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18.06.2021 | Regular Paper

Fast data series indexing for in-memory data

Data series similarity search is a core operation for several data series analysis applications across many different domains. However, the state-of-the-art techniques fail to deliver the time performance required for interactive exploration, or …

14.06.2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Data dependencies for query optimization: a survey

Effective query optimization is a core feature of any database management system. While most query optimization techniques make use of simple metadata, such as cardinalities and other basic statistics, other optimization techniques are based on …

12.06.2021 | Special Issue Paper

A fractional memory-efficient approach for online continuous-time influence maximization

Influence maximization (IM) under a continuous-time diffusion model requires finding a set of initial adopters which when activated lead to the maximum expected number of users becoming activated within a given amount of time. State-of-the-art …

05.06.2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

: An efficient deep reinforcement learning-based automatic cloud database tuning system

Configuration tuning is vital to optimize the performance of a database management system (DBMS). It becomes more tedious and urgent for cloud databases (CDB) due to diverse database instances and query workloads, which make the job of a database …

05.06.2021 | Regular Paper

ExactSim: benchmarking single-source SimRank algorithms with high-precision ground truths

SimRank is a popular measurement for evaluating the node-to-node similarities based on the graph topology. In recent years, single-source and top-k SimRank queries have received increasing attention due to their applications in web mining, social …

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