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Education and Information Technologies

Education and Information Technologies 6/2016

Ausgabe 6/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

11.08.2016 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Editorial for EAIT 2016, Issue 6

Arthur Tatnall

10.04.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Performance and perception in the flipped classroom

Erik Blair, Chris Maharaj, Simone Primus

08.04.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Rethinking online discourse: Improving learning through discussions in the online classroom

Cass M. Johnson

22.04.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Investigating the learning challenges presented by digital technologies to the College of Education in Kuwait University

Fayiz Aldhafeeri, Trevor Male

18.04.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Virtual learning: Possibilities and realization

Nurassyl Kerimbayev

05.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016 Open Access

Factors affecting teachers’ continuation of technology use in teaching

Ayoub Kafyulilo, Petra Fisser, Joke Voogt

12.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Potential use of Augmented Reality in LIS education

Magdalena Wójcik

29.04.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Virtual schools: The changing landscape of K-12 education in the U.S.

Ian N. Toppin, Sheila M. Toppin

06.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

The student, the private and the professional role: Students’ social media use

Pernilla Josefsson, Stefan Hrastinski, Daniel Pargman, Teresa C. Pargman

05.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Characterisation of teachers’ use of computers and Internet inside and outside the classroom: The need to focus on the quality

J. Enrique Hinostroza, Andrea I. Ibieta, Magdalena Claro, Christian Labbé

10.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Research of technical knowledge and creativity development of children in pre-primary education through interactive whiteboard

Peter Brečka, Marcela Červeňanská

14.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Social and emotional learning around technology in a cross-cultural, elementary classroom

Chuanpob Iaosanurak, Sumalee Chanchalor, Elizabeth Murphy

21.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Developing online learning resources: Big data, social networks, and cloud computing to support pervasive knowledge

Muhammad Anshari, Yabit Alas, Lim Sei Guan

26.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

VLEs, social stories and children with autism: A prototype implementation and evaluation

C. Volioti, T. Tsiatsos, S. Mavropoulou, C. Karagiannidis

26.05.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Relationship between gender identity, perceived social support for using computers, and computer self-efficacy and value beliefs of undergraduate students

Naraphol Deechuay, Ravinder Koul, Sorakrich Maneewan, Thanita Lerdpornkulrat

10.06.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Student observations: Introducing iPads into university classrooms

Leslie J. Wardley, Colin F. Mang

18.06.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Self-regulated learning and the role of ePortfolios in business studies

Lucía Morales, Amparo Soler-Domínguez, Valentina Tarkovska

13.06.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

A naive bayes approach for converging learning objects with open educational resources

A. Sai Sabitha, Deepti Mehrotra, Abhay Bansal, B. K. Sharma

22.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

A design science research methodology for developing a computer-aided assessment approach using method marking concept

Hussein Genemo, Shah Jahan Miah, Alasdair McAndrew

10.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Eye tracking system for enhanced learning experiences

R. K. Sungkur, M. A. Antoaroo, A. Beeharry

22.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Examining middle school students’ views on text bullying

Ali Semerci

21.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

An improved botanical search application for middle- and high-school students

Tomoko Kajiyama

26.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

The impact of webinar-webcast system on learning performance

Judit T. Nagy, Mária Bernschütz

30.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Blending an Android development course with software engineering concepts

Alexander Chatzigeorgiou, Tryfon L. Theodorou, George E. Violettas, Stelios Xinogalos

25.07.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Seeing the system: Dynamics and complexity of technology integration in secondary schools

Sarah K. Howard, Kate Thompson

13.08.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

An empirical investigation of smart board innovations in teaching in UAE University

Nabeel Al-Qirim

14.08.2015 | Ausgabe 6/2016

Innovation in services: A lancastrian approach to the field of e-learning

P. Avinash Shivdas, Soumya Sivakumar

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