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Mobile Networks and Applications

Ausgabe 2/2022

AI Assisted Solutions for Information Systems in Mobile and Ad-Hoc Network Environments

Inhalt (37 Artikel)

The Time-Free Comparison Model for Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Hazim Jarrah, G. G. Md. Nawaz Ali, Arun Kumar, Peter H. J. Chong, Nurul I. Sarkar, Jairo Gutierrez

Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for D2D Communication underlaying Cellular Networks

Fengfeng Shi, Ruilu Chen, Hong Shen, Jiaheng Wang, Chunming Zhao

LEER: Layer-Based Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks

Jianlian Zhu, Xiujuan Du, Duoliang Han, Lijuan Wang, Meiju Li

A Local Betweenness Centrality Based Forwarding Technique for Social Opportunistic IoT Networks

Ritu Nigam, Deepak Kumar Sharma, Satbir Jain, Gautam Srivastava

Real-Time Distribution Algorithm for Fully Comparison Data Based on Storm

Chang-qing Dong, Chen Chen, Nver Ren, Jian-jun Cai

Mobile Networks-on-Chip Mapping Algorithms for Optimization of Latency and Energy Consumption

Arvind Kumar, Vivek Kumar Sehgal, Gaurav Dhiman, S. Vimal, Ashutosh Sharma, Sangoh Park

A Self-Aware Epilepsy Monitoring System for Real-Time Epileptic Seizure Detection

Farnaz Forooghifar, Amir Aminifar, Leila Cammoun, Ilona Wisniewski, Carolina Ciumas, Philippe Ryvlin, David Atienza

Open Access

Confidence-Enhanced Early Warning Score Based on Fuzzy Logic

Maximilian Götzinger, Arman Anzanpour, Iman Azimi, Nima TaheriNejad, Axel Jantsch, Amir M. Rahmani, Pasi Liljeberg

Wearable Vibrotactile System as an Assistive Technology Solution

Majid Janidarmian, Atena Roshan Fekr, Katarzyna Radecka, Zeljko Zilic

Supervised Recovery of Shoulder Muscular Skeletal Disorders Through a Wearable-Enabled Digital Application

F. Lorussi, I. Lucchesi, N. Carbonaro, S. Casarosa, L. Trotta, A. Tognetti

Open Access

Detection and Removal of Motion Artifacts in PPG Signals

David Pollreisz, Nima TaheriNejad

Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Risks for Long-Term Care Facilities Based on the Prospect Theory

Xiaofeng Xie, Jianhui Kong, Xiuying Hu, Li Zhao, Xudong Chen, Yang Yang, Fengying Zhang

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