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Computational Thinking to Learn Environmental Sustainability: A Learning Progression

Current environmental problems are the primary focus for environmental science students and researchers. Sustainable environmental solutions require interdisciplinary thought processes, which pose difficulty to both students and the public.

Open Access 10.11.2022

A Phenomenography Study of STEM Teachers’ Conceptions of Using Three-Dimensional Modeling and Printing (3DMP) in Teaching

There is a large amount of research that indicates that the use of 3DMP in STEM education improves students’ knowledge, motivation, and participation in the learning process. Nevertheless, despite the existing attempts to market 3DMP in education …


Fostering Graduate Students’ Interpersonal Communication Skills via Online Group Interactions

This paper presents a study that examines the effect of a graduate course titled “Selected topics in interpersonal communication skills” on the students’ interpersonal communication skills as part of their 21st century skills. Subject to the …


Effects of Wearable Hybrid AR/VR Learning Material on High School Students’ Situational Interest, Engagement, and Learning Performance: the Case of a Physics Laboratory Learning Environment

This study investigates the effect of incorporating different learning materials (paper textbooks, wearable AR material, and wearable hybrid AR/VR material) in a physics laboratory education on the situational interest, engagement, and learning …


Enhancing Students’ Understanding of Nerve Cells’ Structures and Their Symbiotic Functioning by Using Technology-Enhanced Instruction Incorporating Virtual Labs and Animations

Some science subjects are often perceived to be difficult and boring by students due to their nature and the way they are taught. This study sought to check the effectiveness of the technology-enhanced instruction method with comprehensive use of …

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The Journal of Science Education and Technology is an international and interdisciplinary forum for both invited and contributed peer reviewed articles that advance science education at all levels. The journal publishes a broad range of papers covering theory and practice in order to facilitate future efforts of individuals and groups involved in the field.

Topics fall under the categories of disciplinary (e.g., biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering), technological (e.g., computer, video, audio, and print), or organizational (e.g., legislation, administration, implementation, and teacher enhancement). Recognizing technology’s growing role in both the understanding and development of science and in the delivery of information, the journal includes technology as a component of science education.

In addition to original research articles, the journal publishes case studies and reviews of books, media, software, and other relevant products.

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