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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1/2023
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Ausgabe 1/2023


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

16.11.2022 | Editorial

Introducing another new JAMS Co-Editor
John Hulland

Open Access 07.04.2022 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

Emergence in marketing: an institutional and ecosystem framework
Stephen L. Vargo, Linda Peters, Hans Kjellberg, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari, Suvi Nenonen, Francesco Polese, Debora Sarno, Claudia Vaughan

21.06.2022 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

Moving the stakeholder journey forward
Linda D. Hollebeek, V. Kumar, Rajendra K. Srivastava, Moira K. Clark

Open Access 02.07.2022 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

The value of context-specific studies for marketing
Stefan Stremersch, Jorge Gonzalez, Albert Valenti, Julian Villanueva

07.05.2022 | Conceptual/Theoretical Paper

A multi-system organizing framework for inter-firm control: a comprehensive perspective on control
David I. Gilliland

12.07.2022 | Methodology

Unrestricted factor analysis: A powerful alternative to confirmatory factor analysis
Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp, Alberto Maydeu-Olivares

Open Access 16.05.2022 | Original Empirical Research

Consequences of platforms' remuneration models for digital content: initial evidence and a research agenda for streaming services
Janek Meyn, Michael Kandziora, Sönke Albers, Michel Clement

16.05.2022 | Original Empirical Research

An extended health belief model for COVID-19: understanding the media-based processes leading to social distancing and panic buying
Marie Louise Radanielina Hita, Yany Grégoire, Bruno Lussier, Simon Boissonneault, Christian Vandenberghe, Sylvain Sénécal

23.06.2022 | Original Empirical Research

Healthy in the wrong way: Mismatching of marketers’ food claim use and consumers’ preferences in the United States but not France
Pierre Chandon, Romain Cadario

29.06.2022 | Original Empirical Research

Advancing customer diversity, equity, and inclusion: Measurement, stakeholder influence, and the role of marketing
Young Woong Park, Glenn B. Voss, Zannie Giraud Voss

02.07.2022 | Original Empirical Research

What drives digital engagement with sponsored videos? An investigation of video influencers’ authenticity management strategies
Li Chen, Yajie Yan, Andrew N. Smith

23.11.2022 | Review Paper

The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science at 50: A historical analysis
Abhishek Borah, Francesca Bonetti, Angelito Calma, José Martí-Parreño

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