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Journal of Computing in Higher Education

Research & Integration of Instructional Technology

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Exploring the cohesion of classroom community from the perspectives of social presence and social capital

Classroom community in higher education benefits students’ learning because it can soothe students’ anxiety about isolation. However, only a small number of studies investigated the key factors behind the cohesion of a classroom community. It is a …


Partial versus full captioning mode to improve L2 vocabulary acquisition in a mobile-assisted language learning setting: words pronunciation domain

Video captioning has been investigated extensively in the Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) literature to aid second language vocabulary acquisition. However, a little is known about how video captioning could foster learners’ …


Scaffolding problem solving with learners’ own self explanations of subgoals

Procedural problem solving is an important skill in most technical domains, like programming, but many students reach problem solving impasses and flounder. In most formal learning environments, instructors help students to overcome problem …


Improving the portability of predicting students’ performance models by using ontologies

One of the main current challenges in Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics is the portability or transferability of predictive models obtained for a particular course so that they can be applied to other different courses. To handle this …


Gamification in education: a mixed-methods study of gender on computer science students’ academic performance and identity development

Underrepresentation of women in computer science (CS) increasingly demands the necessity to find and enhance current learning engagement approaches to bring more women into computing fields. Some researchers have been exploring the influence of …

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Journal of Computing in Higher Education (JCHE) contributes to our understanding of the design, development, and implementation of instructional processes and technologies in higher education. JCHE publishes original research, literature reviews, implementation and evaluation studies, and theoretical, conceptual, and policy papers that provide perspectives on instructional technology’s role in improving access, affordability, and outcomes of postsecondary education. Priority is given to well-documented original papers that demonstrate a strong grounding in learning theory and/or rigorous educational research design.

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