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19.03.2019 | Original Paper

Framing equity through a closer examination of critical science agency

Science for all has been touted as the primary path to equity in science education in the USA. We argue that without attention to the power imbalances that both create and sustain dominant views of science education; such an approach is not …

19.03.2019 | Original Paper

Deep teaching in a college STEM classroom

The retention of underrepresented students remains a significant challenge in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines. A broad range of studies across several disciplines have shown that conventional approaches to STEM …

19.03.2019 | Forum

Teacher education at the intersection of race and ability

In this dialogue with Phillip A. Boda’s Conceptualizing the margins into science education praxis: disability as case in point, I would like to continue the conversation on an equity-focused graduate course meant to prepare pre-service educators …

09.03.2019 | Forum

Indigenous STEM success stories as disquieting decolonization: thoughts on new times and, old thoughts about place-ness

While some Indigenous individuals have achieved “success” in STEM careers, persistent questions from many Indigenous scholars and communities about epistemic dominance at universities remain. Going beyond student achievement, this essay regards …

07.03.2019 | Original Paper

Looking forward by looking back: equity in science education as socially just and morally healing action

In this conceptual paper, we argue that social justice, morality, and healing must be at the core of an equity agenda for science education. When we view equity through this lens, teachers’ and researchers’ historically informed moral stances …

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Examines science education as a cultural, cross-age, cross-class, and cross-disciplinary phenomenon. It establishes bridges between science education and social studies of science, public understanding of science, science and human values, and science and literacy. The journal provides an interactive platform for researchers working in the multidisciplinary fields of cultural studies and science education.

By taking a cultural approach and paying close attention to theories from cultural studies, the journal reflects the current diversity in science education. In addition, it reflects the variety of settings in which science education takes place, including schools, museums, zoos, laboratories, parks, aquariums, and community development, maintenance and restoration programs.

In addition to original research articles, the journal publishes essays, OP-ED, comments, criticisms, and letters on emerging issues.

The book series Cultural Studies of Science Education complements this journal.

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