-Qing Li

22.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effects of size and shape on the crushing strength of coral sand particles under diametral compression test
Wu Xuehui, Cai Yuanqiang, Xu Sifa, Zhuang Yingchun, Wang Qixiang, Wang Zhe

29.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of polypropylene fiber inclusion in kaolin clay stabilized with lime and nano-zeolite considering temperatures of 20 and 40 °C
Hamid Reza Akbari, Hassan Sharafi, Amir Reza Goodarzi

30.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of groundwater chemistry and temperature on swelling and microstructural properties of sand–bentonite for barriers of radioactive waste repositories
Asmaa Shehata, Mamadou Fall, Christian Detellier, Mohammed Alzamel

03.11.2020 | Original Paper

Predicted and measured hydraulic conductivity of sand-sized crushed limestone
Ioanna C. Toumpanou, Ioannis A. Pantazopoulos, Ioannis N. Markou, Dimitrios K. Atmatzidis

23.10.2020 | Original Paper

Effect of capillarity in a fractured medium on water-sealed properties: a theoretical and experimental investigation
Yutao Li, Bin Zhang, Liqing Li, Lei Shi, Hanxun Wang

03.11.2020 | Correction

Correction to: Effect of capillarity in a fractured medium on water-sealed properties: a theoretical and experimental investigation
Yutao Li, Bin Zhang, Liqing Li, Lei Shi, Hanxun Wang