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Journal of Electronic Testing

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Analytical Low Frequency NBTI Compact Modeling with H2 Locking and Electron Fast Capture and Emission

Besides reaction-diffusion theory explaining the generation and passivation of interface trap (ΔNIT), hole trapping/de-trapping in preexisting gate insulator traps and transient charge occupancy in ΔNIT are also combined to describe the …


Real Time Fault Diagnosis with Tests of Uncertain Quality for Multimode Systems and its Application in a Satellite Power System

Dynamic fault diagnosis must consider complex fault situations such as fault evolution, coupling, unreliable tests and so on. Previous dynamic fault diagnostic models and inference algorithms are mainly designed for the steady state systems, which …


Test Technology Newsletter


Fault Leveling Techniques for Yield and Reliability Enhancement of NAND Flash Memories

Novel fault leveling techniques based on address remapping (AR) are proposed in this paper. We can change the logical-to-physical address mapping of the page buffer such that faulty cells within a flash page can be evenly distributed into …

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The Journal of Electronic Testing, the only journal specifically dedicated to electronic testing, is an international forum disseminating the latest research results and applications in the field. With its rapid submission to publication cycle, the journal quickly brings important findings to the attention of researchers and practitioners.

A partial list of topics covered in the journal includes testing of VLSI devices, printed circuit boards, and electronic systems; fault modeling and simulation; test generation; design for testability; electron beam test systems; formal verification of hardware; simulation for verification; design debugging; economics of testing; quality and reliability; and CAD Tools.

In addition to original research papers, the journal publishes conference papers of exceptional merit. Readers will also find surveys and reviews examining the state of the art in the field.

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