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27.03.2019 Open Access

Choosing one’s future? Narratives on educational and occupational choice among folk high school participants in Sweden

This article poses these questions: How do participants on two different courses in folk high schools in Sweden, a basic course and a theatre course, motivate their educational and occupational choices, and what similarities and differences can be …


A critical comparison of factors affecting science and technology students’ entrepreneurial intention: a tale of two genders

This study assesses the influence of gender differences in the formation of entrepreneurial intention. Specifically, we investigate how culture and gender influence factors responsible for entrepreneurial intention development. A sample of 414 …


Using the log-linear cognitive diagnosis model to classify individuals in career and educational assessment

The log-linear cognitive diagnosis model (LCDM) is a modern technique that dichotomously classifies individuals (e.g., possession and non-possession) on attributes of a multidimensional construct, which is particularly suited to diagnostic and …


Mixed-methods analysis of the applicability of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale for isiXhosa-speaking South African township adolescents

In the present research study, key career adaptability constructs and the extent to which these constructs are relevant in a non-Western and developing world context were explored. The Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS) was administered to 396 …


Assessing manifest interests within the career construction interview

The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to examine narrative responses of participants (n = 83) to the prompts of the career construction interview for manifest interests. We compared our analyzed results of narrative responses to participant …

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The International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance recognizes and promotes the importance of educational and vocational guidance throughout the whole international community. It publishes articles in relation to work and leisure, career development, career counseling and guidance and career education.

Coverage in the International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance has an international content, such as comparative studies, multi or cross-cultural perspectives, and regional surveys, as well as features topics of broad international interest, such as theoretical developments and ethical issues. The journal also contains important national developments that are of wider interest. All articles present implications for practice.

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