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MTZ industrial 1/2013
MTZ industrial

Ausgabe 1/2013


Inhaltsverzeichnis (13 Artikel)

01.05.2013 | Editorial

The Future is universally gaseous
Dipl.-Ing. Jonathan Walker

01.05.2013 | CIMAC


01.05.2013 | News


01.05.2013 | Cover Story

Opposites attract to reach IMO Tier III compliance
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.05.2013 | Cover Story

The Combustion System of the MAN 20V35/44G Gas Engine
Markus Bauer, Dr. Matthias Auer, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stiesch

01.05.2013 | Cover Story

“Lean Burn Gas Engines are Mature Products which can Beat Allcomers on Emissions”
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

01.05.2013 | Cover Story

Highly Dynamic Controls for Gas Engines
Dr. Klaus Schmid, Martin Greve

01.05.2013 | Development

Abnormal Combustion caused by Lubricating Oil in High BMEP Gas Engines
Shinji Yasueda PH.D., Prof. Dr.-Eng. Koji Takasaki, Dr. Hiroshi Tajima

01.05.2013 | Development

Developing Turbochargers for IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III
Klaus Buchmann

01.05.2013 | Development

Large Engine Cylinder Honing as a Contribution to Emissions Reduction
Dipl.-Min. Josef Schmid

01.05.2013 | Research

The potential of extremely high cylinder pressures in Diesel engines, Part 2
Dr.-Ing. Simon Schneider, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Wachtmeister

01.05.2013 | Research

Aftertreatment in a Pre-turbocharger Position: Size and Fuel Consumption Advantage for Tier 4
Dipl.-Ing. Claus Brüstle M. Sc., Dr.-Ing. Dean Tomazic, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Franke

01.05.2013 | Guest Commentary

Consensus Building in the Far East
Christian Poensgen



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