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Marketing Letters

Marketing Letters 1/2021

Ausgabe 1/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

04.11.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

A first look at online reputation on Airbnb, where every stay is above average

Georgios Zervas, Davide Proserpio, John W. Byers

14.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

How common is new product failure and when does it vary?

Kirsten Victory, Magda Nenycz-Thiel, John Dawes, Arry Tanusondjaja, Armando Maria Corsi

19.11.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Understanding and motivating salesperson resilience

Valerie Good, Douglas E. Hughes, Alexander C. LaBrecque

08.10.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Reward strategy spillover effects on observer cooperation in business networks

Hannah S. Lee, David A. Griffith

10.10.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Sinfully decadent: priming effects of immoral advertising symbols on indulgence

Jasmina Ilicic, Stacey M. Brennan, Alicia Kulczynski

04.08.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Have your cake and eat it too: how invoking post-purchase hyperopia mitigates impulse purchase regret

Jamie L. Grigsby, Robert D. Jewell, Colin Campbell

02.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Sad but smiling? How the combination of happy victim images and sad message appeals increase prosocial behavior

Felix Septianto, Widya Paramita

09.09.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Effects of negative social information on the willingness to support charities: the moderating role of regulatory focus

Nhat Quang Le, Magne Supphellen, Richard P. Bagozzi

13.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Blockchain: a game changer for marketers?

Mark R. Gleim, Jennifer L. Stevens

13.01.2021 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Exogenous brand crises: brand infection and contamination

Kimberly A. Whitler, Ali Besharat, Saim Kashmiri

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