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Marketing Letters

Ausgabe 3/2021

Special Issue on Gender and Ethnicity in the Marketing Professoriate

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Open Access

Gender diversity in academic publishing—comment on Galak and Kahn (2021)

Wiebke I. Y. Keller, Franziska Müller, Malik Stromberg, Dominik Papies

Connecting DEI to explicit and implicit gendered workplace discrimination, harassment, and assault: a commentary on 2019 Marketing Climate Survey

Susan Dobscha, Catherine Coleman, Jenna Drenten, Shelagh Ferguson, Stacey Finkelstein-Young, Lauren Gurrieri, Robert Harrison, Wendy Hein, H. Rika Houston, Laura McVey, Abigail Nappier Cherup, Jacob Ostberg, Nacima Ourahmoune, Lisa Peñaloza, Kate Pounders, Andy Prothero, Shona Bettany, Katherine Sredl, Laurel Steinfield, Linda Tuncay Zeyer