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20.09.2022 | Regular Paper

Toward maintenance of hypercores in large-scale dynamic hypergraphs

In this paper, we study hypercore maintenance in large-scale dynamic hypergraphs. A hypergraph, whose hyperedges may contain a set of vertices rather than two vertices in pairwise graphs, can represent complex interactions in more sophisticated …

12.09.2022 | Regular Paper

Learning-based query optimization for multi-probe approximate nearest neighbor search

Approximate nearest neighbor search (ANNS) is a fundamental problem that has attracted widespread attention for decades. Multi-probe ANNS is one of the most important classes of ANNS methods, playing crucial roles in disk-based, GPU-based, and …

11.08.2022 | Regular Paper

Multi-constraint shortest path using forest hop labeling

The Multi-Constraint Shortest Path (MCSP) problem aims to find the shortest path between two nodes in a network subject to a given constraint set. It is typically processed as a skyline path problem. However, the number of intermediate skyline …

Open Access 27.07.2022 | Regular Paper

Efficient kNN query for moving objects on time-dependent road networks

In this paper, we study the Time-Dependent k Nearest Neighbor (TD-kNN) query on moving objects that aims to return k objects arriving at the query location with the least traveling cost departing at a given time t. Although the kNN query on moving …

26.07.2022 | Regular Paper

A Pareto optimal Bloom filter family with hash adaptivity

Bloom filter is a compact memory-efficient probabilistic data structure supporting membership testing, i.e., to check whether an element is in a given set. However, as Bloom filter maps each element with random hash functions, little flexibility …

Über diese Zeitschrift

Published on behalf of the VLDB Endowment, this journal contains scholarly contributions that examine information system architectures, the impact of technological advancements on information systems, and the development of novel database applications.

The VLDB Journal also publishes a number of special issues in addition to the regular ones. One issue of each volume (usually the third) is devoted to selected papers from the previous year's VLDB Conference. Other special issues focus on information that the Editors and the Editorial Board determine to be of importance to the database community, including:

- Privacy-Preserving Data Management

- Integration of databases and information retrieval

- Data Management, Analysis and Mining for the Life Sciences

- Data Stream Processing

- XML Data Management

- E-Services

- Databases and the Web

- Multimedia Databases.

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