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23.05.2020 | Original Article

Higher education uses community engagement-partnership as a research space to build knowledge

The purpose of the current article was to compare the retrospective experiences of community partners with higher education (HE) qualifications, in community engagement (CE) in order to inform global citizenship as a HE agenda. Qualitative …

16.05.2020 | Original Article

Teachers’ perceptions of school failure and dropout from a gender perspective: (re)production of stereotypes in school

This article aims to analyse teachers’ perceptions of school failure and dropout through a gender perspective in the Portuguese context. The statistical data show that, in most OECD countries, the rates of school failure and dropout are higher for …

14.05.2020 | Original Article

Like the layers of an onion: curricular noticing as a lens to understand the epistemological features of the Philippine K to 12 secondary mathematics curriculum materials

As major sources of information, curriculum materials (CMs) have generally served teachers and students by providing instructional and learning support. The impact of CMs on teachers’ pedagogical practice and learners’ engagement and success had …

30.04.2020 | Original Article

The impact of ethnicity on the sociocultural adjustment of international students in Thai higher education

International tertiary student mobility will continue to rise as governments and universities support diversity in education and prioritize international experience. With this mind, it should be a priority to study the impacts and impediments of …

10.04.2020 | Original Article

Enhancing intercultural effectiveness in international virtual student teams: an exploratory study

Internationalisation of higher education implies the need to prepare students to work in a globalized and culturally diverse environment by developing adequate intercultural competences. The present study focused on the behavioural dimension of …

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With a broad coverage of education in all sectors and levels of education, the journal seeks to promote the contribution of educational research, both quantitative and qualitative, to system-wide reforms and policy making on the one hand, and to resolving specific problems facing teachers and learners at a particular level of education in the Asia-Pacific region on the other.

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