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Cultural Studies of Science Education

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14.02.2018 | Forum

Dreaming and immanence: rejecting the dogmatic image of thought in science education

In this article, we, a multivocal-thinking-assemblage, trouble what we feel is the dogmatic image of thought in science education. Beginning with Lars Bang’s (Cult Stud Sci Educ, 2017) dramatic and disruptive imagery of the Ouroboros as a means to …

12.02.2018 | Op-Ed

Issues of power and control in STEM education: a reading through the postmodern condition

STEM, or the integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, has rapidly become a dominant discourse in political, economic and educational spheres. In the U.S., the STEM movement has been boosted by global economic-based …

12.02.2018 | Original Paper

Evolution of the personal teaching models of prospective secondary school science teachers as expressed through metaphors

This study analyses the evolution of the personal metaphors of 31 science graduates enrolled in a Master’s degree course in Secondary Education Teaching during the 2012–13 academic year. The instrument used was an open questionnaire that included …

10.01.2018 | Forum Open Access

Toulmin’s argument pattern as a “horizon of possibilities” in the study of argumentation in science education

Kim and Roth (this issue) purport to draw on the social-psychological theory of L. S. Vygotsky in order to investigate social relations in children’s argumentation in science topics. The authors argue that the argumentation framework offered by …

21.11.2017 | Review

A review of Education and Social Media using functionalist and conflict theories of educational purposes

Education and Social Media: Toward a Digital Future (2016), edited by Christine Greenhow, Julia Sonnevend, and Colin Agur, is a compilation of essays by leading contributors to the digital and social media movement in education. The chapters …

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Examines science education as a cultural, cross-age, cross-class, and cross-disciplinary phenomenon. It establishes bridges between science education and social studies of science, public understanding of science, science and human values, and science and literacy. The journal provides an interactive platform for researchers working in the multidisciplinary fields of cultural studies and science education.

By taking a cultural approach and paying close attention to theories from cultural studies, the journal reflects the current diversity in science education. In addition, it reflects the variety of settings in which science education takes place, including schools, museums, zoos, laboratories, parks, aquariums, and community development, maintenance and restoration programs.

In addition to original research articles, the journal publishes essays, OP-ED, comments, criticisms, and letters on emerging issues.

The book series Cultural Studies of Science Education complements this journal.

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