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Journal of Electronic Testing

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Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Post-Silicon Debugging and Bug Localization

As the size of hardware (HW) design increases significantly, a huge amount of data is generated during the design simulation, emulation or prototyping. Debugging large HW designs becomes a tedious, time consuming and a bottleneck task within the …


Measurement of Nonlinear Dielectric Behaviour of Semiconductor Material Under Microwave Field in Dual-Mode Rectangular Cavity

In this letter, a microwave cavity for investigating the effect of external microwave fields on the dielectric behavior of semiconductor material is proposed. We use a dual-mode rectangular cavity where the stimulus and test signals are supplied …


Detectability Challenges of Bridge Defects in FinFET Based Logic Cells

Since 22nm technology node, FinFET technology is an attractive candidate for high-performance and power-efficient applications. This is achieved due to better channel control in FinFET devices obtained by wrapping a metal gate around a thin fin.


A Time-Domain Digital-Intensive Built-In Tester for Analog Circuits

To solve test challenges in nanometer CMOS technologies, a time-domain digital-intensive built-in tester for analog circuits is proposed. The compact tester allows characterizations of AC response and DC gain for various analog circuits which have …


Measuring Group Delay of Frequency Downconverter Devices Using a Chirped RF Modulated Signal

This paper discusses the implementation possibilities for making Group Delay measurements of RF frequency converting devices using a standard RF semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) that cannot be done using the standard S-parameter …

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The Journal of Electronic Testing, the only journal specifically dedicated to electronic testing, is an international forum disseminating the latest research results and applications in the field. With its rapid submission to publication cycle, the journal quickly brings important findings to the attention of researchers and practitioners.

A partial list of topics covered in the journal includes testing of VLSI devices, printed circuit boards, and electronic systems; fault modeling and simulation; test generation; design for testability; electron beam test systems; formal verification of hardware; simulation for verification; design debugging; economics of testing; quality and reliability; and CAD Tools.

In addition to original research papers, the journal publishes conference papers of exceptional merit. Readers will also find surveys and reviews examining the state of the art in the field.

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Einen wesentlichen Baustein der Energiewende stellt die Realisierung von angebots- und nachfrageseitigen Flexibilitätsoptionen dar. Sie ermöglicht u. a. eine bestmögliche Abstimmung zwischen Stromerzeugung und -nachfrage. Anhand von konkreten Gebäudekomplexen in „aspern Die Seestadt Wiens“ werden einerseits die technischen Gegebenheiten der installierten Komponenten charakterisiert und andererseits – über die Darstellung der möglichen Flexibilitäts-optionen hinaus – die Herausforderungen bei der Umsetzung eines gezielt „netzfreundlichen“ Flexibilitätsmanagements aufgezeigt. Lesen Sie mehr über erste Messergebnisse, Lösungsansätze sowie Monitoringsysteme!  Jetzt gratis downloaden!