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Mobile Networks and Applications

The Journal of SPECIAL ISSUES on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing

Mobile Networks and Applications OnlineFirst articles


Energy-Aware Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Task Scheduling Scheme for Virtualized Cloud Data Centers

As clouds have been implemented and widely used in various fields, both the size and the number of cloud data centers (CDCs) are growing rapidly. Serious problems have been raised, such as the inefficient use of resources, high energy consumption …


Finding Similar Users over Multiple Attributes on the Basis of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set

Finding similar users is vital for many applications, such as collaborative filtering and recommendation systems. Unlike existing work that can only discover similar users according to one attribute, we propose a method based on intuitionistic …


Energy Efficiency and Superlative TTT for Equitable RLF and Ping Pong in LTE Networks

Data hungry users engage radio resources over long periods of time thus resulting into higher energy consumption by Base Stations (BSs). Mobile operators’ operational expenditure (OPEX) is directly affected by augmented electricity bills due to …


Content-Based Recommendations for Sustainable Wardrobes Using Linked Open Data

Textile production industry is one of the biggest industries available and it is known by its negative effects to the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions can drastically be reduced by just recycling the textile waste. Such textile recycling has …


The Design of Web Games for Helping Young High-Functioning Autistics in Learning How to Manage Money

We describe the design of a Web-based game application aimed to support high-functioning individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder in gaining skills that can help them understand the concept of money and apply it in practical life …

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The journal Mobile Networks and Applications reflects the emerging symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing the convergence of mobility, computing and information organization, access and management. In its special issues, the journal places an equal emphasis on various areas of nomadic computing, data management, related software and hardware technologies, and mobile user services, alongside more ‘classical’ topics in wireless and mobile networking. The journal documents practical and theoretical results which make a fundamental contribution.

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Effizienzsteigerung durch die und in der Magnetlagertechnik

Magnetlager sind aus etlichen industriellen Anwendungen nicht mehr wegzudenken, in anderen erscheint ein Einsatz in Zukunft vielversprechend. Durch die Magnetlagertechnik werden Effizienzsteigerungen unterschiedlicher Art ermöglicht – sowohl auf direkte Weise durch Verringerung der Lagerverluste im Vergleich zu mechanischen Lagerungen, als auch durch Verbesserungen im industriellen Prozess, die erst durch die besonderen Eigenschaften der Magnetlagerung erzielt werden können.
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