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Journal of Computing in Higher Education

Research & Integration of Instructional Technology

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The design, development, and implementation of student-facing learning analytics dashboards

We have designed, developed, and implemented a student-facing learning analytics dashboard in order to support students as they learn in online environments. There are two separate dashboards in our system: a content recommender dashboard and a …


Using technology to promote classroom instruction: assessing incidences of on-task and off-task multitasking and learning

Media multitasking is a common artifact of the increasing presence of technologies in classrooms. However, research indicates learning decrements when students engage in inappropriate or “off-task” media multitasking during class time. This is a …


Facilitating critical thinking in asynchronous online discussion: comparison between peer- and instructor-redirection

The purpose of this paper is to explore and compare learners’ critical thinking and interaction during an asynchronous online discussion when peer- or instructor-facilitation was provided. Current literature on online discussion reveals a …


How ready are our students for technology-enhanced learning? Students at a university of technology respond

This study focused on perceived technology knowledge and acceptance of Iranian university students. Survey data were collected from 215 freshmen students of 12 majors from a state university of technology in Tehran, Iran. The survey was comprised …


Online learning in higher education: exploring advantages and disadvantages for engagement

As the popularity of online education continues to rise, many colleges and universities are interested in how to best deliver course content for online learners. This study explores the ways in which taking courses through an online medium impacts …

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Journal of Computing in Higher Education (JCHE) contributes to our understanding of the design, development, and implementation of instructional processes and technologies in higher education. JCHE publishes original research, literature reviews, implementation and evaluation studies, and theoretical, conceptual, and policy papers that provide perspectives on instructional technology’s role in improving access, affordability, and outcomes of postsecondary education. Priority is given to well-documented original papers that demonstrate a strong grounding in learning theory and/or rigorous educational research design.

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Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld – Herausforderungen, Lösungsansätze und Handlungsempfehlungen

Für produzierende Unternehmen hat sich Product Lifecycle Management in den letzten Jahrzehnten in wachsendem Maße zu einem strategisch wichtigen Ansatz entwickelt. Forciert durch steigende Effektivitäts- und Effizienzanforderungen stellen viele Unternehmen ihre Product Lifecycle Management-Prozesse und -Informationssysteme auf den Prüfstand. Der vorliegende Beitrag beschreibt entlang eines etablierten Analyseframeworks Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze im Product Lifecycle Management im Konzernumfeld.
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