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Review of Managerial Science

Ausgabe 6/2023

Special Issue on The Evolution of HRM Practices: Big Data, Data Analytics, and New Forms of Work

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Editorial note from the Editors-in-Chief

Ralf Ewert, Sascha Kraus


The evolution of HRM practices: big data, data analytics, and new forms of work

Yumei Yang, Saqib Shamim, Dinuka B. Herath, Davide Secchi, Fabian Homberg

Open Access Original Paper

Critical HR capabilities in agile organisations a cross-case analysis in swiss SMEs

Léonie S. Mollet, Stephanie Kaudela-Baum

Open Access Original Paper

Towards a process-oriented understanding of HR analytics: implementation and application

Felix Wirges, Anne-Katrin Neyer

Open Access Original Paper

Can I show my skills? Affective responses to artificial intelligence in the recruitment process

Alina Köchling, Marius Claus Wehner, Josephine Warkocz

Open Access Original Paper

Work from Home Success: Agile work characteristics and the Mediating Effect of supportive HRM

Lukas Heidt, Felix Gauger, Andreas Pfnür

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